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Testing kit of COVID-19 through AI in only 53 seconds- Designed by an INDIAN startup ARFICUS 23 April, 2020   

Diagnosis of COVID-19 through ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE in only 53 seconds- Breakthrough kit Designed by an INDIAN startup ARFICUS

ARFICUS is a 6 Months old startup with vision to revolutionise the current technological era across the globe.

Two of the visionary founders of ARFICUS Sandeep Sinha and Anurag Jain had quit their well pay off jobs with a vision and mission to serve society and mankind .

Arficus has been imparting knowledge on Artificial Intelligence, Data Science over time and in annex to it the founders have reoriented ARFICUS in Product development.

With a mobilisation of new energetic along with experienced workforce ARFICUS is setting Milestones with each passing days. Arficus has been named as “Valued startup of the year” and definitely become a Unicorn in upcoming future.

What is the X-Factor

The X-Factor Arficus has is their diligent and dedicated workforce. With the mission of serving humanity and developing innovative solutions each and every single person of TEAM ARFICUS strives hard to achieve it. We are an organisation where anyone can reach to their executives anytime and we work in the most friendly hierarchical level where we work tirelessly and also enjoys our life to the fullest thus achieving the best work life balance and also enjoying the colossal professional productivity. - says Mr. SANDEEP SINHA



Corona Virus outbreak a global pandemic on March 11th, as the outbreak has now spread to 183+ countries. Total infections outside of China are accelerating, with the global infection toll surpassing 160518 as of April 19. Spread of coronavirus at the community level needs to be stopped.

The first and foremost thing required to fight from this disease is to Diagnose the disease at an early stage , as early we can diagnose the disease ,we can start the quarantine isolation and medication of the affected patient.

Currently it takes on an average 2–4 hours to analyze the samples of the patient and get the results. Also many quarantine centers aren’t fully equipped with the testing kits as still the kits are under production and definitely will soon be available at a larger scale.

Techies, IT solutions experts across the globe are putting their tireless efforts to curb this global pandemic.

Many companies have joined hands to control the enormous increase in the death toll.

With companies are putting their humongous efforts in making vaccines, sanitisers , face masks it becomes quite inevitable to test people at a larger scale.

A rigorous testing would help to know the real affect of the disease and to treat the patients at a faster pace.

To support this an Indian startup “ARFICUS” has come up with an innovative and breakthrough solution to test people for COVID-19 in only 53 seconds.

They have made this breakthrough concept which is purely based on ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE .


The system designed by team ARFICUS is named as “COVTREAT”. The system thus developed has been trained on 1678 COVID-19 positive patients data. Not only this the big achievement of Team ARFICUS is that their “COVTREAT” solution has 99.56% of accuracy.

COVTREAT solution has been designed on NEURAL NETWORK algorithms and the system can be used as a software patch in the existing X-RAY/ CT- SCAN machines or can be used as a standalone system too.

Due to large numbers of lesions in lungs and rapid changes, multiple rechecks and image reviews are required in a short period of time, significantly increasing the workloads of imaging doctors. What’s worse, imaging doctors who can accurately diagnose and quantitatively analyze COVID-19 are insufficient in number, so the diagnosis efficiency cannot be greatly improved.

Flow chart of “COVTREAT”

   How COVTREAT works?

Data flow from each co-units.

Team Arficus has used various international datasets and thus the system developed is taken as an industry standard products.

The datasets used by team Arficus are:-

How the test results look like

COVTREAT result of CT-SCAN of positive COVID-19 patient

COVTREAT result of X-RAY of positive COVID-19 Patient

Words of Founders

”Arficus has a vision to serve the society and instil the roots of Artificial Intelligence deep in the society. We are envisioned with a mission to serve the society completely through our innovative solutions“


“Arficus is named from Abacus ( First computer of the world ) to Artificial Intelligence and thus we strive and work hard everyday to justify this immense ideated startup. Anyone who requires knowledge and could contribute their bit in innovation are heartily welcomed at ARFICUS.“


The Two Visionary Founders of ARFICUS.


It felt really amazing to pen down about such a great company and such great people. The kind of work environment and energy I felt at Arficus was astonishing. Both the founders are such a great person to speak with. They explained every tits and bits of how their system works, their organisation, its employees , their vision, their co-curricular activities to succumb down the pressure of work. The solution developed by Arficus will not only help to save lives of people but will prove a milestone of medical research. They are in contact with global leaders like USA, UK, France, Italy , Germany and many more. They are setting milestones how should a startup works and how should be the extravagant work environment a company should have.


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