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Reflections on 9/11 11 September, 2020   

9/11 marks a day we all remember and hold dear especially in the tri-State. Many, including myself, were directly affected by the horror of the events which were a direct blowback from decades of foreign intervention by the US. It’s ironic how on this date we not only lost the lives of many, but the loss of so many freedoms in response to 9/11. The rise of the national security state and policies like the Patriot Act were accepted for the illusion of safety and security provided by the state. They used Terrorism to promote fear mongering and control as an excuse for promoting endless war to benefit the military industrial complex and its neocon partners in the establishment. 

Now in 2020 that same trend has exploded with the reintroduction of said policies and even greater draconian measures in response to COVID. The politicized and propagandized virus has left Americans in fear and allowed for even greater control over our lives with little resistance from the general public. More Americans have accepted the erosion of rights to peacefully live, work, socialize, or have any type of “social norms” that make life worth living. “Babylon has fallen, has fallen”. If people could just grasp with an ideology of liberty and oppose the elitist group whom rules over us, maybe we could move in a direction to be truly free. Self ownership and personal responsibility is something to be embraced. #EndTheDuopoly 

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