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Top 12 robotics companies in the world 18 December, 2018   


The field of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Robotics have emerged to be the most exciting sector in the business and scientific world of the present era. The gigantic outgrowth is due to the promises that lead to a better future along with all the advancements in the technological aspects of improving the lives of people. The robotics companies immensely contribute towards the potentiality that seems limitless and effectively reduces the toil of the human race to enhance the pace of substantial work with the utmost ease and efficiency. The robotics companies frequently perform automatic and computerized tasks in higher volume, that are reliable and done securely to remove the fatigue level from the humans. There are extensive analyses performed in combining the technology of AI and robotics that can be a boost to humankind in all aspects.

Report on Robotics Outgrowth

There is a significant growth in the robotics companies which lead to an essential outcome for the Global Robotics Markets. The market related to robotics generally surfaces on by several aspects among which one of the primary drivers is the requirement and effort to reduce the costs associated with the manufacturing of products. The field of robotics aids the robotics companies related to the business and guide with the necessary steps to reduce the costs incurred due to the failure of products and wastage of resources.

With the increase in the manufacturing and outsourcing of products, the activities come to a halt for the low-cost companies in various regions of the world. There are a lot of larger associations who effectively outsource the product with the help of the robotics technology and lead towards the betterment of the society through the development and reduced costs.

Advancement in Robotics throughout the globe

The rate of growth in the sector of robotics throughout the world is immense and visible at the annual growth rate of the industries with time. According to the past forecasts, the growth has taken place from 64 billion dollars to 1.2 trillion dollars presently in the market and will continue to increase in the future at a steady rate. According to futuristic reviews, the possibility remains of replacing around approximately 850 million workers with robots by the end of the year 2030.

A brief on the Top Robotics Companies of the World

  1. iRobot

iRobot is an American based robotics company founded in the year 1990. 3 MIT graduates developed the company. You will find robots designed by this company which implements latest and most advanced scientific techniques and technologies. These robots primarily meant for military defense and space explorations. They also build robots for several other works like vacuum cleaning, mopping the floors and additional cleaning works at home or office.

       2. Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics was founded by Marc Raibert in the year 1992. It has its headquarters at Waltham in Massachusetts. The company is known for its extraordinary robot designs and engineering works. BigDog is its best design which was funded by the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and designed for the American military.

        3. Hanson Robotics

Hanson Robotics is a robotics company based in Hong Kong and founded by a roboticist from America. The name of the founder was DR. David Franklin Hanson. The company saw its foundation in the year 2013. The company developed robots that were like humans and even has expressions like humans. The robots also have conversational skills. Sophia was one of their most famous creations which received citizenship.

        4.  KUKA

KUKA is an international robotics company who has a turnover of nearly three billion Euros. KUKA develops industrial robots with over 25 subsidiaries spread all over the world. You can find it does headquarter at Augsburg, Bavaria in Germany. This company is a German company presently owned by Midea Group. The establishment took place in the year 1898. Their components have about thirteen thousand employees who work every single day to make sure KUKA remains one of the largest suppliers of robotics in the world. They have a varied range of customers who come from different fields and industries with different requirements. You will be highly satisfied with their robotic systems.

        5. Google

On December 13 in the year 2013 Google X overtook Boston Dynamics, a robotics company for an undisclosed price. It was run and managed by Andy Rubin till 2014 because he departed from Google after this. On 26th January 2014, Google obtained DeepMind Technologies Limited who has nearly 75 employees. This company assisted Google to grow in the robotics and artificial intelligence sectors.

        6. Kawasaki Robotics Inc.

Kawasaki Robotics Inc. is presently one of the leading robotics companies that supply industrial robots. They are capable of providing you a wide range of services. They have till date installed nearly one lakh and sixty thousand robots all over the world. Its Robotics department has it's headquartered in Japan , and the sales division is in America.


The Honda Company established in the year 1946. The company resides in the heart of Japan in the city of Tokyo. Honda diverts in various directions, and Robotics is one such area where they perform researches. The main aim of Honda was to manufacture a robot that can walk. ASIMO is their creation which can walk as well as run and carry trays and also push certain things.

        8. Vex Robotics

The main aim of Vex robotics is to involve students, children as well as adults in robotics designing and studies and researchers. Vex Robotics implements a kit a designing system which contains four electric motors, wheels, one servo, gears and other structural parts. Bob Mimlitch and Tony Norman are the two founders of Vex robotics. Vex Robotics establishment and inauguration took place in the year 2007.

        9. Toyota

The Toyota Company developed robots that were humanoid. They launched them in the year 2005 in Japan. During their launch, there are five robots each of which performed different movements. Later in 2009, they created robots that could stand as well as run. In 2017 they manufactured another latest version of the robot that will be able to be used in space.

        10. FESTO

FESTO is a company that deals with automation and industrial control. They have headquartered at Esslingen am Neckar in Germany. They manufacture robots that are capable of moving like different animals like kangaroos, jellyfish, SmartBird, and butterflies. Later in the year 2018, they created a rolling spider and also a flying fox.


The RETHINK ROBOTICS is a robotics company founded in the year 2008 by two individuals Ann Whittaker and Rodney Brooks. It was earlier known as Heartland Robotics. The robots they develop usually learn various new skills taught to them. They do not require programming. The main aim of RETHINK ROBOTICS is to create robots that are capable of performing dangerous jobs and assist humans with their works. Their robots are cost effective.

        12. Adept Technology Inc.

Adept Technology Inc. is a multinational company that based in California. They develop robots and software for industrial automation. The establishment of Adept Technology Inc. took place in the year 1983.


Presently, with the emergence in the sector if robotics, a consideration of high outputs and the fastest growing field towards technology comes to play. The area of robotics has several promising and futuristic outcomes with a capacity to lead to massive advancements in the future of the world. The changes in the sector involving human labor with vast improvements through the implementation of robotics have a promising productiveness. The manufacturing taking place in the present society with disruptive advancements through robotics takes place mainly in the form of 3-dimensional printing. The primary motive lies in boosting the sales and growth-rate to leave an impressive footprint in the sector and successfully lead to a bright future.

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