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Rules for Success in Business and Life That Always Work According to Melvin Feller. 13 October, 2020   

Always grow and stay out of your comfort zone.

Never give up on anything.

Whenever you are starting to quit on anything, you need to realize that you are closer than you think you are.

When it comes to the things that worry you, accept the worst thing that could happen and make it a point to qualify in exact terms what that worst thing could possibly be.

When you really want something to happen in life and business, focus on that specific outcome.

You can get through anything if you do it one day at a time.

Never stop or be complacent, always be moving forward.

When making a decision always trust your gut.

Anything worth doing must be unhurried and watched.

Anything that is not managed at all will eventually have something go wrong.

Life is NOT fair.

Never be pushed around by anyone.  You can compromise but don’t be pushed.

Your problems must be solved by you in order to become and remain competitive.

Think before you speak.

Never be too serious with yourself and what others think of you.

Allow for mistakes in life, but always learn from them.

There is always a reason to be positive.

Never judge anyone, you do not know what has happened to them at that moment in time.

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