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Tianyitang teaches you how to find a reliable melt-blown cloth factory. 18 June, 2020   

According to relevant data, the actual output of melt-blown nonwovens in China is 53500 tons in 2018 and more than 56000 tons in 2019.

The industry is expected to exceed 100000 tons in 2020, and the key to such a huge surge in a short period of time lies in the impact of the epidemic and the improvement of public health awareness.

Perhaps many people do not understand the role of meltblown cloth, do not know why its market demand is so large, in fact, its effectiveness can be found on the Internet.

Here is only a simple point of its function, it is a necessary material for the production of masks, N95 can not do without it, we can see its importance.

If you want to cooperate with a melt blown cloth factory, if you want to know how to find a reliable melt blown cloth factory, the following identification method of Tianyitang will be helpful to you.


1Depends on qualifications.

It is necessary to have a business license approved by the state and relevant departments to meet the "Comprehensive Air Pollutant Emission Standard" and "Industrial Enterprise Boundary Environmental noise Emission Standard". Only in this way can it be a formal and standardized company.

2Look at the equipment.

Whether the relevant equipment of the melt-blown cloth factory meets the equipment standards, whether it is advanced, and whether there are quality problems.

3To be able to let people visit, only with excellent equipment, can we ensure the quality of products as much as possible.

4Read the report.

It depends on whether its products meet the relevant inspection standards and whether there are reports of professional institutions to testify.

Melt blown cloth is used in medical resources such as face masks, if it is not up to standard, it will cause great medical problems, and only qualified professional reports can reassure customers.

5Look at the team.

For the staff of the melt-blown cloth factory, it is necessary to look at the work experience and working hours. Only when the team has high-quality talents in this industry can the efficiency and quality of the melt-blown cloth factory be guaranteed.

6Look at the product.

To see whether the quality, quality and function of the product meet the industry standards, it is useless to say more if the product does not work.

7Look at word of mouth.

Now the network is very developed, the social circle in the industry is also relatively extensive, through the network, other friends and other mouth to understand the product quality, performance-to-price ratio, reputation and so on.

Especially if there is something wrong with the product, whether the melt blown cloth factory will have perfect after-sales service and whether it can ensure that the interests of customers will not be damaged.

And whether the qualified and qualified products can be given within the specified time.

Look at the plan.

To see whether the melt-blown cloth factory has a sound internal management system and scientific development planning, many melt-blown cloth factories are in order to make a short-term profit, such a melt-blown cloth factory is difficult to satisfy customers in terms of product quality and reputation.

As a professional manufacturer of meltblown cloth, Tianyitang has state-recognized qualifications and team members have rich experience. Advanced equipment, high-quality products, scientific enterprise planning and perfect after-sales service make Tianyitang recognized by many customers.

If you want to find a reliable melt blown cloth factory to cooperate, Tianyitang is a good choice.

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Tianyitang teaches you how to find a reliable melt-blown cloth factory.

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