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My breif view point on covid19 31 July, 2020   

My brief view point on corona

CornoVirus can remain dormant in the body with or without showing major signs and symtoms however once the virus replicates n infects ur body .it can now infect other persons in the same network tm.this corona virus has profound n damaging evn fatal effects i presume this virus is designed with power gains in mind .

Signs of corona

1.Frequent cough n fewer (4 /7)

2.sudden changes in your breathg (inhalation/exhalation)

3.unusually slow in work performance

4.unknown irritations inside the body

5.unusual activities like discomfortness 

Types of corona

1.weak corona/boot corona: this type of virua can take control when u eat somthg spoiled n causes cold, cough etc

2.strong corona:this type of virus exploits n reproduces itself inside cell n ultimatly infects the whole cell then tisaue ,organ ,O sys,and the whole body whch leads to corona.

Strong corono hijacks the internal system from being functionally .this can b  allso called residentail virus that cam execute anytime when it recives  potantail to get spreading though out the whole is a multiparty that infects and spreads in multiple ways

Ways to contain  the  strong  corona

1.mass testing ,preventing ,detecting and completly eridicating it are the key things to do

2.Awareness  programs to address Corono virus

3.Precations are essentail .if we dont use protective measures in our lives we could be at risk of picking up a virus or being targeted by others who r infected that can remain undetected and wreck hovac in our society...its allso important to stay current with the latest updates from the experts .......

 Regards :Mkoul 

Lets assume

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