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Punishment vs. Rehabilitation: Why this is relevant today 08 December, 2018   

We live in a society where criminals and cases of crimes are growing in larger volumes with every passing day. It is not hard to guess that this number will keep growing as there is no particular ideology made by the government or global organizations as for how to stop such acts from happening.

Stopping crimes is not that big of a deal because if you think rational in the scenario where you want to end crime all you have to do is to take every prospective individual in custody and that is it. But the real issue is how to change the corrupt mindset of a person who has been indulging in such awful activities.

With all this as a matter of discussion comes up the topic of Punishment vs. rehabilitation into the picture. There are lots of debates that follow the topic of what is more suitable for the inmates' punishment or rehabilitation because both the concepts are far apart from each other. Despite them being two faces of a coin that never met each other, making a balanced combination of both the aspects is important to make the life of a criminal better than before regarding mental stability and thinking power.

Both the concept overshadows each other in several aspects, and there are followers of both the aspects. Punishment, on the one hand, is a way that is used to treat the inmates from a very long time more like it has been passed down from various eras and dynasties. Rehabilitation is somewhat a pretty modern concept that was made by the Legal department of countries throughout the world.

This was all started because people started to realize as for how bad punishment can make the mind of an inmate go in the wrong direction furthermore. So, to gain more outlooks on the topic of Punishment vs. rehabilitation we should first understand both of the topics with an in-depth explanation and look for the important aspects that will help us to conclude the matter of Punishment or Rehabilitation.

What does the term Punishment mean?

Punishment is a term that every one of us has heard and experienced at a particular level of intensity. Back when we were kids, the meaning of punishment for us was merely getting grounded. But as we grow up and come to legal age, all our actions create some reactions, and I am not teaching you the concepts of Newton.

Any prison around the world has one thing in common in their day to day regime, and it’s nothing but punishment. Prisoners are punished in a variety of manner where electric shocks and senseless beating are just some common terms.
Though the fact that law has a separate set of punishment for men, women, and children, they seem to be having a biased way of judging the scale of cruelty when it comes to the punishment for men in prison.

What is the purpose of Punishment?

Well, to be honest Punishment is just a term given to torture which is conducted with every other prisoner and there is no denying to it. These are various ways of punishing the inmates, and they differ from nation to nation. Some countries are known to get the work done of mining and stone breaking as a part of punishment whereas some countries are just up with pliers to tear the person down. No matter how positive someone portrays this but it will always remain the dark side of the moon.

Now as we have insight on the topic of Punishment and its purpose, let's move on to the part of Rehabilitation as this will help you to get both the aspects to the point for our comparison of punishment vs. rehabilitation.

What does the term Rehabilitation mean?

Rehabilitation or as some of you might know this concept as Penology is the act where the prisoners or the people who have committed a crime that has cost them a prison sentence get to know themselves and perform retribution for the destructions they have caused. This is a clear alternative of punishment in the imprisonment period.

Methods that are used in Rehabilitation:

Rehabilitation is an act that is clear and pure to the last grain if you compare it with the concept of Punishment. Every country has their method of rehabilitation of a prisoner, and there are many unique ways of it around the world. In Norway, the process of rehabilitation is based on a very sweet principle of normalization. In this, the inmates are provided amenities which they would not have been able to have access upon an outer world. Similarly, other countries follow up these methods and others to rehabilitate their prisoners.

What is better: Punishment vs. Rehabilitation?

Both Punishment and rehabilitation have their parts that they play in the field of treating prisoners. As I told you earlier, Punishment is a method that was used since ages and was in the system with its all roots deep into the soil. Rehabilitation and its concepts are relatively new and are for the greater good. These help the inmate become a better version of themselves by the retribution and Psychological help by professionals.

These are some of the points that will test both the aspects and will help you to conclude the topic:

  • Suitability: Well, it is important to know which aspect is suitable for what task. As you can understand, for prisoners who have committed crimes of mid to lower intensity can get the chance of rehabilitation because as they say there is a hidden self to everyone. Meanwhile, Criminals who have committed a crime that is just too much to live with and even if the Law gives them a chance to change them, society won't be willing to accept them. In such scenarios, Punishment is the better option, and laws like Life sentence or death sentence come into play.
  • Cost of the process: While most of us do not know this but to hold a prisoner in prison costs more than a person that is living a normal life with common and average expenses. Therefore, sometimes Rehabilitation becomes a better option but the fact that Rehabilitation and the things which make up the concept of rehabilitation starts and ends with some monetary value involved to it.
  • Socially acceptable: However, Punishment seems to be a term that signifies the dark side of the system, but there are cases when the only option left in the hands of judges is to announce a punishment. Rehabilitation is considered as a much better concept as not only it saves the criminals from further trauma but also offer them a chance to make and build up a better life for themselves and their families.
  • Relevancy: One of the most important things that you should consider before choosing a side to this concept is to check as which one of them offers better relevancy to the case. If someone is a serial killer and have charges of rape and illegal conducts, then rehabilitation might not work as there is a limit to everything and rehabilitation alone cannot make everything right for a person. But just by any chance the person who is standing in the court due to some traumatic past or forced performance, Rehabilitation might work wonders in such condition.


source : Drugs crimes rehabilitation infographics

Thus, this was all that we should have known about when it comes to Punishment vs. Rehabilitation. As for choosing any one of the two, I should pass the opportunities as both the concept have their pros and cons, and balanced usage of both is the key to a peaceful and harmonious world.

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