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Top 19 Careers in Fashion Industry 25 October, 2020   

Fashion has a constant presence in our life; it is a way of self-expression and confidence booster. If you have an eye for fashion, creativity in styling, some new ideas, an interest in the industry, then there are many careers in the fashion industry that you can choose. 

The mix of talents and interests will be different for each person, so in a huge industry like fashion, you have to explore and find a career that suits you. 

Only choose by thinking about how talented you are, your ambition, and, most of all, the urge to succeed. This list is not complete but definitely covers as many career options as possible.

Fashion Designer

People mostly think the Fashion industry is all about fashion designing. But you should know that this career is just a part of this big industry. People with innovative styling ideas and a love for fashion trends have succeeded in becoming a successful fashion designer

This is not an easy career; it's challenging in the sense that you need to design for different age groups and backgrounds. Trends and styles in Clothing and accessories vary according to cultural aspects as well as time and space. You can concentrate on a particular accessory or garment if you need to, but creativity and hard work are key.

Fashion Marketing

Every Industry needs a link to the world through marketing; Fashion marketing is where they market the product. In this career, you need to analyze the market trends, demands, and locations to implement a particular design. 

You need to research several audiences and find ways to introduce the product, making them interested in buying one. One of the neglected careers in the fashion industry, marketing has a huge scope and demand. The perfect balance of creativity, monitoring, and making a profit will make you great in fashion marketing.

Production Management

Production Management is a great field to work in because you don’t sell products to one or two people; there should be a strategic way to produce a product on a large-scale level to reach maximum customers in a short time. We have to connect with retailers and suppliers to create the best combination of products. 

Now the fashion industry leans to less waste production mechanisms to minimize the waste from each production facility. So innovative people are needed.

Not only that, the in-demand combination is making a quality product that is cheap but should be profitable for the maker. 

Visual Presentation

Visual Presentation is an unknown field in the fashion industry, but good interactions through networking and doing small works will give a good job. It is a way of representing a style or product using your creative skills to set a theme. Using props, backgrounds you exhibit a styling in its full potential to attract people into it. 

Public Relations

PR has several duties. You can he is the engine of a brand or firm. He should try every way to make his brand/Client appealing and in achieving a strong base. PR should be adequate knowledge in multiple fields that can help a brand grow internally and externally. High energy, great communication skills are necessary for PR. 

It would help if you found ways to make people talk about your product, so you should know to work with fashion bloggers and writers, making it one of the most exciting careers in fashion.

Models and celebrities are necessary for the growth of a brand, so you need to work yourself to attract people to represent your brand in public and for photoshoots.

Trends and numbers are also PR’s concern because you have to put your hand in everything to make your brand better every day.

Make-up Artist

Make-up artists are professionals who use various techniques and mediums to change or enhance an individual's appearance. You have to get the job done within a timeframe, with a quality makeover. 

Even in make-up, there are several specializations like Theatrical, Special Effects, Prosthetics, etc. You can be part of a brand, film if you have the right set of skills. Maybe you can even grab an Academy award! 

You have several options; you can own your salon or travel to the client. You can travel the world with high-fashion photographers.

Fashion Blogger

If you love writing and has a keen interest in fashion, then being a fashion blogger would be the best out of fashion careers.

Understand the latest and recent fashion trends, brands, and big names in the industry and write about them to attract lots of readers.

Talk sense and stay updated about the latest trends and fashion. The better you analyze and give feedback to your readers, the better your blog becomes. Use social media and other activities to boost your reader's amount so that brands would come in search of you to do a blog on them!

Fashion Photography

This Industry doesn’t work without photos, not just any photos, photos that are alive. The demand and scope of a fashion photographer are never low. It’s a simple job, but it takes years to perfect. 

The photos should later label you; upcoming brands would barge in to get your appointment; all this happens when you know the science about photography and your machine, the Camera.

Clicking isn’t the only thing; you also need to be an artist to get the best in a photoshoot. A photographer must know everything about the light, background, garment, and accessories. By choosing this one from careers in fashion, you can travel the world if you can click the right snap.

Social Media Marketing of Fashion

Social Media is the best place to attract clients and customers and a great platform to build your brand. Social media's power is that its reach is not confined to any nation but the whole globe.

Social media is a great place to mingle with the audience and get opinions from the public; since everybody is in it, it is easy to reach everyone. 

Social media also helps find the relevant people who can help you boost your career or even your brand’s growth. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are some of the many platforms you can use. 

Online fashion store

If you have a product in your hand and need marketing, getting an online shop might be what you need. People can get to know more about your product and can order them straight to their home through the online store

You don’t need your own product to start an online boutique; if you have the passion and idea of running an online business, opening a store would be a great career in the fashion industry. Be updated and find what people wish to buy straight into their places instead of going to shops. Properly manage the delivery and feedback systems to ensure all your customers are happy!


Every product needs somebody to wear it, let it be shoes, dress, sunglasses anything, if you have the sense of style and appropriate looks to match, you become a model for a brand.

You are part of a great revolutionary product without even knowing about it. The chances are that you might become an ambassador for a particular product. And Modeling does pave the way to an actress's career if you have a passion for it.

Many actors/actresses came from modeling, and others are faces of brands that hold the highest value for a model; this career is one of the most respected careers in the fashion industry.

Hair Stylist

Men and women alike care about their hair look, and it's important for them because it is also part of fashion. You could work your way up from a salon to become a stylist for celebrities by being a hairstylist.

You can be part of many exciting areas like modeling, photoshoots, films, etc. It is not just making the hair look good but also learning about the effective ways to protect it from damage.  A hairstylist should be able to treat the hair in all rough conditions and any hair.

The hairstylist should choose a hairstyle based on an individual, making them look better and appropriate for an event or costume. 

Tattoo artist

The tattoo is part of fashion, and people are now more than ever in love with them. The tattoo makes a statement without using words. Personally, the tattoo could be a reminder for a particular moment or about a person.

Tattoo artists are in great demand because celebrities in different fields like football and film are getting inked.

The tattoo artist should design new tattoos and learn all the safety parameters in doing so. Tattoos can be a central focus in many photoshoots.

Fashion Products Retailer

If you think this is business and not fashion, then you are wrong. Running a fashion store successfully is a hard task, and without enough knowledge in this field, you could be a failure.

You should convince people to buy your products because many customers would have prior experience in buying those products.

Don’t put 19th-century products in your shop now; stay updated and create a connection with the people to understand which products get more customers and attention.

Creative Advertisement Maker

People don’t spare much time to see ads today; no more long descriptions about your product will work. Creative people to build advertisements are in demand.

The advertisement should be able to grab attention within seconds. Let it be a video or a picture; the creativity matters. With proper knowledge in fashion, ad makers should create an ad that can convey the message and make people talk about your product.

When your advertisements run viral on social platforms, people find time to out your product.

CAD designers.

Everything is digital today, so are the designs and patterns too. Computer-aided designers in the fashion industry use software to build a concept design to make clothes; accessories are visible before they get physically manufactured.

The prototypes created are analyzed to find flaws and made changes to improve them. Many Industry related firms make use of these designers.

CAD designers also work with the advertisement team and art directors and also with visual representation stylists. If you know your software choose this among the careers in the fashion industry which is in demand.

Fashion Journalist

Fashion Journalists talks and write about fashion. They use platforms like the internet, magazines, and newspapers to spread the word. 

Like any journalist, fashion journalist should be an expert in the fashion industry to write about it. They attend shows, classes, conferences to make articles and have their own perspective about a particular product.

Fashion journalists also meet up to interview eminent personalities in the fashion industry and even make reports to publish.

Requirement Consultants

One of the careers in the fashion industry that most people neglect. Any field which deals with fashion needs human resources, and there should be people who recruit and find people who have the skill to do things right. Requirement consultants find people for companies, studious according to what they need by placing advertisements, interviews, and selection processes.

To recruit someone, you should also have skill and knowledge in that criteria, let it be a photographer or a model or an art director, you need to know how they operate and how to filter them to find the best candidate.

Pattern Maker

Designing and creating a piece of that design is different; you need a good pattern maker who can cut and stitch things you design. A pattern maker job is challenging because the designer doesn't get satisfied easily. 

The garment construction from a digital or paper form to a credible prototype needs technique and creativity. 

The pattern makers need to have a close connection with the designers because that’s how the magic happens. Understanding is the key to making a product that fulfills all needs of a designer.

The fashion industry is highly competitive; well, every industry is. Still, the key to success in this industry is exploring all the careers in fashion and finding what you have the passion for and hard work in getting at the top.

Each of the careers in fashion requires a different set of skills, be a master of that skill that suits your jobs. Find what you love and work for what you love.

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