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Robotics and Automation: Opportunities and Challenges 02 April, 2019   

Both automation and robotics are highly advanced and leading technologies ideal for public spaces and homes. With technological advancement, robotics and automation are now entering the advanced industrial space. 

The robotic concepts are used in various processes including mining, chemicals, textiles, and metals. The use of robotics helps you to increase your output and productivity. Due to this, robotics is now used in rescue operations, defense, search operations, and disaster management.

It is also even used in the entertainment field in different forms including electronically operated products or toys. When it comes to automation, it is the extension of highly effective robotics. Due to this, it also is known as the improved phase of the advanced industrial revolution.

The current industrial revolution looks for the best way to disrupt their existing processes as well as improve them by using programmable logic. The good thing about this technique is that it makes the task simpler to identify even a repetitive task or process. Most significantly, coding a program is not a simple task.

Even though automation and robotic technologies will interrupt your lives in the upcoming days, they can potentially create opportunities and avenues for business owners and people. If you want to know the challenges and opportunities in automation and robotics, you can read the article below.

Automation and robotics 

With the huge technology development, automated systems and robots are developed to simplify the difficult tasks and different industrial process. The unique features of these technologies make them an ideal choice for organizations that carry out dangerous tasks.

The most impressive thing about automation systems is that they have some specialized features to do even the tasks which are impossible for people.

The form of automation, computer programming or robotics is available in click-and-type macros. The good thing about these machines is that it not only read the mouse and keyboard operations but also mimics the people.

The arrival of advanced data science and analytics make it possible for automating even the most complex jobs. It aims to act smartly like individuals. When it comes to analytics, it is used for avoiding or identifying the risks. 

Applications of robotics and automation

The chatbots, driverless or autonomous cars, and 3D printing are the advanced applications of automation and robotics. The backbone of automation and robotics is data analytics.

If the tasks are programmed into the computer-readable code, they require lots of input data to be processed and analyzed on a real-time basis for offering better enhancements. It is essential to know that this kind of data analytics process plays a major role in letting driverless vehicles to easily navigate without any human intervention.

The cameras and sensors help driverless vehicles to know traffic conditions, natural obstacles like dividers and stones and distance between the vehicles with the help of real-time input.   These devices will function quickly to let vehicles to navigate at a very optimum speed easily.

GPS (Global Positioning System) provides both route and navigation details for the desired location. These kinds of sensors and processes work smartly and processing huge inputs for redefining the entire driving experience.

When it comes to chatbots, they also require difficult understand for simulator the behavior of people for better customer service. The data analytics process gives enough value for chatbots technology. By using machine learning and artificial intelligence, bots are designed for evolving and learning their responses continuously to customer queries.

Most significant, they are also used for managing the help desk systems. It helps to accurately resolve the queries quickly.

Opportunities and challenges in robotics and automation 

The robotic automation technology gets more fame among many sectors because of its matchless benefits. Most of the businesses also adopt this technology to take benefit of them.  Commonly not everyone is convinced of the benefits delivered by robotic automation.

It is because still there is some cautiousness regarding adapting this technology. Here are some of opportunities and challenges of robotic automation as follow:

  • Better quality assurance 

    When workers are regularly doing some repetitive jobs,  it will decline their concentration levels after some duration. It leads to more loss for your business and even severe injury to your workers.

    When it comes to robotic automation, it eliminates the potential risks by producing and examining products accurately.  If you are continuously producing products, it will create lots of wonderful business opportunities for your companies to improve your business processes

  • Affordability

    The good thing about robotic automation is that it does not adopt holidays, shift time, lunch breaks or sick leave. It will function regularly for a long time duration if you maintain it properly.

    Robotic automation also helps you to increase your business production at very lower rates. The investment cost is recovered very soon and helps you to gain more. 

  • Work in dangerous situations 

    The workers in some industries are requested to do their job in even dangerous and unstable environments.  It will create not only potential injuries to the workers but also create fatal hassles.

    Robotic automation is the right choice for these dangerous environments because it will work continuously without any danger.  Another important thing about automated robots is that they reduce material waste. Additionally, it also avoids the need for workers to work in dangerous environments.

  • Initial investment amount

    It is the main challenge of robotic automation. An inclusive business needs to be developed when considering this technology implementation. Even though the returns are substantial, it requires more investment. 

  • Possible job loss

    The major challenge of advanced robotic automation technology is the huge impact of the employment opportunity of workers. Robots can perform consistently and quickly, so the need for workers is reduced.

    Other Opportunities

    When it comes to robotic technologies, they are commonly used in different industries including:







    It is significant to know that the health sector also starts to use robotics in rehabilitation centers and also operation theatres. The main aim of using robotic technology is to augment the life quality of patients. The huge number of applications makes robotics the quickly growing field.  

    There are lots of experts who also use robotics in the industrial automation process including assembling, manufacturing, and packaging. Robotics have greatly reformed manufacturing technologies. It is significant to know that both automation and robotics have better potential to transform the entire industrial scenario.

    The good thing about robotics is that it provides similar outcomes as computer devices.  Most significantly, robotics is used in automation field for various purposes including improving quality, productivity, and safety of products. 

    Major challenges experiencing robotics

    • New fabrication schemes and materials 

      Robotics is starting to move extremely beyond sensors, motors, and gears by experimenting along with artificial muscles, latest fabrication methods, and soft robotics. The main function of these things is to combine different functions in single materials. These kinds of advances are one-off demonstrations that are not simple to combine.

    • Energy and power 

      The energy storage is an essential thing for mobile robotics. Increasing demand from electric vehicles and drones and the renewable energy source is driving better progress in the battery technology, but few fundamental modifications are remained hugely unmodified for years.

      Robotics and automation are primary capturing the industries such as inspection, FMCG, packaging, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing. Defense and education are the other most promising sectors that adopt robotics.

      With the highlighting concern that the advanced automation techniques will replace your jobs in the upcoming days, it is significant that politicians, worker representatives, and business leaders ensure a better partnership between technology and people in a proposition to explore better value for the organizations.

      This article not only shares you the opportunities and challenges in automation and robotics but also let you know the benefits of implementing the advanced technologies.  

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