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The true role of parents in our life: An Objective View 30 April, 2019   

Parents are a great gift from God. They are responsible for bringing us into this world, and then they take care of us for the rest of their life. Their unconditional love makes us confident, and we feel comfortable while moving in the outer world. A child who gets proper parenting can easily achieve his goals in life.

There are plenty of success stories of philosophers, writers, artists, scientists, and doctors, etc. who claimed that their success was just a result of the efforts of their parents. Their parents encouraged them to accomplish their dreams in life.

On the contrary, there are so many cases of those children who could not get the proper attention of their parents in life. This deficiency paved so many difficulties for them, and it became hard for them to realize their goals.

This reality shows that the role of parents in our life is very important and nothing can replace them in the world. So here we will throw the light on the role of parents in detail.

Concerned about the biological needs of children: 

The role of parents in our life cannot be ignored at any stage. When a baby opens his eyes, it needs so many things. So, the first and foremost goal of parents is to take care of the biological needs of their children. These biological needs involve proper food, a healthy environment, fresh air, sound sleep, good lighting, recreation time, etc. 

Facilitate with an optimal environment:

Children are the priority of their parents. That is why parents are always anxious about the future of their children. They provide their children with a safe, healthy, and supportive environment that affects their attitude to a great extent. This environment encourages children to grow healthy and wise.

When we talk about an optimal environment, it refers to a situation that aids the development of a child entirely. A consistent routine, facility to explore the new dimensions, chances of improvement, positive attitudes are an integral part of this environment. When a healthy atmosphere is provided to the children, they ultimately try to realize their goals in life.

Financial support of parents: 

Parents try to provide financial support to their children. This role of parents in our life is significant. Financial assistance proves quite handy in pursuing educational goals as well as we can enjoy our hobbies too without any fear of money.

There is no burden on the part of children to earn any livelihood, and they can concentrate easily on their goals. This financial assistance also gives a good start to young ones who want to start their own business.

It is a matter of experience that children who do not have parents or whose parents are not supportive enough; have to undergo a lot of hardships to fulfill their dreams. 

Provide moral support:

Moral support plays a pivotal role in making things possible. Children may face failures in their life, but if they have the moral support of their parents, they can make the impossible things possible. Being a child, this role of parents in our life is quite promising.

Uncertainties are part and parcel of life, and in case of some accident or divorce, the moral support of parents can work wonders for their loved ones. They help us to tackle the situation with courage, and they can bring us back to routine life. Moral values like honesty, spirituality are also taught by the parents that are required to lead a successful life.

● Parents’ guidance in adolescence: 

The role of parents in our life at every stage is worth praising, but their guidance in adolescence cannot be nullified. Teenage activities play an important role in pursuing different careers in life. It is a crucial time for our parents, but a careless time for us. So, the guidance of parents at this stage matters a lot in accomplishing our goals. 

We are young and want to try different adventures, but parents are more concerned about our future. They make us realize how important is this part of our life.

Every step that is right or wrong can take us near or far away from our goal. It is also a time when we learn more about the outer world. We are making new connections and discovering new entertainments.

And here, our parents make a difference. They guide us with their own experiences. They keep in view the factor of their teenage, and they direct us accordingly. Actually, in adolescence, it is easy to diverge from the exact path due to multiple attractions and bad companies, but in the case of concerned parents, they can easily overcome this problem.

Facilitate as a learning institute: 

The life of parents is full of experiences and learning. They have seen the ups and downs of life. That is why they can play the role of a learning institute for their children. 

Children have limited exposure to life. They are in the process of knowing and learning new things, and their parents are the one who facilitates them with their own experience. Their advice is weighed more than anybody’s suggestion. The children who seek guidance from their parents remain successful in life.

Help in decision making: 

We often feel confused in life. Sometimes there are multiple ways in front of us, but it becomes hard to select one. This situation is very depressing because we do not know exactly what is good for us and what is not!

In this situation, the role of parents is worth praising. They help us in decision making by presenting the pros and cons of each and everything in the light of their own experience. They try to sort out our confusion by showing the possible outcomes of a decision. In this way, they help to a great extent in decision making.

Always happy for you: 

So many people come into our life, and then they leave us. Some people are happy with our progress, and some feel jealous. But there are only parents who are an amazing and permanent part of our life. They are always glad for you. 

Wherever you are, they think about you and your happiness matters a lot for them. At every stage of life, you will find them beside you. When the whole world is against you, they are the only one who stands with you side by side and prays for your happiness. 

● Play the role of best friends: 

Everybody needs a friend in life with whom we can share our feelings and experiences. And parents can play the role of best friends easily. You can crack jokes with them; you can share your feelings with them. They are always there for you not only in happy moments but in sad times too.

They are the fantastic people who love you and care for you and listen to you attentively. They provide you an honest opinion in need of the hour. They do not make fun of your feelings like your best friends. 

Children are often called, “Chip of an old block,” and it is true. Children are the reflection of their parents, and they learn so many things from them. Positive parenting techniques not only help to overcome the generation gap, but they can also prove a milestone in building the positive characters of their children.

All these sufferings become fruitful when the child grows up to a well mannered and well - settled individual in society. Research shows that children, who have parents in their life as their mentor, achieve success in life. Though your parents never expect anything in return, you as a successful individual should show love and respect to your parents as you are the most blessed person on earth to have one.

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