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Share & learn 18 September, 2020   

Hello people,
Today’s topic is related to English improvement but a bit different. When I taught English at the Institute,
I had a number of students with a number of experiences. I want to share one of them. There was this student who wanted to join the army. He was continuously failing in a particular subject and that was the English paper. He had invested much money in this. He belonged to a very poor family. So he attended the course and after that just disappeared for some time. I thought he’d dropped out of class.
Later one day he turned up all of a sudden. He had a wide grin. Before I could say a word he told me that he got through the paper and I was glad for him. He came to share the news with me. I was happy for him. Anyway, I’m sure today he’s doing really well. This story will help rejuvenate your confidence. I’m sure.
Take care.

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