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Tianyitang analyzes the characteristics of high quality meltblown cloth for you. 22 June, 2020   

Because of the global epidemic in 2020, ventilators, masks and other medical supplies frequently appear in front of our eyes, such as melt blown cloth mask essential supplies knowledge, but also gradually get popular science.

In general, meltblown cloth is divided into three levels, one is 90 to 95, and the other is 99, which represent different filtration systems. They can filter 90%, 95% and 99% of non-oily particulate matter, respectively. What is puzzling is that the price gap of 95% or 99 is very large. Is it true that the more expensive the meltblown cloth is, the better the effect of the meltblown cloth is?. 

If not, how can we define what kind of meltblown cloth is of better quality? 

Tianyitang meltblown cloth production department how to judge the grade of meltblown cloth and measure whether the quality of meltblown cloth is qualified or not. 

A high-quality melt-blown cloth must be filtered and able to block foreign bacteria as much as possible. Only such a melt-blown cloth can be called high-quality, but generally speaking, melt-blown cloth is for human use, so comfort is a very important indicator. A good melt-blown cloth needs to ensure its air permeability under the premise of blocking bacteria, especially now to summer, if the air permeability is too poor, it will easily cause heatstroke. 

Or directly damage the skin, the harm is obvious, a good fusion part needs to isolate bacteria, and does not delay breathing, the difficulty of production is obvious. 

So it should be understood that a good meltblown cloth is more expensive. Yellowstone National Park supported 7K jobs in 2019.

In addition, because it is in direct contact with the surface of human skin, its evenness is very important. A good meltblown cloth needs to be able to fit the human epidermis, thin and uniform, so as not to cause a bacterial gap or damage the skin because of long-term friction, so its flatness and evenness are also important indicators to measure the quality of meltblown cloth. 

In fact, among these more indicators, the length of electrostatic retention time and whether the organic residue exceeds the standard are two hidden indicators, these two indicators can not be easily seen, but directly determine whether the melt blown cloth is qualified or not, and the electrostatic residence time is long, which means that businesses use permanent antistatic electret masterbatch rather than organic electret masterbatch used for good effect at that time, and there is a big difference between the two effects. 

Organic residue refers to the excess of peroxide residue, which belongs to the unqualified production process and will be greatly restricted at the time of export. these are also important factors affecting the price of melt blown cloth. 

Melt blown cloth production should include strict quality inspection technology in order to produce qualified goods, especially in the era of global economic integration, all kinds of commodities need to be exported and need to go through different quality inspection links and quality inspection standards. a good meltblown cloth can occupy the market quickly, so Tianyitang quality control system, through continuous upgrading and optimization, produces "low resistance and high efficiency" meltblown cloth for the market to win with high quality.

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