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Top 22 countries to visit on a tight budget 09 November, 2018   

Many of us find traveling as part of life rather than just a hobby or need. Traveling to different destinations around the world gives a lot of memories and moments to cherish in the later part of life.

We would consider many criteria as part of planning the next countries to visit, but the one which would hold us back is the budget, let us be honest here, we aren’t all millionaires, so we should know the cheaper the country, the longer we could stay, the more flavors we can try.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could travel abroad with the tight budget you have with you? Wouldn’t it be greater if you could help the local business and people as well!

The compilation below, of countries to visit on a cheap and tight budget, will definitely help you to plan your next awesome and economical destination!'

  1. Vietnam


The country at the south end of Eastern Asia is known for its beautiful lush mountains, peaceful rural outskirts, and blissful sand beaches.
Once haunted by war, Vietnam has now developed to a beautiful destination filled with all the necessary facilities and untouched heritage together with intact traditions.
Landmarks and colonial structures together with long-surviving vibrant festivals make Vietnam a paradise for a traveler.
Major attractions include Ha Long Bay, Hoi An, Phu Quoc, Cu Chi tunnels.


India is a country with so much diversities that you can discover lots of cultures, traditions and incredible sights without spending a fortune. Even geographically, India has everything for a traveler, from its frozen mountains, greeny forests, outlying deserts to fine beaches and deep lakes. Look at why recommends India.

When you travel from end to another, you come across several traditions, monuments and a variety of foods that many other countries can’t offer!

Crowd luring sites include Taj Mahal, Varanasi, Amer Fort, Goa, Kerala Backwaters. Check this website if you have plans to visit.



Bulgaria is one of the cheapest countries to visit in Europe which you can visit on a tight budget. Some good old-fashioned towns, some mesmerizing vines, and relaxing coastlines top the long list which makes Bulgaria a favorite. Even the people are so attractive that you would wind up coming here again! There are more reasons...

I’ll shortlist some popular destinations here, Seven lakes, Melnik, Veliko Tarnovo. While you are on it, do try these delicious recipes Banitza, Lukanka, Shkembe.



Thailand, the land of smiles as they call, offers the best value for money experience and their street food is absolutely mouthwatering. The climate together with the exquisite beach experience offered by Thailand is awesome!         

Your expenditure would be most likely to spend more on the flight because the traveling and expenses inside Thailand are pretty much very low, that is why this is one of the countries to visit with a low budget.

Do visit Thailand beaches, Bangkok, Chiang Mai because they do offer some memorable moments.

Try the Thai massage and spectate the ping pong show too.



Hungary has delicious cakes and pastries which we could eat all day, and they have some good thermal spas to sweat out.

Budapest, a UNESCO heritage site is indeed on everybody’s must-visit list; historical monuments are well maintained, the biggest lake in central Europe, Lake Balaton is so pretty and offers a summer retreat.



They have a rich cultural heritage bounded together with natural sceneries, sites for safe and wonderful surfing, scuba diving opportunities along with wild jungles and rice terraces that catch your eye in a split second.

Places like Jakarta, Bali, Yogyakarta extends a lot of new moments to cherish.

Find food stops to try beef Rendang and nasi goreng, two of the best recipes there! Even CNN listed some great recipes.



Turkey has a wonderful Mediterranean coastline and admirable Islamic culture and architecture.

Its traditions and ritual reflect both west and east. The bazaars that you should always find time to visit offers a great opportunity to mingle with the people.

It was hard to shortlist but Aya Sofya, Ephesus, Cappadocia tops my list in Turkey's popular sites.



You wouldn’t have considered Colombia as a holiday destination in previous decades, but like all other countries, they found their way to attract and provide a great experience to travelers.

Colombia is full of fascinating museums, sky-high churches, painted streets, and vibrant people.

If you love parties or enjoy some good old traditions, this is the place for you! Forgot to tell you about the Latin music that would always make you groove.



Greece is an affordable country and is a joy for the eyes. It has a breathtaking landscape, extraordinary cuisines and is a country with a past.

The people are very welcoming and speak English well, so you won't find difficulty in finding your way.

It offers great nightlife and a lot of activities like cycling, rafting.

Find your way to the Acropolis, hike up on mount Olympus, visit the Delphi, and still, you have plenty more destinations to uncover.


Cambodia is one of two countries which bare buildings on their flag and that might give you a vague idea of Angkor Wat, the largest religious architecture which dates back to the 12th century, once the center of the glorious Angkor empire.

 If you thought Cambodia is all about Angkor Wat, you are wrong!

Cambodia provides diverse experiences in the form of islands, wildlife, markets, temples and more.

If you love architecture that blends with history, then this is your paradise!



If you don’t really like the crowd or rush that other fellow tourists make, Bolivia might give a more sightful experience.

Bolivians are eager to showcase their rich culture and hospitality to the outside world; you would find yourself fused into their personal life where they expect your love, respect, and consideration.

You can't confine the Bolivian landscape into a single title; they offer a wide variety of destinations which includes mountains, jungles, and lowlands.

We can find a lot of different ethnic groups, so you are exposed to a lot of traditions and culture.

Roam around the food street to find Pique A Lo Macho, nope not a guy with a machete that is indeed a recipe. Bolivia is also famous for a dish of Peruvian origin called Papas Rellenas.



Honduras is a real bargain, on a tight budget, this is one of the recommended countries to visit in Central America.

It has fabulous Caribbean beaches, deep dark jungles to astonishing Mayan ruins and the underwater barrier reef that you can discover.

Roatan is a huge and well established bay island. Copan ruins archeological site and museum of Mayan sculpture is very engaging.

13.South Africa


This is the place for adventure junkies; South Africa is blessed with a great climate and a lot of hiking and backpacking opportunities!

The wildlife is amazing, and you would find a safari through them very satisfying. The beaches are relaxing, Food and wine are of top quality.

The infrastructure is good, and all facilities offer value for money.

Whale watching, meet-ups with dolphins, Sardine migrations and much more makes this destination hard to avoid!



When you start to talk about Jamaica, you start with beaches which are miles long, surrounded by gardens and possibly forests, making them a perfect place to relax.

The warm tropical weather together with music, street dances, reggae shows offer vast options to spend time.

Negril beach tops the list of gorgeous beaches in Jamaica, and find time to raft across the Martha Brae river.

If green is your color, Blue and John Crow Mountains national park provides a lot more than just green, it has waterfalls, coffee plantations, more than 800 species of plants, 200 species of birds and much more. No more wondering why this is on the list of countries to visit.



Best time to visit this beautiful country is during offseason, that is, after March and before November if you need to save some money.

Let's begin with the food; it's not just tacos and tortas, they are a wide variety of recipes you can try.

There is something for everyone in Mexico, the music is addictive, the geography is attractive, and the traditions together with their attire is so fascinating.

If you find it hard to avoid booze, Mexico offers some great tastes.

Things have changed but still don’t get into undesirable situations. Enjoy the natural charm of Mexico on a tight budget!



The elegance of Ecuador lies in its prosperous natural ecosystem, from the Andes mountain to the wonderful rainforests, as a bonus, they are also close to major cities so you 'll find all necessary facilities close-by!

When you reach there, head right out and find the famous recipe Llapingachos and Loro de papa, former being fried potato omelets with cheese served with fried egg, avocado, meat.

Don’t leave Ecuador without cruising over the Galapagos islands and ride a bike down from the top of Cotopaxi Volcano.

If you plan to visit Amazon, then Ecuador might be your cheapest way in. 

17.Sri LankaAirtract-Image


Sri Lanka has got everything. Climate is soothing, to walk aside the tea trails on a shiny morning is something you would always want to do.

Whales, Dolphins add to the excitement in beaches. National Parks are home to deer, sloths, jackals, different species of birds, snakes and more           

Anuradhapura temple is a monument which incorporates archaeology and architecture.

Dambulla cave temple is a Buddhist temple which contains paintings and statues that illustrates the journey of Gautama Buddha.


Ukraine is one of the most affordable counties in Europe, and its capital Kiev is considered the cheapest among European capitals.

Odessa located in the south of Ukraine is a charming city which stays the same in all seasons.

The sun and the black sea get people attracted, and hence the beaches might be somewhat crowdy.

Try the national dishes like borsch and vareniki and explore with various activities like hiking, cycling. Also, there are quality fields for golf near Kiev and Odessa.



Laos offers the most ethnically diverse in south-east Asia, with over 15 minority groups living up in the mountains, each with their own rituals and traditions.

Laos is home to numerous waterfalls, surrounded by jungles where you can take a hike.

“That Luang” is an enormous golden temple and a national symbol of Laos. It's a center for pilgrimage, and traditional festivals are a joy to watch.

Handicrafts in Laos would be a great addition to your collection.



‘The Pearl of Africa’ is host to the second largest lake Victoria, and it is very attractive and would take up most your time.

If you thought this place don’t offer great wildlife and jungle experience, then you need to update yourself! Head into Queen Elizabeth National park and witness a wide variety of animals and birds including elephants, hippos, crocodiles, antelopes, all enjoying nature together.

It's not just jungles here; the recipes are unique, the music and dance would make you jump off your seats.



When you roam around Peru, visiting museums, wandering in villages, hiking, you would always feel a presence of history and cultural influences.

When you talk about Peru you either start or end with Machu Picchu, but it's just one among some impressive ruins in Peru which are part of the ancient Inca ruins.

Textiles in Peru are impressive with splendid patterns and quality.

You could also be surprised to learn that Peru has some phenomenal beaches, where many surfers visit and resort near to beaches offering great services. Without a doubt a country to visit!



Guatemala contains a lot of Maya ruin sites which roots back to centuries before and hence Guatemala is a great place for someone who loves history and wants to feel it by themselves.

‘Tikal’ is an ancient archaeological site and you would love to find out what all it offers!

Antigua is a colonial city in Guatemala and a perfect place to learn salsa and explore artisanal goods, local markets, good old-fashioned buildings and taste some of the best food from Taco Joints, Texas Barbecue, vegan cafes, Sushi bars which all widespread in this vibrant city.

There are stunning lakes around Guatemala in which Lake Atitlan stands out.

All this doesn’t mean Guatemala lacks flora and fauna; they have wonderful hiking sites and wildlife full of different species of organisms.

Moreover, the people here would love to welcome you and give you a magnificent exposure.

            So, don’t let your budget drag you back from planning a trip because these countries are affordable destinations for you to spend some time away from your hectic life and learn more about different cultures, monuments and so on.
            Choose your place from recommended countries to visit, shortlist your sites, book your tickets, pack your backpacks and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

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