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Today, I Will Reveal That Why Are The Youngsters Part Of The Negative Trend 08 March, 2020   

Over some time, I have witnessed a very erratic trend among youngsters related to many things. After getting mini achievements in their life, some youngsters consider themselves to be more superior as compared to others. They deem materialistic things solely as their life, by keeping all the essential values on the verge of loss. When I cogitate about all these trends, I feel egregious because, by uploading fancy photos on various social networking sites and overstating about things, youngsters mostly comprehend that they have acquired everything in their life.

Furthermore, youngsters have mostly become a copy-cat which in turn has changed their mentality such as many believe that having a girlfriend and branded stuff makes them stand out among others, which is, somewhat, true for them, because they have been surrounded by such companies which in turn, ultimately, result in nothing besides depression and frustration later in life.

They often forget the core values, which are prerequisites for making concrete fulcrum to achieve any desired goal, however, when they face real scene of life, then at that juncture, they get too late and the time, conversely, when there was a requirement of toil and tenacity, that time, they just enjoy and live in their superficial world.

If go in deep in the theory of today’s era, then one thing is opaque i.e. guidance. Today’s youth is having everything whether it comes to resources or anything else, but they lack in one notable aspect i.e. proper guidance, which can make their future bright and to glow.

As an instance, one can see the rise of Chandra Gupta Maurya, who demolished entire Nanda empire, which was the biggest empire in history and ruled successfully because of the proper guidance, which was given by Acharya Chanakya, thus, it has already been proved that proper guidance can make someone zero to hero if followed. Therefore, the need of today’s youngsters is proper guidance, not all this fascinating stuff, which later damages their life thoroughly.

In addition, I often contemplate over innumerable questions?

Why do youngsters believe in such a negative development?

Why do they live in a house of glass?

I concede, youngsters, first and foremost, try to work hard for making them settled, so that they could make their parents feel proud. But, unfortunately, it is a rare sight to see, nowadays.

Furthermore, there are myriad reasons, which are responsible for diverting youngsters from their goals.

  • They have been surrounded by a narrow attitude company which in turn not making them go ahead and to achieve the goal.
  • They now believe in many superficial things, which are making their fulcrum to be collapsed at any juncture.
  • They mostly yearn for praising words or compliments from others, rather than paying heed on their vulnerable points.
  • They always try to find an excuse for not doing something i.e. not having a good financial background, not capable to do anything and many more, which is utterly erroneous.
  • Most importantly, they are becoming an addict of many intoxications in the form of liquor and so on, which they consider being a part of fashion and, thus, deteriorating their life drastically.

There is a long list of reasons to highlight, however, what I am trying to touch here is that youngsters must have to realize the importance of money and should start thinking about their future and lovable parents.

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