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Every year, more and more tourists visit the smiling country-Thailand. From white sandy beaches and charming hotels to historic temples and mouth-watering cuisine.


If you are planning to travel to Thailand for the first time, you must study this Article. Therefore, you can choose a ready-made action plan to vacation in one of the most popular and less popular places. Thailand’s itinerary is to arrange a two to three week planned holiday for your vacation.


Everyone can decide to change the order, add or exclude something from the route. In any case, we will tell you where you absolutely should go, and where you can miss it without regret.


Thailand unites thousands of islands. Not every tourist is lucky enough to visit all the islands in one trip. However, we plan to provide you with the ultimate travel experience for 14 days, so please check the knowledge you need to stay in Thailand for 2 weeks.



Do you know Why thailand is so popular ?

Thailand is a fabulous tropical country with a very rich culture. The Thai people call it "the hometown of elephants".


Getting acquainted with Thailand is advised from the capital - Bangkok . There are about 400 most beautiful temples in the capital. There is also the Temple of the Golden Buddha, where there is a statue of Buddha in several tons. The ruins of ancient settlements, which contain the oldest temples in Thailand, are important landmarks of the kingdom.


Do you know the reason? Check it out here:

Reason # 1 - Summer in winter

Reason # 2 - Thai food

Reason # 3 - Freedom and Anarchy

Reason # 4 Cheapness

Reason # 5 - massage

Reason # 6 - Desire to see new

Reason # 7 - Vigorous Nightlife

Reason # 8 - Beaches


Best months to vacation in Thailand

In general, the Thai holiday is an ambiguous concept. In December, you sunbathe in Phuket, and on Koh Samui, those unfortunate people count on dry days. In April, you regretted to conclude that you did not have time to go near the Andaman Sea and near the Gulf of Thailand in Pattaya during the hot season.


We will analyze the nuances of climate in the resort, but now we will summarize:


Best months to visit in Thailand

  • November
  • December
  • January
  • February
  • March
  • April


Low season

  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October


Although the peak season in Thailand starts at the end of autumn, from spring to spring, you should not be absolute about summer travel.


The main question is how to spend 2 weeks in Thailand

The route of Thailand is as follows.

So let's start by describing Thailand's overall travel plan. It looks like this:


Bangkok - 2 days;

Phi - Phi - 3 days;

Ko Lanta - 3 days;

Koh Kradan - 2 days;

Ko Muk - 2 days;

Beaches - 2 days.


2 Weeks in Thailand: How to Spend ?


2 days in Bangkok  

Huge, never sleep Bangkok is a city with many temples, skyscrapers and never-ending nightlife. More than 20 million tourists from all over the world visit the Thai capital every year. Bangkok’s rich religious and cultural heritage is comparable to vibrant clubs, because those who come here alone, without a guide, often don’t know how to look at all that this amazing city has to offer.


We tell you what you can see in Bangkok in two days, so that you don't feel like you missed important things.


Grand Palace and Temple of the Emerald Buddha

Temple of the reclining buddha

Panoramas of the Thai capital

Bangkok museums



3 days in Phi - Phi  

Phi Phi Island is considered one of the most popular tourists. People from all over the world come to enjoy their beauty, amazing nature and charming scenery.


The population and landscape of all six Phi Phi Islands are different. The largest inhabitant is Phi-Phi Don , which is inhabited, while other tourists can only visit. Film connoisseurs and film lovers who admire the natural beauty are struggling on the island of Phi Phi Lei-the movie "Beach" was shot here in the beautiful Maya Bay. Today this place fascinates and attracts people.


We will tell you everything you saw in Phi Phi Island in 3 days, so you don't feel like you missed important things.

  • Viking cave 
  • Pi Le Bay 
  • Loh Samaya Bay 
  • Maya Bay 
  • Nung Long beaches and cave 
  • Monkey Beach 
  • Nui beach 
  • Lo Lana beach area 
  • Neighborhoods of Lo Ba Khao beach 
  • Bambu Island


3 days in Ko Lanta  

The tropical island of Koh Lanta in Thailand, in its splendor and beauty is striking in the rays of sunset. Reach the land of surfing, beautiful beaches and the sea of ​​coconut trees. A place where the rainbow colors of the surrounding landscape coexist with incredible weird rocks and stalactite caves.


We will tell you what you will see in Ko Lanta in 3 days so that you will not feel that you missed important things.

  • Tour the Island by Scooter
  • Take a Walk on Long Beach
  • Laze on Koh Lanta’s Southern Beaches
  • Explore Koh Lanta National Park
  • Stroll Around Koh Lanta Old Town
  • Island Hop on the 4 Island Boat Tour
  • Snorkel at Koh Rok 
  • Go Scuba Diving
  • Watch the Sunset
  • Practice at Oasis Yoga


2 days in Koh Kradan 

Kradan Island is rightly called the most scenic and best snorkeling in Trang. There is a coral reef not far from the coast and I really like all kinds of marine life. However, even on land, you will find many exciting things: a few kilometers long beach, pristine jungle, beautiful natural scenery.


The most important thing is that there are no other tourists except for a few hours of excursion to arrive here.


It can be used in the afternoon, evening, evening and morning. You can walk in the shade of the trees, swim, sunbathe, relax-in short, you can enjoy a tropical paradise during your vacation.

We tell you everything you saw in Koh Kradan in 3 days, so you don't feel like you missed important things.

  • Hop on a Boat to Koh Kradan
  • Explore the Rich Underwater Life
  • Watch the sunset
  • Do Some Kayaking
  • Relax in a Hammock


2 days in Ko Muk  

Looking for unpopular places in Thailand, we found a small but beautiful Ko Muk island. The island is located in the Andaman Sea, not far from the popular Koh Lanta. In Thailand, there are two islands with the same sound, Moh Muk, but the second is in the Gulf of Thailand, and the spelling is also different-Koh Muk.


Ko Muk Island is very close to the mainland. About two kilometers away. We took a boat to cover the distance from the mainland to the island in 15 minutes.


We tell you what to see in Ko Muk in two days, so you don't feel like you missed important things.

  1. Farang Beach
  2. Tham Morakot Cave
  3. Kayaking in Tam Yai Bay
  4. Ao Kham Beach
  5. Hiking on Ko Muk
  6. Ko Kradan
  7. Ko Rok
  8. Diving and boat trip  at Koh Chueak, Koh Ma, Koh Waen


2 days in Thailand Beaches  

Okay, from Ko Muk it’s time to to visit the beautiful beaches of Thailand. Where to go next actually depends on the style of beach you are looking for. If you go to resorts, massage and parties, then you can take a four-hour minibus to Phuket and go crazy.

thailand beaches

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