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Top 20 Marketing Automation software tools 08 May, 2019   

Automation means automating your repetitive jobs and hence save time and effort to a better extent. When it comes to marketing, it is a process of selling and promoting your business products and even services. 

When the terms come together, it will form Marketing automation. It is the software platform that automates your marketing processes or actions. Marketing field includes many repetitive tasks, including campaign management, social media marketing, e-mails, website analysis and much more. 

Doing these processes manually becomes difficult and time-consuming, so it is suggested to opt for marketing automation. The good thing about Marketing automation software’s is that they make the process simpler and also aids you in developing your business.

Vital aspects to consider 

Having the best marketing program is the right way to boost conversion, increase leads and improve your message targeting.  There are many professional uses in the marketing automation software to increase their conversions and most importantly your agency workflow. It is the main reason why people opt for marketing automation. 

Choosing the right software solution is not a simple task, because there are numerous choices available to pick. If you desire to choose the best software, you can consider a few vital aspects while searching for automation software tools.

In-depth analytics 
Many experts face challenges while evaluating their marketing campaign. It is because the process of organizing and gathering information for your business task is very overwhelming. If you want to eliminate the difficulties, you are recommended to select the suitable marketing automation tool equipped with built-in analytics features.
The specialized option brings you full insights on your individual marketing campaigns with ease.

Mobile Optimization
It is always helpful to ensure that you can control the marketing campaign when you desire. If you want to get the ability, you need to choose the mobile-friendly platforms because they will permit you to manage your campaigns and check the progress easily.

Robust Features
You can look at the major features before selecting any marketing automation platform.  You can try to avoid using the software solutions which have flashy tools. Rather, you can look for the tools which will bring you with finest features that you will need.

These are major considerations that not only simplify the finding but also aids you in picking the highly appropriate Marketing automation tools. This post shares you a list of 20 Marketing automation tools with its useful details. 
Here are some Marketing automation software’s as follow:

1. Pardot

As a full-featured tool, Pardot is used to drive sales and accelerate pipelines through lead generation, email marketing, sales intelligence, social marketing and lead management. The email marketing platform is equipped with many fully-branded templates. 
It also connects the search campaigns quickly on a solo platform. The search connectors, landing pages, and form builders are other vital features of pardot. If you want to get the complete benefits of this platform, you can utilize its leading scoring, nurturing and grading tools.

2. Marketo

It is one of the Marketing automation tools that bring real-time personalization, customer engagement marketing, and marketing automation to provide personalized messaging across marketing management functionality and marketing channels such as marketing calendars and even budgeting tools.

3. Wishpond

The main speciality of marketing automation software’s is to boost internet marketing campaigns. It comes with many features including social posting, marketing automation, API access, custom CSS, website popup and more. Wishpond also supports many CRM integrations. 
The important thing about this tool is that it has an extensive range of contest tools. The intuitive landing page editor and lead segmentation are other attractions of this tool. 

4. Activecampaign

As a well-known email marketing platform, Marketing automation software’s come with various kinds of auto-responses and third-party integration. Additionally, it brings you the finest solution ideal for different purposes. It not only tracks your website visits but also bring you real-time analysis.
The important customer details are organized properly and consolidate smooth communication automatically.

5. Aritic

If you want to trigger the personalized messages and other data to your clients across different platforms, you can opt for Aritic. Marketing automation software’s are entirely based on your buyer’s state, location, web activity and purchasing behavior. 
It also comes with the best lead tracking option to retarget the potential customers with superior marketing messages.

6. Renderforest

Renderforest is an online animation and video marketing based on the cloud. The free tools in this software are used to create animations, music visualizations, professional intros and slideshows as soon as possible.

7. Salesfusion

It is the multi-functional platform used for both marketing and sales. It is one of the Marketing automation tools used for B2B businesses. It also facilitates faster sales cycles and better improvements in your sales quotas.

8. iContact Pro

It is ideal for all companies and even start-ups regardless of their sizes. iContact Pro provides simple email marketing, social posting, workflow automation and segmentation features. It also comes with lead scoring and reporting tools ideal for better data analysis.

9. Adestra

It is the best lifecycle and email marketing solution ideal for both growing and global brands.  It brings you the best infrastructure which aids you in communicating with your subscribers and customers effectively.

10. Omnisend

Do you want to increase sales? Omnisend is the right choice for your needs.   The good thing about this solution is that it offers you a solution to connect the e-commerce business successfully with existing and potential customers.

11. LeadSquared

Marketing automation solutions bring solutions for different fields including financial services, health, travel, education and real estate.  The important thing about this tool is that it highly focuses the service in every B2C model.

12. eTrigue

It is a specially developed tool used for finding the best prospects and nurturing them into better leads. Additionally, it also orchestrates the marketing activities of your business seamlessly.

13. Optimizely

It highly focuses on quality website development. The important thing about this software is that it provides both behavioral analytics and audience targeting tools. With these solutions, you will create informed business decisions.

14. Infusionsoft

If you run a medium-sized or small sized business, you can opt for Infusionsoft. It is because this platform works well for all kinds of business. It encourages you to use automated marketing tools in your business to automotive your repetitive tasks.

15. Real Magnet

Are you looking for the reputed marketing automation tool? Real Magnet is the right choice for your needs. It helps you to attract, deliver and engage in better marketing, mobile email and social campaigns. 

16. Ontraport

Do you want to use friendly marketing automation software? You can utilize Ontraport. Marketing automation software’s bring you several services including SMS and email marketing, billing, online payments, CRM and content marketing.

17. MarcomCentral

As one of the Marketing automation tools, it empowers the distributors, partners, franchisees, sales team and others to create the brand-compliant or business related marketing resources. It aims to deliver enhanced marketing efficiency.

18. Ambassador

If you want to automate and simplify your referral management and tracking, you can utilize Ambassador. It helps you to make your customers as brand ambassadors easily and quickly.

19. Active conversion

With the Active conversion, you can track down the marketing initiatives, send better leads and collect information regarding your visitors. It helps you to save time.

20. AdRoll

Are you looking for a high-performance and reliable digital marketing solution? AdRoll is a perfect solution for your needs. It features cross-device research, social targeting, segmentation and predictive buying.

Selecting the right Marketing automation tools is not a challenging task now, because the above list makes the pick simpler. By using the best kind of tools, you can automate the desired marketing functions and reach your marketing and sales goal soon.

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