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Top 13 Artificial Intelligence Stocks - Promising AI Companies to Watch Out 16 March, 2019   

Are you looking for the best bets in Wall Street? Whether you’re a Technologist or not, we’ve got some fantastic list of Tech companies you cannot go wrong with! What’s more? You don’t have to do much of research as it’s been already done for you! Almost all market advisors and brokers are giving a ‘buy’ signal for companies invested in AI. Artificial Intelligence for commercial applications is the BIG thing right now – It is there, and it is growing at lightning speed… you cannot miss it. Read on to know the best artificial intelligence stocks to invest in right now!

Artificial intelligence is the technology of today, tomorrow and years to come! So, it makes good sense to invest in a business that everyone is training their eyes on to make grand progress. As more and more enterprises use Artificial intelligence to boost sales and manage their affairs, Silicon Valley is not waiting for opportunities to make money. Investing more and more on artificial intelligence sounds as the top business idea of the century.

Every software executive is fascinated by ‘artificial intelligence’ and puts his time, money and energy in being a part of its future. And the market says they don’t miss the bus! If you are already invested in good growth sectors, at least add a few AI companies to boost your portfolio return. ‘A portfolio without AI stocks will be a Portfolio without spice.’

Almost all companies worth their names by making products with and of artificial intelligence! But you would not like to invest in all and sundry stocks! One has to be choosy and check before you put your foot in. The best part of the deal is that we have already compiled the most excellent AI stocks for all types of investors irrespective of the amount invested and risk-taking capacity.

13 Top Artificial Intelligence Stocks to Invest In

Here is a checklist of 13 AI stocks of companies invested in artificial intelligence that you must put your future in! Here we have the real-time price of the selected shares for you to analyze:

1. NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA)

This specialized semiconductor company has been shining as the best star for the past few years. Its growth has accelerated since 2016 which is only doubling since its investment in the AI business considerably. It’s a ‘BUY’ stock as it is considered the core supplier for smart vehicles, data centers, cryptocurrency mining, artificial intelligence and autonomous driving, the products of the future.

Current Stock Value: $169.81

2. Alphabet (GOOG, GOOGLE)

Alphabet is Google’s parent company, and when its AI business begins to pay-off, it will pay you very handsomely! Remember, the company is just a few years away from the $ 1 trillion marks and is one of the best AI stocks to buy! Especially, when Sundar Pichai, the CEO, claims that Google will be AI first in the future, GOOG should be on top of your list of artificial intelligence stocks.

Current Stock Value: $1,190.30


Alternative: BAIDU Inc (BIDU)

The AI giant of China, also called the “Google” of China is making some big strides. The twin advantage of the company is great: the availability of economical quality workforce and subsidies from the Government as China has fixed its 2030 goal to be the World’s No 1 in AI. Baidu claims that Apollo, their autonomous driving platform will soon power the most of the world’s cars, with most of the related technologies already coming along. Its CEO, Robin Li claims that Baidu is now an AI first company. Its Fish VS1 is very popular and is akin to the Echo from Amazon.

Current Stock Value: $170.48


It all depends on your risk profile, with expectations of TWilio to capitalize on the developments in Artificial intelligence. Software companies in communications use its APIs. Its voice-to-text technology is superior in the market. The company is very likely to do well and is a BUY stock.

Current Stock Value: $129.41

4. MICRON Technology (MU)

Micron will be the choice for investors with a long-term perspective, as the company is the forerunner of the AI revolution being one of the leading chipmakers. It is part of the Big 3 who makes almost 80% of the world’s chips. AI will need automated driving of the internet as the machines need to process extensive data and it is the chip in the Computers that will do the trick.

Current Stock Value: $39.54

5. Xilinx Inc. (XLNX)

This is not the most wanted stock, but surely it is one worth investing as it makes a large number of products that connect many others. XILINX is taking the AI industry by storm as its Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) has put the stock on watcher’s list. Although the product is not of significant benefit, its flexibility has been considered to be valuable in most machine learning programs which are supposed to improve machine performance by 90 times!

Current Stock Value: $124.17


Yext is a company that makes products for banks, restaurants, doctors, and other professionals to use AI in their running and controlling online data for boosting their business. ‘Buy’ signal is given for the stock recently as the future is about the use of AI in businesses.

Current Stock Value: $22.66


The CEO of the company, Jeff Bezos, a visionary, and the world’s richest man said that his company would be using Artificial intelligence in multiple ways in its products very soon. He also conveyed that AI is already being used in product search rankings, demand forecasting, recommendations, fraud detection, etc., and has plans of drone delivery which will be a landmark development in the tech industry. I would say it is the Best BUY for anyone looking for artificial intelligence stocks.

Current Stock Value: $1,712.36

8. Facebook (FB)

The social media giant is all set to ‘solve the AI’ and claims major research work in AI with one of the prominent Computer Scientists, Yan LeCun, in their team. Rating for the stock has been ‘buy’ in the recent past with no detector of a bearish trend. With its 2.2 billion monthly active users, FB drives its newsfeed algorithm with AI and is set to be the best social media platform in the world.

Current Stock Value: $165.98

9. Intel (INTC)

The company is seized of the knowledge of AI, and contrary to Nvidia, it is foraying into the field with machine learning and artificial intelligence offerings with its discrete GPUs. It has a cushion of $10 billion to invest in AI, the industry of the future thus making Intel one of the safest AI stocks to buy.

Current Stock Value: $54.33

10. Microsoft (MSFT)

This is one of the top companies among technology companies with over 50% growth in the year 2018 and looks to be heavily invested in AI. Apart from earnings growth, its past dividend growth history is highly enticing to investors. Very attractive share to “BUY.”

Current Stock Value: $115.91


11.Texas Instruments (TXN)

Although the company is not very attractive from a technology viewpoint, its dividend history is something worth a ‘buy.’ With everything available under the Sun having a microchip these days, as a Chipmaker, TI has a huge sustaining demand for its products and plenty of revenue to enable the company to dole out dividends.

Current Stock Value: $110.74


This social media company from China developed the hugely popular WeChat app that is akin to WhatsApp. Although it is not comparable to any US counterpart, it has the potential to test and implement real-world AI. Tencent believes that the future will bring more prominent and more innovative applications with a much bigger size to benefit from and is all set to tap the AI market.

Current Stock Value: $359.00

13. Oracle Corporation (ORCL)

This is another unsung hero in the tech market, which despite having faced fierce competition from Cloud computing as an ERP firm, still managed to post a 12% return with increasing revenue in 2018. The company is very likely to improve its performance and post dividend growth soon. Definitely a BUY signal stock.

Current Stock Value: $52.94

Always remember to create a balanced portfolio, as positive stock returns compensate more the number of stocks you invest in, lesser the combined risk as negative returns. Guidance is available here from the authentic source of NASDAQ.

Also, don’t invest in any artificial intelligence stocks before reading about the company you are interested in from NASDAQ’s News section. It is easier to browse online than reading through newspapers about different companies; and last, of all, use your gut instinct while investing. Remember, the advice is free, but investments cost! It is better to invest in holding rather than investing for speculation.

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