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Talking about the use of melt-blown cloth and exploring the story of melt-blown cloth mask 20 June, 2020   

Because of this year's global epidemic, masks have become the most well-known medical supplies. Meltblown cloth, as an important part of masks, plays a very important role in masks. Next, let's talk about the specific uses of meltblown cloth. Explore its role as a mask component.

Melt blown cloth is a kind of filter material, its fiber diameter can reach 1 to 5 microns, ultra-fine fiber makes melt blown cloth a kind of insulating material with excellent filtration, shielding, insulation and rarity, not only used in masks, liquid filtration isolation materials and absorption materials are also widely used. 

Melt blown cloth can even be used in clothing or agriculture. Because of its good filtering and strong quality, it even appears in space cotton, soundproof materials, smoke filters and tea bags.

Melt blown cloth, as the core material of the mask, should be strictly required in terms of quality. air permeability and filterability are the prerequisites to ensure that the melt blown cloth can become a mask material, and of course, the time of the electrostatic material and the residue of harmful substances are also very important. only after layers of quality testing, can we rest assured that it can be used in the mask as a filtering material. 

It needs to be able to filter out the particles that may be transmitted in the air, and it also needs enough safety. Of course, this is the superior property that it has only on the premise of qualified quality. The process of making and testing meltblown cloth is a great test of a company's production quality and sense of responsibility. 

Melt blown cloth plays a very important role in large and small disasters. No matter it is flood, earthquake, or the attack of various viruses, melt blown cloth participates in all kinds of medical protection means according to its good filterability. It is used to isolate the possible virus pollution and spread. At present, it works well.

From an objective point of view, people gradually realize that meltblown cloth is widely used in face masks, cheap and easy to get, but the effect is remarkable, if you want to have such a good effect of isolating the virus, there must be strict quality inspection and supervision. 

Tianyitang meltblown cloth is famous in the industry, that is, during product acceptance, the quality requirements for meltblown cloth are extremely strict, and the factory will conduct its own testing to strictly control the qualified rate and quality of products. Tianyitang Company's full name is Tianyitang Health Industry Group (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., also known as Shenzhen Tianyitang Melt blown cloth Co., Ltd., if you need to buy meltblown cloth, 

It is best to choose a company like Tianyitang, which requires strict quality inspection and production quality for its own product certification.

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