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The Smartest Man 20 June, 2020   

“Child Prodigy” Do you know someone who’s smarter than Issac Newton and Elbert Einstein? 

Yes, that’s true. A child born on 1st April 1898 in Manhattan, New York United States. Named William James Sidis an American child prodigy, his parents didn’t know that he would become The World’s Smartest Man, in just 18months he could read the New York times. At the age of 8 he taught himself 8 different languages such as French, Latin, German, Greek, Armenian, Hebrew, Turkish and Russian. He also invented his own language called “Vendergood” in his second book. Which he wrote at the age of 8. His father Boris Sidis knew his son has been gifted so they kept him off sight with outside world. 


William James Sidis at the age of 16 in Harvard University. 

Family and Education (1989-1919); 

William’s father Boris Sidis was PHD, M, D. He was a famed psychologist Boris published numerous articles and books under his name. His mother Sarah was M, D and attended Boston University, graduated from school of medicine. William was named after his godfather (Boris' friend and colleague). William sat a record for enrolling him as a youngest child in Harvard university at the age of 11. In between the times of his own study he also lectured as Mathematician on four-dimensional bodies which him the attention of worldwide. After his graduation degree in Bachelors of Art he started teaching as a mathematical professor but this phase of his life brought difficulties for him people started mocking him, he said "I never knew why they gave me the job in the first place—I'm not much of a teacher. I didn't leave: I was asked to go." 

Arrest and Further life (1919-1944); 

He once stated “I want to live the perfect life. The only way to live the perfect life is to live it in seclusion. I have always hated crowds.” later he developed a strong affection for Martha Foley one year older then him. After the withdrawal he ended up in jail for participating in a socialist May Day parade in Boston that turned violent. He was sentenced to 18 months in prison under the Sedition Act of 1918 by Roxbury Municipal Court Judge Albert F Hayden. But his family bailed him out, with the high debate with his family he left and started living a life as a mystery quit his job as a mathematician and startes took work running and adding machines. 1923 Bad relation between William and his family cause him to miss his father (at the age of 53) funeralIn 1935 he wrote the tribes of the states, In 1940 the judge of his case asked sympathy and claimed that William was not guilty but he suffered because of the wrong judgment. In 1944 William died from a cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 46. His father died from the same illness.  

After death’ ’Helena Sidis’’; 

Helena Sidis ‘’William Sidis’’ sister summarized that her brother’s IQ was 250-300, also claimed that Civil Service exam William took in 1933 was an IQ test and he ranked as ‘’254’’ (We now Isaac Newton’s IQ WAS 190 AND Elbert Einstein's was 160,We only could imagine if this world to learned to handle such a precious thing). She said my father knew 27 languages God know How many William knew. He also published book under false name we couldn’t found that still. 

Thanks for reading, 

By Esha Taji. 

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