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The Best Astrological Tips To Help You Sleep Soundly 03 February, 2021   

The most important thing that we do in our day is to come home and rejuvenate ourselves through sleeping. It is that one activity in our day that gives us immense pleasure after a hectic day. But according to the top jyotish in India, not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy a sound and uninterrupted sleep. There are a number of people who continue to struggle with sleep no matter what they try.

It can be because of stress, discomfort, or because of anything that is causing a disruption in the energies that surround the person. If you are one of these people, don’t worry. Astrology can help you find that comfort and calm you need to sleep. Just follow these simple steps and you can be on your way to a sound sleep every night and wake up fresh every morning.

Astrological Remedies for Good Sleep

  • Money
    Money is a symbol of both, the goddess Lakshmi and the lord of wealth, Kubera. It should always be kept in the locker or in a place where you usually keep your money. Keeping it under the head is an insult to them both, which is why you must check your bed before you get in to check there is no money there, even if it is inside your wallet.

  • Sharp Articles
    Sharp articles in your bed are harmful as they can injure you, but to keep them around you can also bring a lot of negativity in your life as well.

  • Chain or ropes
    Keeping chains or ropes near your bed or around your headrest is similar to inviting difficulties in your life. It will delay your success and also make it difficult for you to dream about anything, which is why they should never be kept anywhere close to your bed.

  • Gadgets
    Mobile phone, laptops, and tablets have become a grand part of our lives, but it should always be made sure that you keep them away from your bed while you are trying to sleep. They move constantly and are known to collect a lot of negative energy during the night, something that you should always keep away from you while sleeping.

  • Newspaper
    Yes, newspapers and magazines are all about the information you gather from them, but because of the way they are made and how they carry a lot of negative news as well, it is not good for you. Keeping a newspaper near your head or on your headrest may be a bad idea as it may cause a lot of disturbance in your sleep. 

  • Mortar and Pestle
    Mortar and pestle are not supposed to be in your room or anywhere near your bed, despite being an essential part of your daily life. According to an expert astrologer in gurugram, a mortar and pestle kept near your bed will bring a lot of tension between you and your family, which can be a trigger for stress and hinder your sleep routine.

  • Water
    We all have the habit of keeping water near our bed just in case we feel like a drink in the middle of the night. Experts suggest that water actually plays a larger role in our life than just hydration. It helps you sleep and keeps all disturbances at bay.

So there you have it, the perfect secret to a good sleeping schedule. Follow these steps and find your comfort every night in bed so you can have a sound sleep and not feel tired every day when you go about your daily activities.

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