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The Purpose Of The Constitution: Why It's Important 06 December, 2018   

The constitution is something that we all know about and it is an important part of our life as we all are citizens of one country or another. The constitution is formed to make people get what they deserve and save them from any miss-treatment. It binds up the whole nation into one big family and helps to make the nation a better place where the masses and the governmental bodies exercise with freedom and harmony. The purpose of the constitution is simple and complex at the same time, this means that the constitution is not just an article of thought it is the embodiment of the will of fire that holds up a nation on its grounds. Any improvements made in the constitution will help the nation develop

There are numerous types of interesting constitutions, some being as big as a novel while some being as short as a birthday wish letter. Anyways, the Constitution no matter verbal or written has a great significance in the betterment of the society whether one accepts it or not. So, today we are here to understand why the constitution is created and what the purpose of the constitution is. But before going on that lane lets first under what the constitution is and what existence does it holds in the life of a common man.

What is the constitution and why is it important?

Constitution of a country is the accumulation of documents and articles that make up a big document which we call the Constitution. It holds the ultimate existence of the nation and its people. The main aim of the constitution is to make sure that the people and the government get the rights they were promised for.

Constitution works in a layer by layer system which apparently means that there are several layers and a core to the judiciary and governmental sectors. These are all possible because there exists a constitution that backs everything up and helps the bodies of the Law to maintain the equilibrium of power between every aspect of the country.

To put down it simply, the constitution follows one simple approach you can even call it its motto which is "by the people, for the people, and from the people". Well, as you can decipher it pretty easily, it states that the constitution is made by the people of the country itself and yes the citizens make it, moving on to β€˜for the people' part, so, there is no one denying the fact that constitution is for us, the people of the country. And at last 'from the people" part which means that the rules and regulations that are laid down into the constitution are nothing but the solution to the issue that came from the communities.

So, as now we know what a constitution is and why it is made for in the first place, let's move on to the purpose of the constitution.

Purpose of the Constitution

To narrow down the purpose of the constitution in one line I will probably say that the constitution serves as the backbone of the country and this is the key to national peace and harmony. There is much to the purpose of the constitution that this simple sentence so let's discuss it in a detailed manner.

  1. Nature of a country: The first and foremost purpose of the constitution that you can point out is that it describes the nature of the country. By the term nature of the country what we meant to say is that there are several types of governmental nature on which a county is building upon. There are several that you might know about such as democratic and the others. So, the constitution is that document of the country that states what nature of the country is.

  2. Goals of the nations: Nations have goals and these goals are the point that makes a nation what it aspires. Constitution of the country is a source that captures the goals of the country whether it be growing in the sector of Industries or making the land where every person and group gets some sort of privilege. These goals have pioneer importance in the build-up of a nation and thus are very important.

  3. Control over government: One of the main reasons why the constitution was made in the first place was to point out the borderline of how much power the government has in its grasps. You surely would have known several events of various countries where the people of the nation were not treated as they should be by the government because of several factors. The constitution makes sure that the government does not get more or less power up their sleeve then they deserve and require in order making the nation work in the right direction.

  4. Guarantee rights to Groups and Individuals: Rights and Regulations are two provisions that are given to the people of the nation. Yes, these rights are the only reason why there exists peace and harmony in the state of a nation. These rights cover several aspects of saving people for the curse of racism and nationalism to stopping the bullying that is done to people of other castes and creeds. The constitution gives the right to speak so that every being in a country has a voice and he or she can speak up on any topic which they think they deserve justice.

  5. Build a common purpose: Making the nation with millions and millions of people working on a certain goal or objective is not as simple as it sounds. The constitution makes things easier for all of us by making a common purpose for all mankind. This purpose is what helps us to bind together as one and saves the country from any hassle on civil war breakouts.

  6. Wider settings: The constitution also serves various purposes other than as specific as the other five from the start. It is very rooted documentation that covers too many topics and aspects of a nation like the legal system and the political culture of the country. As for the legal system, the constitution states to what extent their power is and empowers them with every instrument they require to keep the state of stability in a country. The other aspect which is the political culture, The constitution helps to make the efforts of the public and political parties reach out to each other so that they can develop a better understanding among themselves and will result in a far greater communication of wit.

So, these were the purpose of the constitution regardless of what country you are in or which nature of ruling your country has. The constitution, people and the government always stay together for a safe nation.

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