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Proscrastination is our big Enemy 31 July, 2020   

We are living in the modern era things are going to be very tough and versatile .People often forget to complete their essentail tasks on time as our mind is roaming in multitasks leading to dim our quality n punctualty that one should posses in order to get successfll in every switch n hub of life .we as being hectic 24/7 in ordering things to get them absorbd in an instant ~blink~ of time .the people who r not prone to postpone even bit tasks are often percieved n deemed to b   succesfull n self sufficient  ..

Focus on the 24 hours  in front of u

All that truly matters in life is  'right now' ; worrying about yesterdays problem or what has not yet come, steals the present day away !

Be present each day Champion! You can’t relive your past and you can’t live in the future.

What you do daily becomes your future. It’s all about now! Worrying about yesterday or what has not yet come steals the present day away. ⠀My challenge for you today and tomorrow is to think only about that day and to be present in every task, every encounter and every conversation (if it’s negative dismiss yourself from it). ⠀

⠀This is how you learn to focus and rid yourself of unnecessary distractions and the stress of problems. 

Stay strong. It’s in OUR hands to take action. 

If we can’t change the whole world, we can surely change OUR world by putting energy into what’s in front of us,  instead of the problems surrounding us.

One shd need ones weaknesses and strengths before taking any kind of decision .so that things like weaknesses shall not impede our way to reach there .it is very n equally important to do things at thier rght time .bcoz two things never w8 any1 thats time n tide .....start ur day like today is ur day n make the  most out of it as much as possible without proscratining anythg..

we are lazy and sluggish thats y proscrastination of things take place verh often n it very seldom we do our tasks on time  ....No doubt our daily routines includng many outside tasks always limit our efforts n make our minds dull and lazy n ultimatly we loose every ray of hope of getting good amount of information from the day ....advrsity knocks every1s door but remember allso it doesnt  come all at a time but comes in some steps of life ...

A man with good minds having puctuality and believing nature has the ability to bring a change in tragedies by transforming adversities into prosperities ....

Consistency is essentail.and requisited  for every successes ...we often procastinate things n side them for future complition which remians only the dream to complete it...the good thing we need to be addicted is to make oneself limited in daily multitasking .instead of thinking of achieving  everythg we shd do focus on one goal lest our thoughtas vll fall in deep gutter keeping a single goal in mind will help u to reach ur destination n thats is the only way of protecting urself frm procrastition ...we must shake everythg vell before using it .

Life is all to good deeds at its right time if u get the chance to help som1 whatever the help he /sh needs Just go for this chance  keeping last chance  in mind  that r u going to render...

Procrastination is my biggest enemy but its my laziness whch welcomes it to intervence  in my life n  resulting in alterng my words ; breakng my goals and making my dreamz a far ,not reachable desires...


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