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Mobile Evolution (Infographic) 16 May, 2019   

Gone are the days when mobiles were just things that hung over baby cots.

More recently, gone are the days when a mobile was merely a device to talk on. As our needs evolve, so do the features that our mobile phones come out with.

In the beginning, people realized they wanted to walk and talk, not just to be stuck to their phones whenever they wanted to talk.

In fact, mobiles have evolved on the heels of the technology revolution.

Society has advanced any time there has been an evolution of any kind in technology. Human beings have an endless stream of wants and needs. The moment technology caters to a certain want of theirs, they find other wants to fill.   

Phones used to be stationary, clunky things. It would have been easier to to be mobile while people spoke on them, instead of being rooted to the spot. That’s how the need for mobile phones arose. After calling was taken care of, the first SMS was sent in 1992: an age when people were just getting used to electronics and hand-held appliances in their lives. Technology was becoming smaller. Next to come out was the first handheld devices that had a touchscreen. When functionality improved, style came slowly afterward, with the release of the flip phone.

At some point, style and substance started going hand-in-hand. Mobiles were progressively more deeply ingrained into every part of our lives.

They were no longer just a tool for communication. They became cameras, mobile photo studios, video conferencing solutions: making the globe smaller. They are hand-held entertainment centers, study portals, banking solutions… Every day they become more lightweight, more attractive, with more features. Phones are almost supercomputers in our pockets.

As they continue to evolve, who knows what we have in store for our mobile devices.

To recap, here’s a timeline for your reading pleasure; an infographic on mobile evolution:


mobile evolution advances in technology mobile phones

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