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The Importance of Mental Health: How to Take Care 25 November, 2020   

Mental health is often taken very lightly. Staying fit physically as well as mentally, is imperative. Mental health conspires of psychological, emotional, and social well-being. Few people in the entire population know the importance of mental health. However, campaigns are organized to create awareness among people. A person with some mental illness can be detected very quickly. Our mental health controls our thoughts, behavior, and feelings. It plays a significant role in managing stress and making choices. All of us must have substantial mental health in all phases of life.


Mental problems have become common these days. Out of ten people, seven are prone to mental illness. It is a lesser-known fact that mental illness can be cured completely. Most of the patients recover completely. You should never feel ashamed or mortified by your mental health. You need to pay attention to some of the common signs. Detecting your illness at an early stage can help you get rid of it very easily, and the treatment won't take much time. You must get it treated as soon as you detect it; you must not give it a chance of becoming a serious issue.

Factors Affecting Mental Health

Certain factors affect the mental state of a person. If a person is mentally unstable, he or she is bound to show that in their behavior. So, whenever you see a certain change in your friend or family's practice, you must talk to them ASAP.


This is one of the significant factors that affect the mental health of any person. A child who is physically abused very often is at high risk of acquiring a mental disease. Any sort of abuse, physical, emotional, sexual, or verbal abuse, can leave huge impacts. Most of the time, these abuses are not easily visible. You can never come to know about it until and unless the victim doesn't confess. Abuse can lead to loss of self-confidence, agitated behavior, and depression. So, if you see any such sign, make sure you talk to the person immediately.


Breakups are usually the most common reasons behind a disturbed mind. Family breaks up or break up with a loved one often affects the mental conditions of people. However, there are various ways one can cope up with breakups. People often need love and support during such times.

The demise of a loved one

All of us are aware of the pain of losing a family member or somebody we consider family. Living seems worthless. Most people find it difficult to handle the shock and end up with depression or other mental illness. If the situation becomes, the worst one must take professional help. A psychiatrist can undoubtedly prove to be a great help for people going through such grief situations.


Well, your self-esteem is very much responsible for your mental health. We all must have high self-esteem. Also, it would be best if you did not confuse self-esteem and ego. Both of these terms are entirely different from each other. A person with very high self-esteem generally does not face any problem in accepting the realities. They often have very positive perceptions about most things. So, one must always promote high self-esteem.

Early signs of mental illness

No serious illness comes without warning signs. Your body will definitely react to even the slightest change. Your mood is often visible on your face. One can easily detect when you are happy and when you are hurt. So, it is essential to notice all the tiny changes in the body. Apart from that, you must also realize the importance of mental health. Your life is dependent on your mental health. Staying fit mentally is as important as any other fitness. You will never be called fit if you have unstable mental health. Here are some of the early signs of mental illness. These signs will help you in analyzing your or your loved one's mental health.

Sleep and Appetite

A dramatic change occurs in the sleep and appetite of the person. A mentally ill person often has a minimal amount of sleep. This is one of the major signs almost every mentally disturbed person shows. The decline is not just seen in sleep but also in appetite. When we have something pinching our minds, we don't feel like eating much. So, if you encounter a drop in sleep or appetite or both, you must consider sharing all concerns with someone you trust. You can even visit a counselor and speak to her about all your problems.

Rapid Mood Swings

Well, this is yet another sign of mental illness. A mentally ill person doesn't have a stable mood. They are happy now but can indeed become aggressive the very next moment. Mood swings are prevalent. But, if it happens frequently and when you feel that it has become trouble for you. You must go to or take your friend to a professional. Making assumptions and trying to treat your illness all by yourself is the biggest mistake.

Illogical and Depressing Thoughts

Most of the mentally ill people often have disturbing thoughts. Most of these thoughts are not at all logical. One may start over exaggerating all the problems. They may even have suicidal thoughts sometimes. Apart from that, a mentally ill person can often have incorrect beliefs. All of these patients generally need support and love.

Lack of Confidence and Nervousness

Nervousness is common, but not all nervousness can be associated with mental illness. People with serious mental illness will have a feeling of nervousness round the clock. The lack of confidence is the major reason behind nervousness. A person with mental instability has a hard time loving themselves. This leads to a decline in confidence. They often feel that they are not good enough for anything.

Importance of mental health

It is vital to have great mental health. Our mind is one of the major body parts. It is as important as the heart, stomach, kidney, or any other part. An ill mental condition can also lead to suicides and death. So, mental illness can affect a person as well as everybody around him. Children, too, can develop mental illness. The scales have gone up to 20% in the case of teenagers. Most teenagers are prone to depressions these days. Possible reasons could be peer pressure. Your mental health can affect your everyday performance. You must be mentally perfect for carrying out various functions of daily life.

How to treat mental illness?

After knowing the importance of mental health, you should also know that these problems are easily curable. There are enough resources to get help and treatment. There is a certain helpline that works round the clock to help people and prevent any harmful actions.


Help can be provided by anyone and at any point in time. Some of the patients need a lot of encouragement. While some need a person to talk and share, as mental illness often happens because of loneliness. If you feel that your conditions are becoming worst, you must take professional help immediately.

Our brain plays an essential role in making our lives peaceful. You will easily build a relationship and have a healthy social life like every other person.

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