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Top 15 Virtual Reality (VR) headsets to buy now 19 December, 2018   


A virtual reality headset is a device that is head-mounted and provides you with realistic visibility. You can use these Virtual Reality headsets for playing video games, watching videos, for training, and for simulating to enhance the visible experience to the fullest and meet the virtually real world. The devices primarily consist of a display which is head-mounted and stereoscopic in nature, stereo sound enhancements, sensors for tracking, and motion sensors including light systems, gyroscopes, and accelerometers. The latest and the technologically advanced ones in today's era even provide you with the eye tracking and sensors for gaming.

The rise of the VR Headsets

The first among the Virtual Reality headsets was the Forte VFX1 launched in the year 1994 at CES. Later on, Sony engineered Glasstron in the year 1997 that comprised of a positional sensor mechanism that was optional which made the surroundings visible to you while you moved your head. Later, Oculus Rift, another among the Virtual Reality headsets designed in the year 2012 for enhancing the gaming experience. However, there is a drift in the advancement and implementations in the VR headsets available in today's world portraying the virtual reality of the world right in front of your eyes.

Things to look for in a Virtual Reality Headset

Quality of display and resolution

The Virtual Reality headsets use a single screen across your view in a wide field. The factor of magnification comes into play for this technology. The most common issue that you can track in the headsets is the screen-door effect; this portrays the gaps between the columns and the rows and makes them visible like if you are looking at a door screen.


Virtual reality headsets require higher latency, i.e., the time needed for the inputted change and conversion of the same for better visualization. The best-suited latency range that you should look for in a headset is of 7-14 milliseconds. The rate of refreshing the display with the changes is one of the crucial factors of your concern. The rate of refreshing varies from 120 HZ in PlayStation VR and gradually decreases to 90 Hz in HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.


The lens in the Virtual reality headsets provides you with a close aping display option for the view on a wide range from a distant point of focus. You need to check the consistency of the focus before you buy a VR headset to reduce eye-strain to the minimum level possible.

Top rated 15 VR Headsets

       1. Samsung Gear

Samsung Gear has proven to be the best in the list of the most trending VR headsets. The price of this headset is affordable and is below 100 dollars. You will receive the best experience when you use this to view events related to sports. It finds in utilization while watching travel, education and game apps also. The product is very compatible with smartphones operating on Android platforms.

       2. View-Master from Mattel

This headset is for the entire family. It matches best with an Android device or an iPhone. You can watch gaming apps, travel and also education applications with it. It is available for Dollar hundred or less, and this is one feature which makes it accessible in the market.

       3. C1-Glass Google Tech

This VR headset is light-weighted, and you can easily carry it while traveling. This headset comes with the facility of getting folded; thus you can wrap it and take it everywhere. Reviews state that it is the most popular open-sided headset in the list of best headsets.

       4. Z4 Bobo VR

This headset is known for its low price and at the same time good quality output. It is compatible with Android devices as well as iOS. You can utilize this product to watch sports, gaming apps, and travel apps.

       5. HTC Vive VR Headset

This headset will best suit you if you are a gamer. You can use it ideally for events related to sports and also for education. The VR of the device is of room-scale which will make you feel the game. The price of this headset is a bit high as compared to many other headsets.

       6. Fiit VR

This headset has several features which attract many individuals. It is effortless to use, light-weighted and at the same time less costly which can beat many headsets in the market. The field of view of this product is excellent and thus is preferred by newbies.

       7. Oculus Rift

This VR Headset is quite pricey than other headsets. Other than viewing videos it can be used for gaming as well as education.

       8. Sony VR PlayStation

This VR headset finds its application in the field of education. The system of this headset is robust and is most suitable for the development of games and classes related to similar developing. You can check the reviews from previous users to know more about it. The gaming world of Sony includes this headset as one of its essential parts.

       9. Baofeng Mojing VR Headset

It is foldable and if you are purchasing the first headset of your life will be preferably chosen this. It has gained much popularity due to its low cost, lightweight, and user-friendly feature.

       10. PansoniteVR

You will realize selecting one particular headset from the vast range of products in the market becomes quite tricky. One of the best products is Pansonite VR which is very low priced.

       11. Google Cardboard VR

The initial product of Google in the VR headsets range was the Google Cardboard that gives you the best choice from the range of the cardboard VRs. The Cardboard VR from Google can be assembled in an easy way and matches all phone dimensions for both Android and IOS. The cost of this VR does not punch a hole in your pockets as it is available at a nominal price of approximately 15 dollars worldwide.

       12. Google Daydream VR Headsets

Google’s latest up-gradation in the VR product sector is a result of the newly launched Google Daydream. The VR best matches with Android and is a next-generation product compared to Google Cardboard which taps 50 million apps overall and syncs the phone for optimizing the gaming experience using controllers for you.

       13. Vive Pro from HTC

The Vive Pro is an affordable VR headset that is affordable and performs to meet the PC quality for the games and tracking through motion controller. The PC requirement is substantial when you want to connect it with the HTC Vive Pro, and sometimes this incurs a hefty investment.

       14. Oculus Go

Oculus Go is a standalone headset device of supreme quality at a nominal price. It fits the face but is heavy. The Oculus Go challenges its brand product, the Oculus Rift through the affordability. The quality of the VR is equally useful when tethered with a device. The visualization and screen-door effect is limited, and the device fits comfortably on the face which can be a pretty impressive choice.

       15. Carl Zeiss One VR Headset

The build quality is excellent and is comparatively stable than most of its competitors. The frame comes along with a smartphone tray to accommodate almost all models. The primary concern is the price which counts approximately 100 euros. It has a few built-in apps which reveal the classy factor where you will not mind paying more.


The quality of the Virtual reality headsets is based mainly on the features that come with it. The more the features, the more is the price of the headsets. You must keep in mind about the flexibility of the VR controls while standing and sitting through comparing the best VR headset that suits your need when you pay for it. The natural feel and appeal come along with the high-quality ones to make you believe and experience the reality of the virtual world.

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