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Top 15 Travel Bloggers You Should Follow On Instagram 20 October, 2020   

The 21st century is a very stressful era, both mentally and physically. The 8 to 6 hours of job, the house chores, and the likes make it a difficult time. That is why platforms such as Instagram are fantastic, especially as it allows you to go through the profiles of really great travel bloggers, especially if you need travel goals. As you scour through their picture, you would understand that the life they live is one that is just awesome.

While most of these guys relate their travel experiences via their travel blogs, they also present their experiences via an impressive kaleidoscope using snappy pics, which help describe their skills and best of places. Take out some time and visit the following Instagram handles and feed your eyes with a menu of daily awesomeness.

Murad Osmann, @Muradosmann

It is perhaps one of the most widely known blogs on the Instagram platform and owned by Nataly and Murad Osmann. The Russian based photographer and traveler move around the world along with his spouse, and they serve as a source of inspiration for every couple that seeks to move around the world. "Follow Me too” is Murad and Nataly’s brain idea made news after the pictures from the series hit the limelight back in the year 2012. Without a doubt, they help you make travel goals. It is on record that they have over a 4.6million followers on Instagram.

Jack Morris @doyoutravel

In their mid-20s, this unique couple has already successfully amassed a following of close to 3 million people on Instagram. The two travel bloggers only recently met in the Fiji Islands, and they have been on trips ever since, touching over 20 countries so far. What should whet your appetite is the fact that this couple shares a salary of 6 figures for forever post they publish on their Instagram handle

Lauren Bullen @gypsea_lust

It is one of the most influential celebrities among bloggers of today's travel niche, with about 2 million followers on the Instagram platform. Alongside her Hubby, Laura has indeed become of the faces of this sort of blogging. The blogger of Australian origin loves to share her experiences regularly, and you can be sure I’ve got her under my watch.

Loki @loki_the_wolfdog

This handle is owned by the duo of Kelly Lund, from Colorado and his wolfdog. As charming as the wolfdog may appear, more charming are his exploits. Loki has a heritage of the Malamute, Arctic wolf, and the Siberian husky and is fortunate to have a great mentor in Kelly's person, and they form a genuine bond of friendship.

As they move around the world outside, Kelly helps in capturing the best moments of Loki. Without a doubt, they are indeed a force to be reckoned with as travel bloggers.

Tara Milk Tea @taramilkte

A unique combination of travel, fashion, and food is all this Asian-Australian blogger is about! Without a doubt, she has been able to win many a heart on the Instagram platform. She is already creating a reputation for raising the stakes for other competing bloggers, mainly due to her excellent pics taken in some of the unique places you can imagine on earth. As far as perfectly timed pictures are concerned, no one on the net can challenge Tara. Her passion for different types of food makers her scour the world; no wonder over 840,000 followers can't just seem to ignore her posts. 

Brooke Saward @worldwanderlust

She is one solo traveler who can't keep her feet in one location for too long. In her mid-twenties, this lady uses his Instagram as a platform to motivate people to explore the world. Her blog, which is known as World of Wanderlust, serves as an inspiration for travelers with over 630 thousand followers to show. She is also the author of the book World of Wanderlust, and she willingly shares her adventures.  

Kiki the Blonde Abroad, @thebloneabroad

 A native of California is noted for traveling to some unknown locations in search of adventure. Kristen has gone to well over 50 nations of the earth; she serves as a source of inspiration. To the solo female travelers in the world, this is evident in her over 459,000 followers. She has successfully addressed some burning concerns raised by female travelers who desire to travel solo through her stories. 

Jess, @jess.wandering

She refers to herself as an outdoor enthusiast, although I relate to her as a tough traveler. On her own, she describes herself as a person who loves to climb the mountaintop regularly, wander through a dusty path, and swim inside an alpine lake. She has been touring the world for some years now and is a well-known figure globally traveling on the Instagram platform with over 381,000 followers.

Holly Johnson, @missholldoll

 Holly Johnson's life can be described as one out of a backpack as a traveler. For the past few years, she has gotten to realize that she shares some connection with Mother Nature like no one else, and she embraces this relationship with grace. A look through her Instagram would tell you one thing for surety and that she is not the luxury type of traveler. She is the hiking type, which draws her over 307 thousand followers to her on the Instagram platform.

Matt Expert Vagabond, @expertvagabond

With his account, a feature by a few travel bigwigs such as a Lonely planet, GoPro, and NatGeo, Matt is one adventure travel photographer and travel blogger who is always on the move. Ranging from camping in some of the unique locations on earth, such as the forests of Panama, the live Guatemala Volcano, or even in Iceland's best part, Matt has done it.

His words and pictures do all of the talking. Hence, if you are explicitly traveling to these places, you will need to check out his website.

Savi and Vid, @bruisedpassport

This school-time friends who later married epitomizes what it means to be a great travel blogger.  The Indian duo of Savi Munjal and Vidit Taneja has traveled to well over 80 countries within a nine-year period. Without a doubt, they have today become a sort of powerhouse regarding information for intending travelers all over planet earth. You should also know that they earn money while traveling from their blog- Bruised Passports. 

Selena Jacob, @findulost

It began on a road trip traversing Europe and is becoming a global trip for this unique couple. The couple named Jacob and Selena are in their 20s and have been at it since their college days. They have an undying desire to travel and explore new places as a couple. 

Laura, @Vagablonde-laura

 Laura is one lady that is adventurous and with a desire to explore the globe. It is a human representation of genuine grit. She boasts of well over 106 thousand followers, and she lives as one of the most popular travel bloggers on Instagram and helps make it easy for her followers all over the world.

Meg Jerrard, @mappingmegan

This couple has been educating people via their blogs for over a decade now and has a record of thrilling adventures under their belts. Their experiences range from skydiving over the Swiss Alps to climb to the peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Without a doubt, this beautiful couple has got it all covered with a following of over 46k followers to show.

Shiva Nath, @Shivya

Known as India's very own wonder woman, she has a reputation of looking like a traveler who is on a mission. Since she quitted her corporate job back in 2011, she has not looked behind ever since with about 40,000 followers to show.

Social media is full of excitement, beauty, and life. When you begin the search for the travel pictures of these travel bloggers, you should already know that you are on the way to becoming a full-time traveler on a professional basis.

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