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Sales promotion techniques - Quick Guide 16 April, 2019   

Sales promotion plays a significant role in attracting customers towards your business. There are tons of activities available to reach your sales promotion goal.  When it comes to price reductions, it is a straightforward way that will surely work well for your business.  

It includes money-off vouchers, special offers, 20% extra free or buy-one-get-one-free deals and offering buyers more for money. Nowadays, you have an endless number of sales promotion techniques for the business. 

Business owners use different kinds of sales promotions techniques. To get the complete benefits of promotion technique, you need to find an effective promotional gift. 

Also, you have to make sure that your promotional items are not only affordable but also grab the attention of your target customers. The loyalty and longer-term schemes are also used for boosting product sales and also to retain your customers.

Here are lots of sales promotion techniques for all kinds of business. Read on:

Best techniques for sales promotion 

Entrepreneurs use different kinds of sales promotion techniques for promotions. The main objective of using these techniques is to boost sales. Apart from that, it also helps them to get a huge customer base, often encourages purchases, and much more.  It is a must to decide your promotion goals before choosing any of these promotion tricks.

1. Trade Promotions

The following are some of the popular trade promotion techniques. 

Price Discounts

 Both wholesalers and retailers are offered discount facilities in turn of keeping and purchasing the brand of a manufacturer. If you are a retailer, you can focus on buying into small outlets. This process will surely offer you a better price.


The entire manufacturer provides prizes or financial inducements to the sales force of distributors in turn of achieving the sales goals for the products. It not only increases the sales but also helps the manufacturer to attract the salesperson. 


Most of the manufacturer may provide the allowance facilities as money in turn for the trailers offering some promotional benefits in their store. 

2. Consumer Promotion

This helps you to get the trust of your potential customers. It includes:

Bonus Packs

Offering extra quantity is a right way to provide added value to your customers. It does not include any additional amount.   If the cost of your product is less, it will surely value your brand image.  You can also opt for a bonus pack to get positive results.

Cash off 

This brings direct value to your consumers. Cash off has a better record of increasing short-term product sales. 

Free Samples

You can give free samples in your store. It helps you to ensure that the customers are getting a trail.  Even though it is expensive, but it will encourage customers to purchase the products in the future.


The idea behind the coupon is to allow customers to get a product while presenting the coupons. These promotional items are delivered to house, appear on product packs or appear in newspapers and magazines. It not only creates initial sales but will definitely encourage your customers to buy your products again and again.


These are the free resources offered by the merchandise. The main aim of offering premiums is to help customers to enjoy an incentive while buying your business products.


Generally, the competitions make the participants for exercising a few degrees of judgement and skills. When it comes to entry, it is based on one purchase. When compared with money-offers and premiums, the competitions provide an instant incentive to purchase the products. Apart from that, it also requires more efforts and time. Additionally, they can grab both interest and attention in your brand.

These were some of the best sales promotion techniques. A smart selection helps you to increase product sales and reach your targeted audience soon.  

You should avoid setting your promotions without an end date. Limited time offers will encourage your customers to react instantly. You can create the offers entirely around a particular theme of your business. This technique will surely make it simpler for customers to grasp as well as remember your sales promotion for a long time. 

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