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Scorpions, or butterflies? 06 August, 2020   


I am sure you have experienced fluttering in your chest somedays, or simply butterflies in your chest! You do know the feeling, don’t you?

You experience it when you are nervous, happy, excited or when you are in love! 

But do these butterflies ever harm you?

The question is, have you ever felt scorpions in your chest instead? Scorpions symbolize pain and poison -in my opinion-.

But what exactly is this “scorpion feeling”? 

Well, it is not a very pleasant one, unlike the butterflies feeling. 

The rage you feel, the buried emotions in your chest causes something in your heart every time they hit you. Like a rock on your chest, or like a crumbled piece of paper. You must have experienced it in your life, that simply is, the “scorpion feeling”.

Why scorpions though?

Those little creatures, poisonous creatures can kill a man. What if the scorpions in your chest harm you one day? Kill you slowly? Can you figure out a cure before it's too late? Or, do you even know that a scorpion actually lives inside you? 

So many questions!

Does it see it on fear, anger or disappointment? Or all the negative emotions? 

What do you think?

Here's something else, are those the butterflies which have turned to scorpions? Can they simply betray the feeling of joy, and change them to fear?

Scorpions use their pincers to catch their prey. The prey here can be your thoughts, or your memories. These pincers can grab, or sting your heart using your past as a bait. It is a common trap we all fall for sometimes, right? 

The butterflies feed on your happy thoughts, on a positive energy. The more you think of a happy thought, or a memory, the more you will feel them more in your belly!

It works the same way with scorpions, instead, they feed on sorrow, regret, guilt or a hurtful memory! Any feeling that causes you to suffocate by this scorpion’s poison

How do we deal with it?

Majority of us tend to allow the scorpion to beat the butterfly, why?

You might think that scorpions are stronger than butterflies, physically. But remember that butterflies can fly far away!

Remind yourself that you are not a bait to the scorpion. Learn not to be a victim of your past. Learn from it, master feeling the emotion -when needed- and let go. 

Do not give the scorpions a habitat of deserts and cactuses in your chest. Grow gardens instead, it brings colourful joys and more butterflies!



-       Razan Al Lawati



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