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Quintessential Baby Care Tips For the First-Time Parents 12 April, 2019   

Babies are the most beautiful gift of God to us.

The most innocent and far away from every selfishness and evil on Earth. A great feeling we all experience after looking at a baby, we can’t even stop our smile by seeing such an innocent and lovely face. But do you know what makes them smile? Do you exactly know what our baby wants and expects from us. Babies are the most delicate angels in this world. A small mistake and unawareness can be harmful to the tiny tot.

Maintaining their smile and happiness is our responsibility. There are many women who have just given birth to a baby and are newly experiencing their motherhood. That is why they are not properly aware of how to take care of a newly born baby. I am sharing here some dos and don’ts tips which I have also experienced in my personal life. By reading this article, you will get to know and realize every single thing whether it is of hygiene purpose, health purpose, food, toys everything.

Trust me, this gonna really work as a gentle reminder for the First-Time Parents!

The most important point, which everyone must know while carrying a baby

  • Just support the head while carrying your baby (I hope maximum people know this but first-time parents are still not aware)

    What happens when you do not support their head while carrying? As I mentioned above, babies are very delicate. Their neck muscles are very weak, if you do not support their head, they can’t control their neck movements it causes their head bounce and this can harm their muscles, this carelessness can lead to the permanent muscle damage to your baby. So just think, your minor mistake can harm your baby even for a lifetime. So we must be very serious about our Baby's care.

  • Another important point is to protect them from illness. Just remember an easy task, always wash your hands while carrying a baby because your hands go into their mouth and touch their skin. As their immune system is so weak that they easily can become sick and recovery is very difficult in the case of newborns'.

    So better to take care of hygiene before touching any newborn baby and to stay away from any bad consequence which babies can face due to your carelessness.

    If you are having any viral illness, so I would only suggest that better not to stay in contact or touch the baby. As there will be the maximum possibility that your baby can become ill; if he or she directly comes in touch with a person who has a viral illness.

  • The most important point is Feeding. How and when you feed your baby is the most essential part of the baby's life. The perfect knowledge of time and posture of feeding is required in moms. Your baby is required to feed every 2-3 hours a day. Breast milk is like nectar to babies, as it contains nutrients that are enough for a baby to survive. Feed the baby for at least 10 minutes and continue your feeding till the first 6 months to the baby as it is essential for proper growth. Most new moms today don’t know much importance of their breast milk.

    As a matter of fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months. Purchasing the best breast pump can make the breastfeeding process easy as well as convenient for you. First and foremost, it increases your milk supply. The next most important thing is that it enables the others in the family to bottle feed your child in your absence. Especially if you're a working woman or if you need to cater to other responsibilities.

    Be aware ladies, as your breast milk is a life-giving substance to your baby. So, no compromise to your baby growth.

  • Create your great bonding with your baby through a nice and gentle massage. You can simply use a lotion and a baby massage oil (available in the market and online) and spread the lotion on his/her body in a mild and gentle way. As it is helpful to improve their blood circulation.

    The best time for massage is before bath and in contact with Sunlight so that Baby can receive Vitamin D.

  • Never shake your baby while playing or in any circumstance. This can cause even immediate death sometimes due to internal bleeding.

    That is the reason to focus seriously on Babycare because these infants are as much delicate which we can not even assume. Our little unawareness can lead to permanent guilt in ourselves for a lifetime.

  • Your Baby needs proper sleep time. Many of you are confused enough that how much sleep time is needed for a baby. Its 16 hours a day for the first 2 months, but it is just an approximate calculation. Every baby has a different body function and a different sleeping pattern. But make sure your Baby completes his/her proper sleep because any type of lacking in sleep can even stop your baby’s physical growth.

    Skincare is equally important for a baby. The Biggest concern of every mom is Rashes. But do you ever noticed what is the main reason for this problem?

There are several reasons for rashes as baby skin is very sensitive, but the major reason is Diaper.

  • Always try to change the diaper time to time; change it immediately when it gets wet or dirty. Carelessness in this matter brings skin problems to these infants. Do not rub your baby's skin as it can lead to irritation and redness.

  • Another important thing is their nails. Do not let your baby’s nails grow as it is harmful to their health. As long nails have a higher possibility of being dirty and these dirty nails they put in their mouth which can cause illness. So we have to take care of it for their hygiene purpose.

One extra Tip I want to discuss with you which is fully experienced by me.

Most of the parents have complaints that the maximum time their babies are irritated or in frustration mode. Don’t worry this usually happens, it is a common problem amongst all newborn babies.

If we think about the reason, then it is really tough to find a particular one, because there are so many reasons for their irritation. But this is our duty to find the exact problem behind their behavior.

As these little angels are so cute that they usually take place in everyone’s heart that is why we all get attracted to them and want to play with them or cuddle and feel their touch all the time. But actually some babies don’t like regular touching of everyone, sometimes this may be a reason for their irritation. Feeling hungry or sleepy are the other common reasons behind this.

  • So always keep in mind that you should try to understand your baby’s mood and respond to them accordingly. You can either try to play music which can calm your baby’s mind.

  • Your baby always needs your attention and love. Always show your affection to your baby by responding to them even on their nonsense cries also. You need to build trust.

  • Try to spend maximum time with your kid as much as you can. Don’t leave them for a single second (apart from their sleep time).

    You can also show your attention by talking to your baby most of the time, trust me this will amazingly affect your baby’s mind. He or she will become more active and will frequently try to respond to you in the maximized way that he or she can.

  • Last but not least, always dress your baby in the right way. Cotton is the best fabric for infants to keep them away from allergies.

I have shared almost all the necessary points and tips for baby care that everyone must need to know. Parenthood is a beautiful feeling and a big responsibility too. Feel that experience with your healthy and happy baby. Being a parent, that should be your first priority to keep your child healthy and fit.

Proper care and attention lead to the healthy growth of a newly born baby. Happy Parenting!!!

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