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Tech Options That Can Lower the Risk of a Car Accident 19 January, 2021   

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Today's modern vehicle innovations make it safer than ever to get behind the wheel. These safety features help you to become a better driver with more control over your vehicle, making them an invaluable investment for your personal security. Many premium automobile trims come with these features included. Other models require you to add them as an optional feature. Here are five innovative technological options that can lower the risk that you get into a car accident.

Rearview Backup Camera

All new vehicles made in the US now require the standard use of a rearview backup camera. What was once considered to be an optional luxury vehicle upgrade is now commonplace.

Drivers can easily see what is behind them with the use of sensors and a camera that will project the image to a screen. Some of these cameras feature dynamic gridlines, helping to guide you in and out of tight parking spaces. The most advanced camera systems will alert drivers if they are too close to an object behind them as they begin to reverse.

Automatic Emergency Braking

The Automatic Emergency Braking technology can help to prevent collisions by alerting drivers of an imminent crash. If your vehicle travels too close to the car or an object in front of you, the sensors will work to alert you that a collision is imminent. If you do not respond by braking appropriately to avoid the crash, the system will intuitively stop the vehicle for you by applying the brakes.

Like the rearview camera, this system is becoming more common on even standard vehicles. Some of these systems also come equipped with auto-steering capabilities to prevent the risk of collision even further.

Safe Driving Apps

In today's increasingly connected world, people do not even want to unplug while driving. This is when the use of various safe driving apps may come in handy. These apps make it safer for you to access the capabilities of your smartphone while you are behind the wheel.

For example, you can use these apps to connect to your Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to take calls without the use of your hands. You can also use these apps to voice text, stream music, and control other vehicular systems without taking your hands off of the wheel or your eyes off of the road. These apps are easy and affordable to install after-market, making them a good choice if you want to improve the safety of your vehicle without breaking the bank.

Rear Cross-Traffic Alert

While they are generally not serious in nature, one of the most common types of car accidents happens when you are simply backing out of a parking space in a busy parking lot. The rear cross-traffic alert system helps you to avoid these types of collisions.

Like a rearview backup camera, this system uses sensors to detect what is behind your vehicle. However, the rear cross-traffic alert feature can detect moving objects coming into your path. For example, if you are getting ready to reverse out of a parking spot, this system will alert you to a vehicle approaching your path. The alert is usually a combination of a visual signal in your side mirrors and an audible sound.

Despite the best-laid plans and outfitting your vehicle with the latest in technological innovation, you cannot eliminate the risk of an accident completely. Having the name and contact information of a professional car accident lawyer on hand will be highly beneficial should you find yourself in this unfortunate predicament.

LED Headlights

One of the latest and greatest innovations in lighting comes with the invention of LED technology. LED headlights are brighter than their standard halogen lighting counterparts, helping you to see the road in front of you in even the darkest conditions. These types of lights also last longer than halogen bulbs. The illuminating light produced through LED technology is also less blinding to the oncoming drivers in your path. As a bonus, LED headlights use less energy, helping to boost the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.


You will take to the roads in confidence if you equip your vehicle with these five technological innovations. Do your research to find what technology options will benefit you the most out on the road. Doing this can make a huge difference in your driving experience.

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