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Tips for managing time 01 April, 2021   

Twenty-four hours is the same number of hours that everyone has in a single day. But when you experience a stressful and chaotic life, it doesn’t feel it is 24 hours. Being productive and keeping your time is very important. It is very crucial these days. And now that it is hard to increase when you have to do a particular task. You have to find a way of utilizing the sample time that you have. Do you ever wish to have at least more than twenty-four hours? When you think: “I need to do my college essay!” the tips provided below are helpful and important to apply.


The first and foremost tip that you can think of is, know your mission. One needs to set their goals if they want to manage the little time that they have. You need to understand the mission thoroughly. It will help you to set goals. Make sure that you answer the question “why.”

When you know your mission, you keep yourself in line with what you want to accomplish within a certain period. Suppose you do not know your mission then. You will just be doing nothing and wasting time.

Saying “No.”

There are those people who find it hard to prevent themselves from learning new things. They have that mindset of wanting not to miss out on certain projects. I am not that this particular mindset is bad, but it is essential to venture into new pastures and industries. But this mentality will not do you any good when it is about time management.

The more work you take, the more time you will waste when you want to keep time. In simple terms, saying yes to other tasks means saying no to other essential tasks. 

Pinpointing how you use the time that you have

What level of productivity are you in? Rate the quality of the work that you are doing. These are questions that you can ask yourself. But you need to actualize them and quantify them with data. Look for what you require to change in your routines. Have a picture of where your time is heading.

Audit yourself in a week and find out the activities you are spending more of your time on. You may find out that you are spending more on social media than on essential work. 


Another tip that you can use for managing your time is, rationing your energy. Most people think that if you manage the time you have very well, you have to deprive yourself of some sleep. But the actual key is to find out which time you have more concentration. That is to say, if you find out that you work best in the morning, then allocate most of the time in the morning to do your work.

Plan ahead.

There is a saying when you are failing in planning; then you are planning to fail. Now what one can do is, get a free day that you can use for planning your work. Have a pen and notebook that you can use to jot down the plan of the coming.


Keeping time is a skill that everyone must-have. Not everyone has the virtue of timekeeping. 

time management tips

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