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Stand Up For Your "SELF" 31 March, 2020   


I know it’s a cliché topic to write an article about women, but this particular article I would like to dedicate to all the married women who are facing the different kinds of "Abuses" from their Husband and In-laws. Over a period of time I have come across many marriages. Some successful and happily ever after types .But, I have also seen few unfortunate marriages too. There might be many different reasons why a marriage is unsuccessful and it’s easy for people to speculate and assume the reasons for unsuccessful marriages. Let’s not get into unsuccessful marriages further. But what is the essence of happy marriages which runs for 20-25+ years??? Ever wonder how are these marriages withstanding so long? Let’s discuss few negative aspects of a happy or long running marriages.


Yes! You might wonder that sacrifice is necessary in every relationship to work but sacrifice should be from both partners and to an extent. One should not sacrifice herself just to make her marriage work in the long run. Not taking time off for self, Not buying the necessary things for self, Not prioritizing self-health , Not giving importance to your likes and dislikes, Not being opinionated, Not being Vocal, Not standing up for self-respect, Not focusing on your career... So many "NO's" just by one single soul and for what? To make her marriage look a happy marriage for the sake of the society.

Ladies, I agree to the fact that marriage has to work out but understand this is not your responsibility alone to make your marriage run. It’s the couple together who makes the marriage a happy marriage.

If he makes fun of you DON'T take that shit .Give it back

If he doesn't support your career STAND UP for yourself fulfill your dreams you don't need others permission to do it.

If he misbehaves, SHOW him how to behave with a women and a WIFE

If he ignores you and don't spend time with you make sure you spend time with YOURSELF

If he has an affair just LET GO off him show him that you no longer require the person who doesn't know the worth of you

If he indulges in physical abuse STOP then and there you are not bound to get hit by anyone.

I know you might think that if I do all these things the person might leave me and I have kids and no financial help to up bring my kids and to look after them. It’s a very common thought which every women will have and you might also think that what society will say if I let go off him. Please understand this society is made by us. It’s we who make and break the society and culture. Do not think about how and what the society thinks just think about your self-respect?

Women, no matter if you have financial help or not just stand up on your own feet. Women are capable of doing lot of things .Remember Women are the strongest.

You can start your own stalls, work at companies, educate yourself, teach students from home. Do whatever it takes but, NEVER GO BACK TO THE PERSON WHO DOES NOT RESPECT YOU.

Remember Self Respect is the most important part of our life never let it go for anybody no matter how much you love your significant others but "SELF LOVE SHOULD BE THE PRIORITY"

Stand up for self because no one will ever stand for you. You have to bring the change in your relationship. BE STRONG.


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