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December 2, 2020     I    M. Kashif Jibran


Days and nights pass, but there is a long list of tasks that never end. Talk to customers and answer their calls, contacting suppliers, running a printing press, creating marketing strategies, advertising campaigns and then monitoring and making every effort to sell your product. And finally cleaning your shop windows and washing the floor.

At the end of it all taking out time for graphic design. In this case, your partner complains that you are always busy. “This is the price of success” you reply. And behind all that, the mentality that motivates you to do everything by yourself.

I can understand that you are fully motivated and you do all this just because you are trying your best to grow your business using your existing resources. But it is a fact that you cannot do everything yourself. And if you try to do that, you waste a lot of your energy sacrificing different experiences. Which, of course, doesn't produce the results you expect.

To avoid this, I recommend a simple, yet often overlooked solution: start outsourcing.


Hiring a full-time graphic designer is definitely expensive and not possible for you. Because the cost of a full-time employee is very high.

Salary, Benefits, Perks, Paid vacation, Sick leave, Maternity/Paternity leave, Health insurance, and more…

But if you start outsourcing your design work to a design agency, you will definitely get rid of all these expenses.

Objection: I’m a graphic designer

As a graphic designer, if someone suggests that you outsource your graphic work to another graphic designer, it feels like an insult to you. But in fact, it is a huge advantage. As a professional graphic designer, you can give any other designer the right instructions as well as a great opinion and suggestions.

Graphic design is a time-consuming part of your business.  By opening yourself to outsourcing, you’re opening yourself to saving time and money.


Instead of worrying about the cost of another graphic designer or design agency, budget for it.

Think for a moment: What budget can I set aside for outsourced graphic designs?

 Everything has a price and when we invest in something, we expect to get something in return. Similarly, when you take a graphic design job from an agency, in return you will have the opportunity to focus more on the growth of your business.

Avoid the trap of "I can do anything" and look at the process of hiring graphic design services as an investment and never consider it as an additional expense or cost.

Even if you have just started a business of screen printing, embroidery or promotional products, I would recommend it.

Set aside at least $200 to $500 a month for your graphic design, this could be a reasonable amount.


Now if you have allocated a certain amount of money to hire design agency, then this is the time when you should also decide what tasks to outsource.

Here is a list of tasks you can possibly outsource:

·         To prepare original / custom graphics for clients.

·         Redraw or Vectorize images/sketches brought by customers

·         Adjusting files, resizing, color matching, background removal

·         Create print ready files for existing or new artworks.

·         Redesign/new layouts for existing graphics


Most business owners are most concerned about the process of communication with outsourced design agency.

Usually when you hire a design agency, even though it is an online solution, but miles away from you and sometimes it is from another country. Due to which the working hours vary up to five hours. However, this is not a problem at all.

The real problem, is the lack of an effective communication. An effective and standard procedure that simplifies the communication process.

Below are three of the most effective and easy ways of communication:

Step 1: Create internal forms for briefing your clients

The most important purpose of a brief form is to get the gist of the idea your client has. So make it a obligatory for all of your clients.

Create separate forms for each task and its type of work.

Tip: Try using online tools like google forms or type form. Do your research!

Step 2: Use a project management tool to organize all communications as well e-mail.

To streamline the communication process. Use project management tools along with e-mail. There are some people who recommend that, don’t use e-mail as a communication tool because it is not a proper way of communication. But in my opinion, a business person who are hesitant to use project management tools, e-mail is a very simple tool. So, I don't deny its importance.

Step 3: Share inspiration and specific instructions with your graphic designer

If you've used Google Forms, share the information. If it is done on a printed form, scan or take a picture from your cell phone and share.

To share a picture taking by cell phone, may seem a bit inappropriate, but using it for a smooth communication is not a bad thing at all.

This process will give your client the desired graphic design after a few revisions. Be sure to share some inspirations and examples in the light of your experience with design agencies.

This whole process will take you hardly eight to ten minutes. And if you outsource six different tasks throughout the day, you will still save three to four hours. Which you invest in providing graphic design services to each of your clients.



The next step is to choose a design agency or a good designer to outsource your graphic design tasks. There are several ways you can do this.


There are many marketplaces where individuals and companies list their services and portfolios.

There are many freelance markets for this. In addition, also there are many graphic design companies that contact you time to time as well.

Here’s a list to get you started:


Hiring a graphic designer from a marketplace analysis:


  • You can have different freelancers and add as many as you want to add on your virtual team.
  • You can pay per project or by the hour as per your convenience.
  • On Fiverr you can outsource simple tasks such as sizing the artwork for as little as $5.


  • You have to go through a selection process that’s time consuming.
  • Good freelancers are usually full of work.
  • Freelancers rarely work with just one client, potentially delaying some of your tasks because of a que of projects.


Full disclosure: I’m the founder of

Let me introduce you to

Hiring a team might sound more expensive than hiring just an individual graphic designer, but it’s not true.

With, you can submit as many different jobs as you might have for a monthly flat rate, with no extra-charges for revisions or super rush jobs.  Glowing Graphics has a team of graphic designer’s ready to deliver any task that your screen printing, promotional, gift, apparel shop could have. Usual turnaround times are between 8 to 24 hours for vectorizing images, embroidery digitizing, custom logo, business card and stationery, flyers, postcards, etc. designs

I recommend you should consider testing Glowing Graphics to check our quality of work and turnaround time. Luckily Glowing Graphics offers a free trial for vector art and digitizing, after that it’s only $10 per order for left chest logos and $8 for simple vectors


  • Easy to budget, same price every month
  • You don’t have to post jobs or give review graphic designers for every task or job (huge time saver)
  • No extra charges for revisions and super rush orders.
  • Free trial, no risk involved


  • Only available for 24/5


You should also keep in mind that whenever you receive an order and it requires additional graphic design work, you should be charge for it. Whether you have hired a graphic designer or a graphic agency.

Even if you already charge for graphic design services you should consider reading this section. We will study two of the most common pricing approaches screen printing and embroidery shop uses.


When you charge by the hour you run into many issues:

  • You can’t give accurate pricing to your clients, only gives an estimated price.
  • Your pricing might seem unfair because clients are not sure that they will get what they want.
  • It’s a nightmare, especially when you are outsourcing your graphic design works. You don’t know how many revisions will waiting for.

Great businesses become greatest by having the best interest of their clients at heart.  When this happens, clients become your front desk sales executive. Your clients share their trust and experience with other friends which brings more revenue.

If you already charge by per hour consider switching to charging per project. If you haven’t started to charge for graphic design work, pick the strategy below.



By charging per project your clients will understand and accept the cost of the whole project. Not only for printing or embroidery, but also for designing services. This approach allows for easier decision making. Clients will appreciate this and at the same time increase their trust on you.

Before setting up prices for your graphic design services consider create service packages for your client first. packages will be very helpful to understanding what your customers need and offering a nice solution of their need.

Here’s an example on how you could package a graphic design service:

Package name: Vectorizing and digitizing services

Service: Flat fee for vectorizing and digitizing.

Price: $80 per image/logo


Deciding a price is may vary for each business. To make your decision easier here are the factors that you should study:


Research how much are other screen printing, embroidery and gift shops charging for similar graphic design services.  Highlight the features what makes your service different or more valuable to your customers.

Price your services in a competitive manner.

Perceived value

Being an insider is working against you when pricing your services.

You might think that what you do is easy. But this is not how your customers perceive your business. Customers coming to your shop understand the value of having a professional do the work. That’s why they’re coming to you. You have invested the time to provide professional work and this is what people value.

Remember that customers in all industries are happy to pay for quality. Clients don’t care if it took you 1 hour or 5 hours. What they care about is the end result.

How much actual labor costs?

You need to know the labor cost. Knowing this will help you set the prices of your services in a profitable manner.

Never cheapen your services. Not even for marketing or promotions.


Outsourcing is a great way to save time and money for your screen printing, embroidery, gift shop.

Start by defining your budget and then what types of graphic design tasks you will outsource. Work in creating a process that will allow for effective communication.

You can find individual graphic designers in freelance marketplaces or you can use

When charging for graphic design you should choose to charge per project. The best way to do this is by packaging your services.

M. Kashif Jibran
Founder of GlowingGraphics.Net

Unlimited graphic design help with free trial. Graphic designer & Vector Artist by profession. Instructor by passion, and entrepreneur by choice. My goal is to inspire others to get financial freedom and live the life of their dreams.

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