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Top 11 Cyber Security training courses to learn online 13 May, 2019   

Now, almost everyone has more reliance on computers and the internet. It is the main reason why global, personal and national security is highly vulnerable to terrorists and hackers. Criminals continue illegally to draw off a huge amount from companies, bank accounts, and even people. 

Due to this, the field of cyber security has a huge demand for experts. If you want to build your career in either the private or government sector, you can take and utilize the cyber security program. 

Now, public sector undertakings and governments around the world are providing better remuneration and lucrative packages for cybersecurity experts.

What makes cybersecurity programs essential?

Most people worldwide are now connected to this internet platform through different devices including mobile phones, computer systems, and laptops. Affordable mobile phones bring people an excellent opportunity to use internet facilities easily. 

Protecting the huge population of the world is a daunting task because it will need an enormous number of expert cybersecurity professionals globally.

The cybersecurity courses are specially developed learning programs that let interested people learn significant techniques and tricks in cybersecurity. Smart learning will help them to become a cybersecurity professional. 

With a suitable online cybersecurity course, you can get a stunning chance for your career advancement.

The cost will be varying from one course to another one. Few of the basic cybersecurity programs are available for free. When it comes to specialized and professionals courses, the cost based on the duration.

If you wish to start a career in cyber security, here is a list of top cybersecurity courses online. It includes free and paid resources that will aid you in learning cybersecurity. 

1. Cybersecurity Certification for Business

The present world leads to data breach and other security hassles; it becomes essential to protect your data. The University of Colorado comes with a Cybersecurity program for business. It aims to protect both large and small businesses from different kinds of cyber attacks. A proficient trainer named Greg Williams offers this program.

The best thing about this program is that it will allow you to know the important aspects of PC security. Additionally, you can identify the possible threats to the business and learn the best way to defend both your system and data. It has 4 classifications including:

Introduction to the course 
Attack Vectors and Cyber Threats 
Detecting and Justifying Cyber Attacks and Threats 
Proactive PC Security

Course Benefits
• The project of this course allows students to implement what they learn. Additionally, the students will receive a certificate when they are completing the course successfully.
It is online courses ideal for middle management, senior business leaders, and system administrators.

2. Cybersecurity Certification: For Business Specialization

This certification program spread over 12 weeks of time duration. The project of this course makes it a suitable choice for individuals who want to develop an online security program for the organization.

If you want to get better proficiency in cybersecurity fundamentals, you can take this course. It not only allows you to assess different cyber threats but also helps you to safeguard the assets of your organization.

Course Benefits
• Recognize the best way to protect your business assets with the help of technology, policy, and education 
Create a sufficient awareness of both cyber attacks and threats linked to the advanced internet platform 
Certification from the University of Georgia 

3.  Cyber Security Certification from NYU

This course is specially designed for NYU (New York University). With this course, students have a deep understanding of PC protection technology. It is developed by a research professor named Dr. Edward G. Amoroso. It not only teaches you theoretically but also encourages learning about the subject without any limitation.

This course ensures that you are learning and developing continuously in the field. If you are a beginner, you can opt for these cybersecurity certifications.

Course Benefits
It does not require any prior experience from beginners 
Deep understanding of Cyber Threat mitigation and detection in real-time 
The online learning mode let you learn about cybersecurity from your comfort place 

4. An Inclusive Cyber Security training: Hackers Exposed

The CEO of Station X named Nathan House has more than twenty-four years of experience in the field of internet security. Nathan successfully teaches many students online about online security. The courses of this instructor are well-known for their uniqueness.

It covers the best techniques to defeat different online threats such as malware, advanced hackers, exploit kits, etc. The Linux, Windows and Mac are few operating systems that are covered by this course.

What will you learn in this program?
Ways to become an internet security expert 
Advanced practical knowledge in defeating various online threats 
Proper learning of Pseudonymity, Privacy, and Anonymity 
Both the privacy and security of the operating system 

5. Inclusive CS training: Anonymous Browsing

The complete cybersecurity course is entirely about hiding the IP, anonymous browsing, proxy servers, VPNs, and Tor.  It helps you to understand the method to achieve better online anonymity against country-state adversaries and corporations.

Course curriculum 
Operational security 
Live OS (operating systems) 
Tor and VPN Routers

6. Inclusive CS training: Network security

It is an online security training that allows you to grab proficient practical knowledge to handle various threats such as exploit kits, advanced hackers, Wi-Fi attacks, trackers and more. It is Volume 2 of Nathan House.

Topics covered by this course 
Network isolation, attacks, and architecture 
Routers – Vulnerability and Port scanning 
Tracking Preventing and Browser security 
Network Isolation and Network Attacks 

7. Inclusive cybersecurity training: End Point Security

It is an excellent CS learning solution that covers disk encryption, locating and removing malware and hackers, malware and antivirus. You will also learn the best ways to detect threats like malware with both detection and deception technologies.

Topics covered by this course
End-point-security and Anti-virus 
Disk and file encryption 
End-point security technology
Evidence elimination, anti-forensics and secure deleting 
Next-generation – EDR (End-point-security, Detection, and response)
Threat monitoring and detection 
Application hardening and operating system 

8. Computer System Networks Security: Scratch to Advanced

This internet security training is offered by Mohammad Adly who is an Electronics Engineering faculty at Menofiya University. He has better experience to teach students about the security tools of a computer network. If you are looking for the right way to become a CS officer, this course is the right choice for your needs. 

Important points 
Includes several segments 
Demand video of 8-hours and 51 additional learning resources 

9. CS Certification/ Course by UC3M

UC3M offer this certification course for students who want to think like a hacker. The specialty of this course is that it enables you to behave like a professional security expert. In this program, you will learn the major security threats and understand various attacks. Skilled professors and researchers offer training.

Important points 
It is a free online course, but you need to pay money for your certification 
It spans about 6 weeks 
Teach you about reverse engineering, monitoring and managing networks, CS landscape, computer forensics, and attacks

10. How to secure an employment opportunity in Cybersecurity

It is specially designed for people who look for the best way to get the best cybersecurity. This online course also guides them to reach their career goals soon. It covers lots of useful information that aids you in becoming Cyber Security experts.

What will you learn from this course?
Key traits and skills for success 
A better understanding of the CS field 
Cover security certifications 
Different roles in the industry 
How to plan the career path 

11. Cyber Security plus on Skillshare

Chad Russel offers this online course for free. It includes 9-lessons that help you to not only learn about security certification but also know about the best career options. 

What will you learn from this course?
Understand both security and certification 
Understand the complete domain 
Know lots of Network Security Career Paths

Choosing the right online Cybersecurity course is not a confusing task now, because this post makes the selection simpler. In short, a deep understanding of cybersecurity will help you to build your career in the industry.

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