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Top 20 Digital Marketing and SEO Blogs You Should Follow 22 February, 2019   

If you are looking forward to honing your marketing skills or want to put up a digital marketing blog then studying popular digital marketing blogs can really help you in a big way. Also, if you want to know about the best in the world of SEO then going through the top SEO blogs can give you a clear insight. So without much fuss, let’s get to know about the top blogs on digital marketing as well as SEO.

1. Marketing land

Follow Marketing land to know regular updates of the digital marketing field. From breaking stories to upcoming launches, digital marketing announcements, and even specialist blogs written by SEO experts, this popular site gives you everything. You can also find a lot of blogs on events related to digital marketing on Marketing Land.

2. QuickSprout

Run by the Guru digital marketing blogger Neil Patel, QuickSprout is a great learning source for all those who want to build up a successful online business. The blog has a simple layout and features beautiful color combinations and typography. The best thing about it is that Neil Patel answers almost every email and comment.

3. The Moz Blog

One of the best blogs to gain insight into inbound marketing campaigns and SEO is The Moz Blog. With quite digestible content, the blogs on this site are understandable even by a beginner in the field of digital marketing and SEO. They feature “how-to” articles as well as articles on broad topics.

4. Kissmetrics: Digital marketing blog

This blog specializes in analytics, marketing, and testing. Featuring amazingly created infographics and helpful content regarding digital marketing studies, tests, and statistics, this blog allows you to easily conduct research for your own blogs and articles and choose helpful statistics for your campaign proposals.

5. Seth Godin

The Marketing Guru, Seth Godin offers you the most informative blogs on digital marketing that have been inspiring marketers around the world since the launch of the blog in 2002. His short articles are extremely persuasive and inspiring and easily understandable even by a novice.

6. Ecoconsultancy

This amazing blog gives you immense knowledge material, not only the spectrum of digital marketing but also on more detailed niche industries. They offer practical advice on helping brands, market themselves. From B2B to B2C and from healthcare to the fashion industry, Ecoconsultancy offers marketing advice for almost every business giving innovative tactics to make the most of their marketing campaigns.

7. Convince & Convert

This popular blog based on internet marketing offers excellent resources such as books, e-books, podcast, website, and blog for marketing enthusiasts willing to learn more in the field of digital marketing. With simple and easy-to-read articles, the site manages to offer information in the most reader-friendly manner. Convince & Convert helps you to think out-of-the-box giving you knowledge about various opportunities in the world of internet marketing.

8. Hubspot

If you want to attract more visitors to your site or convert leads or get more customers, then Hubspot is the ultimate blog for you to follow. You can learn a great deal about improving your conversion rates, and sales; as its articles are written by industry experts. Plus, it also offers various software products that can help marketers to succeed online.

9. CrazyEgg

Run by Neil Patel, Crazy Egg is actually a software that helps you to figure out where your visitors are clicking. It also features a blog that offers in-depth information regarding web design, conversion optimization, and marketing. The blog is regularly updated, and so it is a must-follow blog for digital marketing freaks.

10. PR Daily News

PR Daily News offers industry-related news along with a number of world stories happening every day. With a single newsfeed, you can easily learn about regular updates on various fields instead of sifting through different outlets. The blog highlights tools, techniques, and trends related to communication and PR along with content marketing.

11. Backlinko

Run by Brian Dean, Backlinko is the best resource for backlinks. With occasional but highly intense and meaningful posts, the blog offers game-changing information that can turn you into an SEO expert. Brian trusts in outreach, and so he offers the most high-end blogs that can help you in your content marketing strategies.

12. offers the best tools for SEO site audit. It also offers an insightful blog where you can find content related to SEO, digital marketing, PPC, and social media. You can also find discussions of guest authors on industry-specific niches as well as regular news and updates.


If you want comprehensive insight into Google updates and thorough knowledge on SEO campaigns, then this blog should top your list of the best SEO blogs. The blog aims at increasing knowledge about Google among the masses and help budding marketing entrepreneurs to make a mark in the digital world.

14. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a popular research and backlink tool that can greatly help you in competitor research. You can also find an awesome blog that is mainly based on hard data. Each post featured on the blog has graphs and statistics to make the content easily understandable for the readers. It is also an excellent resource for content marketing.


Yet another leading source for search engine industry analysis and web search. The articles on this blog are written by marketing professionals and feature everything from industry news, tips, commentary, issues, etc. You can also find updates regarding Yahoo, Bing, Google, and other search engines.


This blog focuses on the different aspects of writing copy. However, it is not limited only to SEO. This blog is recommended to those who are keen on becoming a professional writer and need to learn SEO skills for the same.

17. GotchSEO

Owned by SEO expert Nathan Gotch, GotchSEO offers valuable information about SEO and is an excellent source of knowledge for those looking forward to having a career in the industry. It is great for beginners as Nathan manages to cover broad topics that are not covered in depth in other blogs.

18. Sugarrae

Sugarrae is owned by Rae Hoffman who is the top female SEO expert in the current times. She is known for her amazing content on blogging, affiliate marketing, and social media. She has been a successful online marketer, and entrepreneur and her blogs have been really helpful for many enthusiasts of the SEO and digital marketing field.


This blog is regarded as the pillar publication in the SEO world offering comprehensive guides on several topics related to the field of digital marketing. It is owned by Jenise Uehara Henrikson and consists of various content that is generated in-house as well as freelance posts are written by industry professionals.

20. Digital Deepak

This is one of the best digital marketing blogs that you will ever come across. His blogs are clear, precise and well written in simple words.  He has got immense experience in the field of digital marketing. By following his blogs, he makes sure that you are updated on every nook of this field.

  So, now that we have given you a quick list of the best digital marketing blogs and SEO blogs you can quickly log on to these sites and check out for yourself that how amazing these really are! You can stay updated with the regular blogs and articles on these sites by subscribing to their Facebook, Twitter, RSS Feeds, Google+, Newsletters, etc. Both digital marketing and SEO are fast paced-fields, and something new comes up very often. Thus, it is worth staying updated with whatever that is happening in these industries. With high-end knowledge on everything that is happening around in SEO and digital marketing, it’s time you gear up and get some hands-on knowledge in this spectrum.

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