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Top 13 industrial Automation Companies in the World 29 September, 2020   

The quality, reliability, and efficiency of transportation systems, electric power systems, and manufacturing operations will diminish significantly when there is no automation technology. When it comes to industrial automation, it is discovered in all industries.

It ranges from beverage and food production to processing petroleum and chemical products and manufacturing automobiles. Now, industrial automation is used to increase flexibility, productivity, and quality in the critical manufacturing process.

The industrial automation companies commonly use the control systems to operate their machinery. The control systems help them to finish various processes easily and quickly. When you use automated machines, you can get many advantages and also, an opportunity to reduce labor usage. 

Why opt for automated machines?

Automated machines not only bring you some advantages but also aid you in enhancing the accuracy, quality, and precision of systems. Nowadays, most industries like computers, hydraulics, airplanes, and mechanical use of this automation technology.

The primary function of these automation machines is to simplify different tasks, and they are used in dangerous situations. These are specialized features of these automated machines that make them an ideal choice for almost every industry.

List of automation companies

There are lots of automation companies available in the world. If you want to know more useful details regarding the company, you can read this post that shares you a list of top thirteen industrial automation companies and their valuable information.

1.   Rockwell Automation  

As the most significant industrial information and Automation Company in the world, Rockwell automation helps both global producers and manufacturers to build interconnected and scalable machines. The specially produced devices can enable outstanding manufacturing. 

The automation product line of this company is engineered carefully to control every device outstandingly. The automation components of Rockwell Automation are well-known for its future-proof features. These solutions will indeed bridge a massive gap between the enterprise systems and machinery-level systems that aids you in making the decision easier.

Most of the leading industries are impacted by the extended enterprise services and solutions of Rockwell. These services allow you to implement the best business improvements. Additionally, you can also increase manufacturing flexibility, supply chain integration, and access to real-time production details.

The automation systems of Rockwell are used by various industries, including power generation, mining, marine, gas and oil, infrastructure, textiles, chemical, and automotive.

2.   Siemens

It is the most significant engineering company located in Europe. This company will perform various activities, including industry, energy, infrastructure, and automobile.  It is known for its engineering excellence, reliability, and innovation. It is significant to understand that this company is a leader in energy and infrastructure solutions, and software and automation for the industry.

Siemens produces not only resource-saving and energy-efficient technologies but also offer clinical IT, laboratory diagnostics and medical imaging equipment.  It is one of the industrial automation companies that manufacture many products including steam turbines, turbo compressors, RMS (Remote monitoring systems), switchboards and high-voltage switchgear.

3.   Yokogawa electric

It offers industrial automation as well as measurement and test solution. It is Japanese software, and the electrical based company offers better technology with maintenance, engineering services, and project management.

The company also delivers field-proven reliability, quality, safety, and operation efficiency. It offers many products, including oxygen analyzers, flow meters, manufacturing execution, and automatic control systems.

4.   Danaher Industrial Ltd

This company creates a design for both consumer and industrial products. Danaher Industrial Ltd provides services in different fields, including testing, control, environmental, industries, and life science.

5.   Omron automation

As a well-established the company, Omron automation, appears as the leading industrial application firm in this world. It is significant to know that the primary process is of this company is to sell and manufacture automated systems and equipment. The company providers control components, safety components, switches, and sensors.

6.   Mitsubishi Electric

It is the most famous Japanese electronics and electrical equipment manufacturing company. The best thing about Mitsubishi Electric is that this company uses only the advanced engineering practices to bring efficient FA solutions. 

Additionally, it also supplies various products to the automation companies that include fighter jets, TV, and more. Most significantly, Mitsubishi electric provides visualization, drive products, controllers, industrial robots, display, and power monitoring products and processing machines.

7.   Honeywell process solutions

As one of the industrial automation companies, it offers a range of consumer and commercial products. Honeywell process solutions also provide different services in aerospace engineering. It also works hard to protect the investment of customers in the automation assets.

When it comes to its product range, it includes emission and energy management, instrumentation, terminal operations, marine, industrial security, advanced software, safety, control and monitoring systems, etc.

8.   Emerson Process Management

It is a famous Multi-national company that produces lots of electrical equipment. The good thing about Emerson is that it offers services to a customer, industrial and commercial markets.  Also, it provides automation services for empowering the industries to thrive quickly.

The automation solutions of this company collaborate with the automation business to develop practical solutions for different customers. The automation solutions of this company are pneumatics, solenoids, regulators, valves, actuators, measurement instrumentation, consulting and services, precision cleaning and welding, and much more.

9.   Schneider Electric

As the French-based MNC Company, Schneider Electric specializes in both automation and energy management systems. It offers hardware and software. The critical feature of this company is that its developers are connected with solutions and technologies for managing the process and energy in sustainable ways, reliable, safe, and efficient.

10.   ABB

It is one of the most leading automation and technological companies. It offers creative digitally enabled and connected industrial systems and equipment. It is well-known for manufacturing useful robotics.

The solutions to this company are used by various industries, including Infrastructure and Buildings, automotive, aluminium, chemical, energy efficiency, beverage, and food, data centers, cement, panel builders and OEM, gas, and oil.

ABB offers lots of products including high-voltage products, drives, control room solutions, analytics and measurement, low voltage systems, and products.

11.   Larsen and Toubro  

It is one of the most popular automation company located in Mumbai. The most prominent engineering and Technology companies focus on both automation and control sector. It offers comprehensive solutions via an array of platforms incorporated into a variety of industries around the world.

The automation technology of Larsen & Toubro is mostly discovered in gas and oil, cement industries, infrastructure, and water.

12.   B&R Industrial Automation Private Ltd 

The B&R Industrial Automation Private Ltd is an Austrian company that has a considerable presence and fame. The important thing about this company is it is a great supplier of efficient automation equipment that includes control and measurement systems, electrification, robotics, and digitalization.

The wonderful chance is anticipated to open recent global growth and hugely expand the current offering to all existing B&R clients.

13.   Titan Engineering and Automation Ltd  

It is a smaller automation firm that appears as the subsidiary of the most significant luxury goods conglomerate of India is popularly known as Titan company. The Titan engineers’ products the world-class and effective turnkey automation-based technology solutions. 

It also plans to impact different powerful industries, including healthcare and medical, electronics and electrical, automotive, and engineering. It only delivers the most comprehensive solutions which are entirely based on the needs of customers.

Apart from that, the solutions are analyzed by different product variants, which aid in deciding what kinds of products work effectively for that particular client. Now, the company provides complete automatic lines, lean assembly cells, test rigs, robotic welding cells, robotic assembly lines, vision-based systems, semi-automatic lines.


Choosing one of the industrial automation companies is not a confusing task now, because this post makes the job much more straightforward. It is always smart to check the product range, reliability, quality, and other vital aspects before choosing any automated company. The proper selection helps you to get numerous benefits.






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