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Quick Guide to Learn Coding for Beginners 06 October, 2020   

Gregory, an entrepreneur, wants to have a suitable website for his business to boost his online presence. Since he has just started, he has a shoestring budget, and he can't own a fancy website created by expensive coders and Web Designers, but he does not want to settle for anything less. 

Many of us, like Gregory, want to have our own website, but our budget does not allow us to have a fancy or a hi-tech Website. There is a way to turn your simple website into a website you dreamt of. If you learn the basics of programming, you can fulfill your dreams certainly. For many people, even simple coding can seem like a daunting task. Still, coding for beginners can be immensely rewarding as they make major or minor changes to their website without shelling out a lot of money or wasting too much time on it.

Best Programming Languages to Learn This Year for Beginners

1. JavaScript

JavaScript if the first programming language of choice for all new developers as it’s a must build modern websites with highly interactive features. Its popularity can be stated with the simple fact that many of the top websites ranging from Twitter to Facebook, YouTube to Google, all have been built on JavaScript.

2. Swift

 Swift is a relatively new programming language that has made a lot of ground since 2014. It is mostly taken up by those who want to develop mobile apps. Developers can build some powerful, feature-rich apps for the iOS and Mac OS platforms.

3. C/C++

Though it’s considered to be old programming languages, they are still quite popular. Don’t be frustrated with the high-learning curve as its benefits far outweigh the efforts you put into it. You can build some powerful applications, VR apps, computer graphics, and even video games.

4. Python

Python comes off as a very user-friendly programming language, making it pretty much the first choice for all newbies who dabble in programming. Python is mostly used in back-end web development but is also useful in building programs for image processing, data science, etc.

5. PHP

Any Web Developer worth his salt will swear by PHP. As a popular programming language for all those who want to work as Freelance Web Developers, PHP is the first thing that comes to their minds. Thanks to WordPress, which is also built on PHP, there are millions of websites with PHP as the scripting language.

Free or Paid Resources- What should you choose?

There are different kinds of resources available for beginners to learn how to code. One of the best ways to learn to program is through the use of many free resources available online and paid resources. There are certain advantages and disadvantages to both.

It is better to start with free ones and then move on to paid ones if you want something more.

Free Resources:


  • The fact that they’re free is the biggest advantage. It’s simply the best way to learn to program as you’re not investing anything.

  • If you have particular questions, then the free resource is the best, as a solution can be searched from a much more massive database and from a community that helps one another. You can get an appropriate answer much sooner as compared to paid courses.


  • There is a humongous amount of data and information available, leading to a lot of confusion.

  • You cannot be sure about the credibility of the information as anyone can post anything online. 

  • The data is not organized, and it is scattered, and searching for relevant information takes a lot of time and effort.

Paid Resources:


  • It is well organized and can be very useful for beginners.

  • The data is authentic and is taught by well qualified and experienced professionals in an organized manner. It is easy to learn good coding practices and standards from such resources.


  • Not good for specific needs. It will typically take you through the whole course, even if you want to know a specific solution.

How to start learning Coding for beginners?

The modern times we live in call for some knowledge of coding.

1. Reason for Coding:

Before plunging into the wonderful world of coding, you should be clear about what purpose you will meet with coding? If it is only for maintaining websites or creating some fun games, you need to concentrate on interactive tutorials. If you want to learn to code for your professional requirement, it is better to enroll in some college or training courses. 

2. Selecting the coding languages to learn: 

The best way to learn programming is by choosing a beginner-friendly language which is easier and fun for you when you start with coding. There is no hard and fast rule as to what language to choose. If you want to be an iOS developer, Swift will be good for you, while C will be a great option for you to make a serious coding profession. 

3. Be patient – Start Small:

Start with the easier concepts so that you get the hang of it. Starting with the basics of programming and then moving to more complex concepts at your own pace will give you confidence. Don’t give up. Trying a few times and failing will only make you better in your endeavor. Take up an easy dummy project and break it down into simpler steps and then start to code it yourself from start to finish. This will give you immense confidence.


4. Try Code-learning Apps for children:

Children as young as four and five are learning to code these days. They are taught simple programming languages to create very simple projects. If you find coding hard, you can start with these projects with simplistic programs. 

5. Use Free/Paid Tutorials:

It takes time to build and develop your first code. Numerous online sites and educational apps can introduce you to programming languages and help you build your way into mastering them. Once you use these tutorials, you will realize that they can be the best way to learn to program. You can develop on it further with your pro-activeness and initiative.

Few of the online sites are:

  • Lynda: Their tutorials are in video format, which is very easy to understand. They start with the basics of programming and then slowly move on to advanced lessons. They have a wide range of tutorials starting from programming lessons to graphic design lessons apart from HTML and CSS's basic lessons. These lessons are more like being taught in a structured environment like a school.

  • Codecademy: This is very interactive and fun for beginners. You have to follow the interactive editor, and the editor will change your code to a visual display, which is a lot of fun. This is a method of learning by trial and error. You also get instant feedback, which is very encouraging.

  • TutsPlus: This has a different take on coding for beginners as it has a library of many simple and short tutorials that are specific to unique problems. This gives the user a lot of freedom and control over their learning processes. They do not have to waste time unnecessarily in learning redundant things for them, and thus they can bypass that information. 

  • W3School: This is a great resource for learning not only basic languages such as HTML or CSS but also advanced languages like JavaScript, SQL, PHP, Python, Node.js, AngularJS, etc. It teaches you everything you should know about Website coding. 

  • CSS-Tricks: This is mainly for CSS coding. 

 6. Opt for an Online Degree in Coding:

If you are interested in learning serious programming professionally, you should enroll yourself in a computer science degree online. These courses give you a more rounded learning experience. They take a few months to teach the basics of programming. However, be ready to spend a substantial amount of time and money, which may all seem well worth it at the end of it. 

7. Learning by coding games:

One of the best ways to learn to code is through games. CodinGame or Code Combats are perfect games that teach coding for beginners. These are equally helpful and fun. 

8. Get a teacher:

Many expert programmers are eager to help people who want to learn to code. You can connect with mentors through a few sites like Hack.pledge. You can register yourself as a mentor here, too, as teaching what you have learned will always help you get a good understanding of the subject, and you can retain the information.

9. Try to understand someone else’s code:

It is always beneficial to take up a previously written code and understand it by reverse engineering. There is a lot of data out there as an open-source code by which you can get the bigger picture so that your understanding is clearer. 


If you think coding for beginners is rocket science, then you may be wrong. You should start with a proper understanding of why you want to learn to code in the first place and how much time you can put in. You cannot be an expert coder in a few weeks but can have enough knowledge to make certain design changes on your website without taking the help of professionals so that you can save a little time and money. However, if you have the zeal and time to learn the complexities of coding, then you can take it up as a profession, too, which is very satisfying monetarily and professionally. All the Best and Happy Coding!


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