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Quick guide to kick-start your human resources career 03 April, 2019   

Are you looking for a human resources career? HR is a vast expanding industry which has great potential for future growth as well. There are hundreds of opportunities at multiple levels from generalists, specialists to managers in the HR industry. As per the analysts in the employment sector, the opportunities in HR are expected to grow by leaps and bounds. 

This article will provide you with insights and tips to kick-start your career in human resources.

What do you need for a human resources career?

As you can very well infer from the name, human resources involve people management. However, that is not the only responsibility of an HR professional. It is important for an HR professional to have interpersonal skills along with decision making, leadership skills and proficiency in Human Resources Management software (HRMS).

  • To start with, you would need a degree in HR, either a Bachelors or a Masters degree if possible. With the organizations expecting you to possess qualification with experience, you have to pursue a suitable degree for employment in HR.

  • While it is quite possible to find a position in the HR department without the right degree, you may not be able to advance well in your career in comparison to a person with the right degree. The degree serves as a snapshot to your employers, letting them know of your key abilities and your commitment towards constant learning and improvement
  • While certifications are not required for HR, it would give you a competitive edge when you consider a human resources career. The certifications are also a way to keep up with the latest trends in the field of HR. Professional certification can considerably make your profile look favorable.
  • Networking is as important in HR as it is in any other industry. Networking is not always about getting the start in your career, but meeting people can help you advance in your career in the future.
  • If possible, you can do an internship in the HR department of an organization which will give you more insights into the job requirements.

Initially, for someone new to the field, you will be placed in entry-level jobs like HR assistants. As you learn and improve on your skills, you will be moving onto higher roles. Like every other job, you need continual development professionally to move up in your career.

Ok, now you have the qualifications and certifications for being part of HR, and now you are looking for prospective job opportunities. So what do you need to do to get the right job in HR? Here are some tips to help you on your career path.

Tips on finding an HR job

  • The first place to look for starting your human resources career is at your current job. If you already have a job and you want to shift your career to HR, then speaking to your current employer on your aspirations can help. Also, they can let you know if there is a vacant position in the HR department. 

  • Keep your options open. HR is a vast field with various facets, and each of them requires a different skill set and abilities. Also as you start on your career, you may not be aware of the sectors that you are adept in and exploring new venues can get you the experience and skills for the future.

  • Be part of an HR community online or an HR society. This will get you in touch with some of the professionals in the industry, and you will also be able to keep in touch with the latest trends in HR and possible opportunities.

  • Keep realistic expectations.  Irrespective of how impressive your skills, qualifications, and references are, your prospective career may not start up at the top. You need to have clear goals that are set upon realistic expectations to be successful.

  • Gain experience through volunteering and internships across organizations into any of the multiple areas of HR. While you gain experience through these means, you are also conveying a strong message to your future employers in taking initiatives to learn.

  • Before you step in for an interview, remember to prepare well not just about your field of expertise but also about the organization that you are getting into. Dress professionally and speak with confidence to make a good first impression. This is something you need to follow in any job interview, and HR interviews look forward to your approach.

    The career options in HR

    If you have chosen human resources as a career, and you are wondering about the options or the jobs available to you in this field, then this segment is dedicated to you. We bring you some of the popular HR jobs you will find in the market and what it entails in simple words.

    1. HR consultant: You can say that this is an off-shoot of the actual management consultant job but specializing in human resources. There is no specific set of sectors you need to be a specialist for this role. You have to be versatile in the different facets of HR namely employee benefits, rewards program, motivation plans, retirement plans, recruitment and every other possible function involved with the employees. This is a role where you can choose the organization, and you get paid depending on your terms. 

    2. HR manager: As a manager, you will be interacting personally with employees, and this is probably one role that will give you ultimate job satisfaction. You could be involved in guiding the employees through recruitment, training or handling disputes or helping them understand the benefits and more. Lots of human interaction involved and you are bound to love it if you love human interaction.

    3. HR Executive or the Chief HR officer: This role requires you to have higher aspirations in life and in your career too. If you are good at devising a strategy for the entire organization, designing policies that govern the employees and defining goals for them, then you are best suited to this. This is a highly rewarding job, and it will comprehensively cover every aspect of the HR department. Regarding money, and career, you would be utterly satisfied working in this position. However, it does require quite a lot of skills and experience.

    4. Training and development manager: The name speaks for itself. This role entails you to work on the skills of the employees, helping them find their strengths, honing on their skills and enabling them to grow in their career. You will have to conduct workshops, gatherings, training sessions, conferences, etc. to impart the knowledge. Sometimes you might be in charge of designing the curriculum as well. If you love teaching and you want to have some fun with it, then this role is just for you. You can also be an individual consultant who trains for multiple corporate companies in which your role can be quite rewarding too.

    5. HR IT specialist: Yes, IT is equally vital even in human resources management. If you are good on computers and keep yourself updated on the latest technology, then you can make a lot of money and a better career growth in HR IT field.

    What we have here are only a few examples for you to know the kind of jobs you can look at. If you choose a career in human resources, you can get different roles based on your skill set.

    If you have the right mindset and the right education combined with the skill sets, then you can easily be part of this growing field and leave your mark. Continuous learning is crucial for a successful career.

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