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Top 15 virtual reality games you should try 01 April, 2019   

Virtual reality is an advanced technology used in the gaming industry. VR gaming aims to bring players exciting tours of wonderful places and scenarios. Apart from that, the virtual reality games are designed to enhance your overall playing experience.

Most significantly, virtual reality aims to make playing games a completely new experience. You are now able to get the VR headset that is specially designed to play the best kind of virtual reality games.

The best thing about VR games is that it brings you a unique and great playing experience. It is a specialized feature of VR games that encourage many game lovers to try them.

Choosing the right VR game is not a simple task, because there are numerous options available to pick.  The article explains the top fifteen virtual reality games as of now.


It is an outstanding VR game that comes with a unique gaming concept. The good thing about this game is that everything is occurring in the flow motion while the players stay still. When players to start to move, everything will speed up immediately to the real time.

One of the funniest things about this VR game is that the logic is not only ideal for bullets and objects but also allows you to apply it to your enemies. If you want to get complete satisfaction, you can try this VR gaming.

2.     Werewolves Within

This VR game is well-known for its cross-platform play. Another unique feature of this game is that it is available for gamers who have their own headset. In short, this game is an excellent virtual reality interpretation of the standard party game known as Werewolf or Mafia. The most interesting feature of this game is it assigns every player automatically one of eleven roles.

It includes Werewolf, Gossip, Tracker, Villager, Saint or Drifter. The main concept of this game is to hunt the werewolf within the given time. In other words, Werewolves Within is an excellent game of gestures, deception, and conversation. It transports players smartly to another location.

3.     Thumper

The Thumper is one of the more thrilling, more intense and more stressful games. This no-bullshit music game allows you to trash the path through the level after hellish level, and perform the reverberant call-and-response by using the demonic fervor.

 If you want to get more enjoyment, you can play the game properly.   The special features make this game an ideal choice for music game fans who want fresh games.

4.     Robo Recall

Are you looking for the polished VR experiences? Robo Recall is the right choice for your gaming needs. The important thing about this VR gaming is that it sets players in the futuristic world. It is the place where the robots are available everywhere, as well as everything is fully hunky dory. The players of this game need to recall the malfunctioning robots.

The insane shooter is another vital part of this game.  It is the right place where you can use upgradeable weapons.  This game not only comes with high-intensity features but also comes with comfortable features to enhance your gaming experience.

5.     Chronos

If you look for more to VR than simply jump-scare compilations and office simulators, you can play Chronos. As the 3rd person, the action-adventure game puts players inside this fixed camera rather than character. It is an attractive feature of this game that brings you a better natural sense of complete control over your action.

These are the most impressive features of VR gaming that attract many people towards it and encourage them to play it immediately.

6.     Adr1ft

 The 1st person perspective of this game may induce motion sickness while experienced through the VR headset. It is essential to know that this VR gaming looks similar to the visually stimulating experience. The game has set within the broad emptiness of more space so that you can step into shoes of the stranded astronaut. You can also wrestle without gravity when you see the wreckage striving for finding the clues of actually what occurred to the crew.

7.     Dreadhalls

If you love horror things, you can use the VR headset because it appears as the right tool for experiencing unadulterated and true terror. Now, you can find out lots of titles, but Dreadhalls get more fame among gamers due to its unique features.

The impressive thing about this game is that it is designed particularly for VR. With complete VR ecosystem, this game induces both fear and panic.

8.     Space Pirate Trainer

It is one of the virtual reality games that require more physical space for moving around in real life.  This is an excellent arcade shooter that requires space when you are attacked by robot drones from a different angle.

 If you are a player, you need to shot the robot drones by using twin laser guns. In this game, you need to score more and survive more time. It is an excellent game that will surely bring you more enjoyment and excitement.

9.     Sprint Vector

It is a unique game that let you play as a racer. The impressive feature of this game is that it includes different types of alien worlds. If you want to get success in this game, you need to swing the arms properly to accelerate the character as well as reach the top speeds.

It is not only a cartoony but also features the Mario Kart-like power-ups. These are exclusive features that allow you to gain a competitive edge. These awesome features make it a perfect choice for gamers who want to get an excellent sweat and more fun.

10.  Skyrim VR

The new release of Skyrim comes to HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, and Oculus Rift.   You can enjoy this adventure game in VR.  The best thing about the game is that it comes with Dragonborn DLC, Dawnguard, Hearthfire and much more.

11.  Hover Junkers

It is a multiplayer flying game that let roughly about eight players enjoy this game at a time. Completely set in the post-apocalyptic world in that battles are actually fought over desert wasteland by the men as well as robots on board hovering junk ships. When it comes to action, it is frenetic and fast in this game.

12.  The Arcslinger

This Western-themed and futuristic first-person shooter game is a cool game that brings you a wonderful playing experience. It unfolds through fifteen levels of exciting shooting activity across various landscapes.

13.  Dead secret

A dead secret is one of the intriguing and excellent mystery thriller games.  Most significantly, this game will take benefit of VR platform to players tricks on a player.

14.  Water bears

As the most popular puzzle game, Water Bears aim to connect the pipe pieces jointly to divert the water to adorable creatures which live in the suspended bubbles.

15.  Esper 2

It has the first-person puzzlers that actually make for a simple transition into virtual reality.    The premise of this game is completely above solving the puzzles by using psychic power.

The virtual reality games create a digital space where you can enjoy your favorite game and get an exciting experience.  The highlighting feature of these games is that they let you interact with the virtual world.  You can play one of the best VR games and get an amazing playing experience.

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