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Quick Guide for Sales and Distribution Management 25 April, 2019   

Exchange of the goods or commodities against the money or the services is referred to as sales. Sales are a revenue-generating function required for the organization, and it mainly forms the most important part of the business. All most all companies use their own strategies to generate sales and profit. 

Sales Management is the ultimate process for developing the sales force, implementing sales techniques as well as coordinating the sales operations. These techniques mainly follow the business to hit the market easily. Sales Management enables the complete sales targets suitable for bringing you the complete hassle free benefits to a high extent. 

Modern technology also helps to reach sales objectives. With the growth in the sales along with the distribution management, it is easier to enable the flourish efficiently. 

Distribution with Marketing:

Distribution is the process to make product or service much more efficient for the consumption for the end consumer and business. Sales and distribution management mainly involves two different marketing aspects that are suitable for improving the organization on a different level. Distribution mainly have different types that include the 

Direct Distribution:

Direct Distribution is mainly defined by expanding and moving the product or process from one place to another. Direct Distribution is mainly done without changing the direction. Manufacturer in direct distribution sells the products directly to the customer without any intermediary. Under the direct distribution techniques, manufacturers would be selling the products based on retail chains. For example, Puma does not have any distribution channel, but it sells the products directly for end consumers. 

Indirect Distribution:

Indirect distribution channel efficiently makes the prominent use of the intermediaries to reach end users. Planning to introduce new products to the global audience, there are many numbers of specializing agents available for distributing products across the world. For example, HP sells its laptops to the dealers from the factory, and it reaches the consumers via dealers. 

Why Use The Distribution Management System?

Every product has to go through different lifecycle changes, starting from the manufacturing stage to the final destination. Distribution Management mainly deals with the different stages with the early supply chain so that it is mainly connected with the distribution of goods that are manufactured. Different stages of the product include 

• Packaging 


• Storage 


Transport facility

While passing through these stages, the quality of the product and packing is maintained well to deliver it to the end users. 

Key Features of Sales Management:

When you work your way down the line, you get to see different strategies to analysis different process. The key features of sales management mainly involve 3 processes. 

Sales Operations

Sales Strategy

Sales Analysis

Sales Operations

Normally, the Sales Operations involves the building of an effective sales team which is considered as the backbone of every company. Direct connection is prominent between the product and the customer. The sales team is a part of the company that is normally equipped with resources for progressing instead of viewing as money making machines. 

Sales Pipeline:

The Sales Pipeline is an ultimate visual sequence or activities that are useful for achieving prospect based on initial lead across closing deals. The pipeline is the term referred to here is the Salesperson who helps the organization to extensively get in control of the work. 

Sales Analysis:

Sales Analysis mainly involves the complete categorizing of the sales process and reported according to the type of organization. Reporting helps the business to understand the current efforts as well as the goal that the company has succeeded to a high extent. It also gives insight on increasing efforts with easily hiring the salespeople as well as redistributing tasks. 

Reporting of the process involves the sales metrics, quantifiable indicators, or any other aspects that would easily tell about the type of sale and operation that is involved in the process. Reporting is highly helpful for getting the whole operation done in time and also achieves the target.

With having the entire data, it is much more efficient to find out the suitable services to the customers and helps to get the results much faster. CRM tool is also used for the business analysis on the technology with helping the streamline on the sales management process. With a standard sales funnel, it is much easier to measure different metrics that include:

The average size of the deal in the funnel

Number of deals in the funnel

Average deal lifetime or Sales velocity

Average percentage or a Close ratio of deals

Importance of Sales Management:

Sales management are most important for every organization for achieving certain target according to the goal. Management of sales is most important for increasing customer demand for the product. Below are some of the important things to consider based on the sales manager of an organization that includes:

Facilitating the sale of a product in the accurate price that helps to gain more profits 

Generates more revenues for the company 

Sales Management helps to achieve the organizational goals along with the objectives especially focussing on strategy for achieving the goal in the timeframe

Sales team efficiently monitors customer preference, competitor situation, and government policy for making the required changes

 Manage great sales

Monitors the customer preference 

Salesperson develops a positive relationship with every customer

•Sales Management helps to retain the customer for a longer period 

Buyers and sellers have similar relationship based on the exchange of goods, money as well as services 

Sales Management helps to attain the best customer satisfaction

Normally, the Sales Management differs from an organization to other hovers the complete management concludes that sales management are much important for every organization to achieve both the long-term and short-term goals. 

Selling Process:

•Prospecting Screening involves the identifying and screening process for qualified potential customers

Pre-approach in sale deals with Prospective Customer to make the instant sales call 

 The approach in sales marketing is the most important step for getting the relationship off to a good start 

•Presentation / Demonstration is providing proper information to the customers or audience about the product

Business with modern revenue is implemented with the sales management strategy that acts as the most prominent option. When it comes to boosting sales performance across the size of each operation, Sales management plays an important role. The secret to success for the modern business is precisely managing the sales processes.

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