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10 Ways To Boost Employee Productivity 16 June, 2020   

We all know employees are always the strong base or the building blocks of any organization. Be it a startup or a well-established organization, each employee productivity counts to make the overall project productivity. Making all your employees 100% productive is off the charts. However, there are ways to boost employee productivity to a certain level.

Employee productivity will help to analyze the overall business productivity. Only engaged employees will help you to enhance your business productivity. The non-engaged employees will also hamper your business growth. So now how to make them engaged? Yes! Let us see ways to boost employee productivity in this article. 

10 Ways To Boost Employee Productivity

1.  Make use of the right tool

To boost employee productivity, the right productivity tracking tool plays a crucial role. This helps to streamline the work and run the project seamlessly. 

When it comes to productivity tracking tools, the tool should be able to track the real-time, schedule, and organize the project, manage the tasks, monitor the remote employees with main features like automated screen monitoring, URL & app tracking, etc to monitor the real-time activities of the employee. 

Choose the perfect employee monitoring tool with all these features at one single platform to make your work easy. This will enable you to quickly analyze the real-time productivity of all your employees. 

See to it that the tool is inbuilt with chat messenger or integrated with communication apps so that you can provide a collaborative working environment especially if the employees are working remotely without being a chance for direct interactions. 

"Know How to Choose the Right Employee Time Tracking Software"

2.  Filter skilled employees with the proper hiring process

Make use of the proper hiring strategies to filter out the skilled employees. Check the basic communication skills and how active they are to respond to the queries will provide you a basic idea about the employee. 

Though you follow many ways to enhance employee productivity, only the engaged and skilled employees will move along with this process. 

It becomes very important that you avoid recruiting uninterested or disengaged employees. 

3.  Provide proper training to the employees

Once the filtered out employees join the organization, proper training should be provided to develop their skills in order to improve their productivity. 

Training can be provided on soft skills, various tools, and time management skills, etc to enhance individual performance and productivity. 

4.  Eliminate Micro-Management

Always provide the space to the skilled employees to manage their time on their own. Study shows that managers always running behind the employees and micromanaging will make employees slow down on their work. It will hamper employee productivity. 

Allow the individuals to understand their roles/responsibilities and allow them to manage their time effectively so that they can accomplish their work on time. 

It is a kind of self-starting process. Only independent employees will be self-starters and always motivate such employees to take ownership of their accounts. 

It means managers need not always hover to track employee productivity. To get better results, avoid micromanagement.

5.  Get space for clear communication

Communication plays a major role to move ahead with the business relationship. Effective communication is possible via perfect project management software or productivity tracking software. When the employees are working remotely, managers need to interact more with them to know the work progress. 

Communicate with the employees to know their concerns and solve the issues via two-way communication. Make use of inbuilt chat messengers, zoom video calls, online meetings to make it more effective. 

Always don't spend more time analyzing past issues, focus on the ongoing task, and find the solution so that you can boost future productivity. 

6.  Support self-care

Self-care is important to have a relaxation from work stress and you can support their self-care by introducing health insurance and making them avail of those benefits provided by the organization. 

Introduce the self-care courses to make them understand ideal time management, avoid work stress, and make them learn stress relaxation techniques with respect to effective time management. 

7.  Offer good workplace condition

A better workplace condition is very important for an employee to stay productive. A good workplace will avoid more distractions and keep them focused on their work comfortably. The optimal conditions can provide this space to all the employees. 

The natural light, the ambiance like wall color, seating arrangement, space for windows will make the employees feel fresh and active during their work. This will definitely make changes to their productivity levels. 

8.  Offer flexible working hours

Some employees may work remotely and may face certain issues to be online during any fixed working hours like 9 am to 6 pm. This makes the employee feel uncomfortable with their working hours. 

Since remote working involves more distractions like workplace conditions, connectivity issues, etc, you need to provide flexible working hours by always maintaining the total working hours to be 8 hours or 9 hours as per the company guidelines. 

This enables all the employees to extend their working time if they got disconnected from the productivity tracking tool during connectivity issues and allow them to work remotely with flexible working hours. 

9.  Enhance employee satisfaction

Employees should be satisfied with their job. Managers need to clearly make them understand their roles and responsibilities. This makes them more interested in their work. Provide some perks like a token of appreciation, awards, provide business magazines, introduce cultural activities. All such perks will motivate the employees to stay for a long time in the company when compared to the salary hike. 

Make them feel more comfortable with the organization and their work. This enhances employee satisfaction and business productivity. Tech software giants like Facebook, Google, Yahoo provide more perks to their employees to stay comfortable in the organization. 

10.  Analyze the real-time productivity

As already discussed, with the right employee monitoring or productivity tracking tool provided, you will be easily able to analyze real-time productivity. 

Look for the perfect tool that reports with real-time productivity of all the employees. The report generated with productivity graphs will help you to find the bottleneck involved in enhancing individual employee productivity. 

This will enable to enhance work quality when compared to the work quantity.


Employee productivity plays a major part in enhancing your business productivity. Go through the ways to boost employee productivity. A perfect employee monitoring tool is essential for all types of business projects. 

Always choose the best service provider of employee monitoring tools to acquire all the important features at an affordable price. 

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