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No Justice, No Peace 07 June, 2020   

Being an African American in this world is risky, challenging and scary. It’s risky because you never know what is going to happen. It’s challenging because anything can happen. It’s scary because you can guess what’s going to happen. No parent should be afraid of their child not coming because they’re black or they’re wearing a hoodie. You shouldn’t have to lose your life because someone else fears you or is racist. You shouldn’t have to get patted down because you're in a group with people who look like you. Just because we are black doesn’t mean we’re a threat to society. Just because our pants sag don’t make us thugs. Just because we’re in the “wrong” neighborhood doesn’t mean we don’t belong. The way we look, dress,or act shouldn’t predict if our family will have a funeral to plan in 4 weeks. 

At least not George Floyd who was NOT resisting police custody and was pinned to the ground by his neck. Not Tamir Rice who was just 12 carrying a TOY gun and was shot by a real one immediately. Not Trayvon Martin who was walking and “looked” like a threat who was questioned and then shot. Not Micheal Brown who was unarmed. Not Eric Garner who died by police force because he was selling cigarettes without a permit. Not Freddie Gray who was being arrested with force and was left with a spinal cord injury. Not Philando Castile who was pulled over by a cop and was fatally shot. Not Jeremy Mcdole who was in a wheelchair when he was shot and killed. The list of people that were killed by police officers goes on and on. Every police officer that was involved in the murder was not charged or sentenced. That is why we are protesting and looting. That is why we are getting rubber bullets and tear gas shot at us. That is why we are fighting with our voice because the list is just going to keep getting longer with no justice. The injustice must stop.

 If a black man ever killed someone who was caucasian he would immediately go to jail. Where is the legal system when a caucasian man kills a black one? When all these people were killed day after day, year after year with no conviction of felony. Where was the department of social justice when Ezell Ford was killed. When Samuel Dubose was killed. When Jamar Clark was killed. When Amadou Diallo was killed. When Alton Sterling was killed. All these cases when a police officer killed a black man and they have yet to get justice. Check the system. The system is wrong. We’ve lost too many of our people to sit back and do nothing. Protesting “No Justice No Peace”. And showing a force of action is what we have to do to get people to understand what is WRONG in this world. These families have ALL suffered the loss of a friend, cousin,brother, uncle, husband. When will the death of black people by the hands of the police end??. We will continue saying no justice no peace because there is no justice. Even authors like Angie Thomas with the book “The Hate You Give”. And Nic Stone with “Dear Martin”. Raising awareness isn’t enough now. Without justice for all the black citizens we lost there will be no peace.

-Mikayla Mathieson


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