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The mushrooming online courses and career development avenues for students. 21 June, 2020   

In the hustle of our lives, this lockdown has proven to be a chance for self-development. To make out the most of this time, students have started to explore online courses to learn new skills and know their self-worth. Catching sight of the situation, many businesses and startups have come up with different platforms to provide skill addition and educational courses online at affordable prices.

Some of the popular courses persuaded are as follows:

1.     Language course

Every field, be it personal or professional, it requires a good hold on communication skills. So, one needs to be an expert in the global language to communicate world-wide. Some of the popular courses to develop your skills in English are as follows:

a)    Speak English Professionally by Georgia Tech- Coursera

b)    English speaking classes and courses online- Udemy

c)     Speak Better English- Lingoda

d)    University English Speaking Certifications- edX


2.     Digital marketing course

In the era of growing e-commerce, the need of digital marketing has also grown. Analyzing the market and coming up with feasible and the best options for advertising online is the need of the hour. Some of the most liked courses are in digital marketing are as follows:

a)    Google Digital Marketing Courses- Google (Free with certification)

b)    Reliablesoft Certification- Reliablesoft

c)     SEMRUSH Academy- SEMRUSH

d)    ClickMinded Digital Marketing Course- ClickMinded


3.     Content writing course

With the growing demand for digital marketing, freelancers has been in demand to write blogs, e-mails, articles, web-journals, advertisements and so on. Some of the finest courses in this field are as follows:

a)      Become a better blogger: content planning- Skillshare

b)      Content marketing certification course- HubSpot

c)      Writing for the web- Open2study

d)      SEO training- Udemy


4.     Finance Management course

We have been stuck in the time of slowdown and it is very important to understand and analyze how to use your funds and where you can cut your cost. So, it is important to come up with strategies to optimize funds and doing that by learning from a professional course helps to open new horizons and some of the courses of financial management are as follows:

a)    The complete finance manager course- Udemy

b)    Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management- Udemy

c)     Finance management courses- edX

d)    Financial management- Coursera


5.     Advanced Microsoft Excel skill

Excel seems to be a bit scary, but it is way too useful than we can imagine. It allows you to put formulas and form sheets in no time. It saves time and energy. Therefore, learning this essential of any job is crucial. Some of the popular courses are as follows:

a)    Microsoft Excel courses- Coursera

b)    Learn Excel with Online Excel classes- edX

c)     Top Excel Online Courses- Udemy

d)    Free online excel training- trumpexcel


6.     Graphic Designing course

With the growth of e-platforms, graphic designing has jumped to the demand. A business should be able to speak to its customers through its posters, videos, teasers, etc. Hence, some of the popular graphic designing courses are as follows:

a)    Online Graphic Design Courses- Udemy

b)    Graphic Design- Coursera

c)     Graphic design basics- Skillshare

d)    Graphic Design 101- Skillshare


7.     Programming course

Robotize, oversee, figure, upgrade, boost and so many other functions involve around the programming. Thus, adding programming to your resume can prove to be an asset for you. Some of the sites from where you can learn programming are:

a)    OpenCourseWare- MIT

b)    Python programming- Coursera

c)     Learn computer programming with online computer- edX

d)    Online web development courses and programming courses- Udemy


8.     Calligraphy

A development in interests provides one with immense pleasure. Anybody can design letters beautifully with this skill. Thus, to provide ourselves with happiness at the time of quarantine is also important. Some of the sites from where you can learn calligraphy are as follows:

a)    Calligraphy online course- Udemy

b)    Calligraphy classes online- Skillshare

c)     Online calligraphy classes-

d)    Calligraphy course- Centre of excellence


9.     Dance

What is better than dancing off your stress at home with your family? I guess it sounds best. So why not take online classes and turn this family time into fun family time. Some of the sites which provide online dance classes are:

a)    Top dance classes online- Udemy

b)    Online dance skills- Skillshare

c)     Online dance classes- learn to dance

d)    Online dance classes- Sai school of arts


10. Cooking

When we got nothing to do, we eat. So, what’s better than learning something new everyday to eat. When everybody is engaged with their schedule of *eat, work and sleep* just add one hobby in it i.e. cook. The top sites offering online courses for cooking are as follows:

a)    Cooking online course- Udemy

b)    Cooking courses- Coursera

c)     Online cooking classes- Skillshare

d)    Online cooking classes- Delish

So, what are you waiting for? Go on and dive into the ocean of online courses and meet with a new edition of yours after every skill addition. Be amazed in knowing different facts. Work beyond your limit and exaggerate your skills. 

Hope, it helped :)

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