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Public Relations Tools, Techniques and Activities 07 June, 2019   

Public Relations [PR] is all about communicating the vital messages of your organization to the right audience, at the right place, and at the right time. Regardless of the effective functioning of an organization, it fails to have the desired impact on the consumers as well as the public. Though public relations appear similar to advertising your business, both have their differences. The primary motive of every business to maximize profit. In this case, it's much important to choose the best knowing the differences between advertising and public relations. This article lets you know more about public relation tools, techniques, and activities. These tools & campaigns inform as well as educate people about the contributions made by organizations to enhance brand recognition or to make it more relevant in the eyes of the public. 

Importance of Public Relations 

Public relations techniques can have a tremendous impact on your company positively. It is extremely important in the competitive business world that persists today. It helps in understanding the attitude of the public towards your company and helps with the identification of procedures or policies which can earn public acceptance and understanding of your business.    

1. Increase Your Credibility

Trust plays an immense role when it comes to businesses. Lack of trust can drive away potential customers and business opportunities impacting you very much. When you have a proper public relations team in place who manages all your PR tasks, then your business transforms into a credible entity in the eyes of everybody.   

2. Increase Profits, Sales and Business Leads

A wide range of public relations activities enhances business reputation without any doubt. These activities ensure that the customers are pulled towards your offerings. It is essential to create marketing messages and campaigns that promote your organization in the best way possible.   

3. Changes the way people think about your Organization

Some businesses have a bad reputation while some are on the radar of consumers all the time. Focusing on positive campaigns can gradually change the way your target audience perceives your organization and its brand image. This will certainly help you have a positive impact on your business associates as well as your customers. 

Top Public Relations Tools to Employ for Your Business

PR Tools make the entire management of public relations a lot easier. These tools enhance the strategies that you employ in a significant manner. You need to make use of PR analytics, content marketing, influencer marketing, email marketing, and a lot more to understand the trajectory of your public relations activities.
To make your job easier, here are some of the best PR tools or software that can help you accomplish the goals of your organization effectively. The tools listed below may be free or come with a monthly subscription fee. It is entirely based on the features that are being offered along.    

Voila Norbert

This tool has actually been designed to ease the guesswork of figuring out and emailing the highest-level executives of organizations. It carries out massive research to get you all the email addresses of corporate individuals that you seek.

If you are looking to reach out to the influencers, successful business executives and contributors to a national outlet, then you can rely on Voila Norbert for your requirement. Wallet-friendly services are available for all companies regardless of their size. Simplified services are offered for even verifying an existing list of email addresses.


This tool is great for lead generation and prospecting sales. It takes up the task of managing cold as well as follow-up emails. The technology on which this tool is based takes care of the entire process right from the beginning till the end so that you have time to focus on other aspects of your business. It not only helps you in locating the email addresses of your prospects and creates a list of leads but also assists you in maintaining a healthy customer relationship.  

SellHack tool can be configured for sending emails automatically on a proper schedule. It offers help in sending the first introductory email to developing a strong relationship with your customer. The emails can be sent from your own email address or the official email address dedicated to maintaining customer relations.


Are you looking for public relations tools that offer detailed insights into the PR metrics? If yes, then TrendKite is just for you. This tool can provide you the answers to all your questions related to PR and campaigns. You just need to pick the metrics that you wish to monitor, and the intuitive board of this tool will pull in all the vital information that you need at your fingertips.

TrendKite will clearly show the areas that you are topping and the areas that need some work.  This tool can as well alert you if your company is being mentioned across different outlets. This helps you to track all aspects of your public relations seamlessly.  


Are you looking for a tool that keeps in touch with what and who is popular within your domain? BuzzSumo is clearly the best one to rely on for this purpose. All you need to do is to enter the information about your industry to get detailed information about popular content related to your domain along with vital info about the shares, views as well as the reach.

This tool also lets you keep a tab on your competitors. You can monitor what they are publishing and the kind of response their content is getting. You can absorb this information for creating better content that would just fill the gaps. This tool, in a way, helps you formulate insights to equip you better before you make your next move.  

Google Alerts

If you want to make use of the best free public relations tools, then you must consider using Google Alerts. This free resource permits you to keep an eye on the media and figure out if your company is being mentioned anywhere across the web. You need to pick the keywords you wish to be alerted about. It could be anything such as your company name, your service or product name. You will be notified if your chosen terms are being mentioned anywhere over the web. Very simple and handy tool indeed!


AirPR a great tool that helps you gain insights and analytics about your PR activities. The tool also helps you in monitoring your Public relations techniques and figuring out measurement solutions if you need any. Where AirPR trumps other public relations tools is that it's great at measuring the actual impact of your PR efforts on the objectives of your business.
You can keep a close eye on your competitors by utilizing this effective tool. You can learn about the content that is available about your industry over the web, and the opportunities already present so that you can understand how you can fill in the gaps.


This lead prospecting tool is one of your best options if you are looking to find the exact email address(es) of influencers, an organization's public relations executives, or even top-level decision-makers that can help with your business. The tool works in LinkedIn and GitHub, and will practically reveal your lead prospect's contact information via its Google Chrome extension. It will fetch you not only their personal and email addresses but also their contact numbers and social media profiles. It boasts great accuracy with its search results, thanks to its massive database that practically holds 85% of the email addresses in the Western World.

Best PR Strategies to Follow for Businesses

The basis of PR strategies is to receive an engaging response from potential customers. If executed properly, these strategies can help in delivering multiple wins on different fronts. A well planned and executed PR campaign can gain better search engine rankings, deliver targeted web traffic, build powerful backlinks as well as the potential to be picked up by offline press, TV, blogs, news sites, and others. Here are some PR strategies that you can make use of. 

1. Identify your audience clearly and engage with them

You must be having a list of online customer profiles if you have a great internet marketing strategy already in place [if not, then you should seriously consider setting up one right away!]. You need to have a digital profile that has identified things such as keyword research about your audience, how they spend time online, sites they visit preferred communication channels as well as demographic information such as geography, sex, age, etc.   

2. SEO

You must be aware of the keywords you must employ for optimizing your content on search engines. You need to make sure that your keyword is present in the title, in the body of the content along with related keywords.

3. Define your goals clearly 

You need to be aware of your goals while launching any PR campaign. Do you want to increase your brand value? Do you wish to create a buzz? You can generate leads in the form of press releases, eye-catching free giveaways and a whole lot more.  

4. Outline Key Tactics

You need to employ tactics that will help your message reach your target audience. For instance, if your research highlights that your audience reads a particular publication, then you must try press releases and media relations that target the particular publication. 

5. Set a deadline

The strategies that you try should be employed with a specific deadline. You need to have reasonable deadlines that will help you achieve a certain target. Your strategies would not be effective and run out of steam if you don’t define a proper deadline. Setting reasonable deadlines for every strategy will help you get an accurate idea of its success. 

6. Measure your results

How would you know if your strategy is effective or not if you never measured them? The tools we’ve mentioned above such as AirPR and also Google Analytics that help you measure your PR efforts. This will offer you broader insights and guide you in the right direction.  
Public Relations tools have become indispensable to every organization, irrespective of its size and nature. Think of them as better long-term investments that will surely help you achieve greater ROI in the long run.

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