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Make Life Easier: An Ultimate Guide 16 March, 2019   

There is no doubt that there are a lot of things that can be done to make life easier. An easy life improves the total well-being of a person, improve productivity and make the day to day activity more painless. However, it is important to note that to make life easier, you will need to know the tools you can use including apps and websites that can aid productivity, tips for productivity as well as proven strategies plus tricks to make your life easier than you can imagine. This is a comprehensive guide covering so many aspects including work-life balance, relationship, family, management, productivity and tools including habit tracker.

Work-Life Balance

For a lot of people, working too much is seen as a necessity for meeting up with their needs and live comfortably. However, what they do not realize is that while it is important to work to earn an income, it should not be treated as the only thing in life. The truth is that to make life easier, achieving a work-life balance should be a priority, especially in today’s digital-driven world. The reality is that everyone at some point will need some time to relax and have some break even when the productivity will go down. It is important to understand that having a balance does not necessarily mean that you have to separate your professional life with your personal life, however, it is about finding a way to connect both the professional and personal lives and integrating them together. Some experts do say that work-life balance would work out when work is treated as part of life plus a little integration of family, relaxation and some entertainment into your work. To achieve a work-life balance, you can always do the following;

  • Set Boundaries

To achieve a work-life balance, you need to set some boundaries even though it may be difficult to navigate personal and professional responsibilities. In fact, a lot of people find it difficult to prioritize to balance the family and work life. People often get afraid of setting boundaries for fear of being labeled disloyal but ironically executives will always appreciate people who set boundaries as they are much better to manage others and drive productivity.

  • Unplug

It is important that you are not afraid to unplug because we are living in a world that never seems to sleep. From time to time, it may be a good idea to cut off from the outside world since it gives us some time to recover from stress plus the fact that it can give the necessary space to think and get good ideas. The problem with always working and never unplugging is that it has a way of eating up everything around you in such a way that you may never see other things to be important. This is actually bad for work-life integration. In fact, unplugging may just mean taking a vacation and shutting off work for some time. However, the word “vacation” may seem to be expensive but it could mean just taking a 20minutes walk around the neighborhood without looking at the phone or a week trip with family or friends. The most important thing is to unplug and it does not have to be an expensive trip.

  • Understand the Role of Work

There is no doubt that work will always play a significant role in the life of a person but it is important to understand the role of work to make life easier. For instance, it is expected that you adopt the right mindset about work and this could mean that you appreciate and understand what your income from work affords you. The beauty of this mindset is that it allows you to enjoy as well as celebrate the fruits of your labor and make your work life integration a success. Another important thing to note about work is that it is good to always know the influencers in the workplace because it helps you to know who needs to see your dedication and appreciate you better. Once you have identified the influencers in the workplace, show by way of action that you are dedicated and will be there for a long time.

  • Create and Follow Daily Routine

It is important that you create and stick to a daily routine and this would help you harness the potential advantages of time management. It may be easy to create a routine but where a lot of people fail is to strictly follow that routine and this does not in any way help work-life integration. Things you can do in this regard to make life easier include setting strong habits making out time daily to eat and work out, not checking your emails for specified hours in a day and making sure you sleep for eight hours in a day. The advantages of this are that it would go a long way to make you healthier and this will transform into making you happier in the process because health and happiness go hand in hand. Besides, it will reflect on your creativity, relationships with people, emotional stability and even your mental clarity. Fortunately, these are some of the traits of successful people.

  • Make Quality Time for Yourself

To make life easier, it is always important that you make time for yourself. Work is important as stated earlier but you also must have to understand the role of work to avoid making it your entire life. This will not only improve your work life integration, but it will also go a long way in helping set your priorities right. For instance, one of the advantages of time management is that it helps your prioritize your hobbies and activities that can make you happy. In fact, no matter the condition you find yourself; make an effort to make quality time for yourself as it is one of the keys to happiness. Spending quality time for yourself also increases your self-confidence. Here is an infographic with 10 practical tips on how to build self-confidence.

  • Be Accountable, Consistent and Present

It is important to note that one of the easiest things to do is being caught up with work. However, this should be avoided at all cost. It is important that you put the family into the equation of things and this will involve spending more time with family and friends as well as all those people who bring joy into our lives one way or the other. Initially, spending quality time with those we love may seem not to be valuable but that is not the case. It is valuable because the memory we create during that period will help to bring up new ideas and make us happy. Besides, you also have to present at home and this does not just mean the physical presence alone but also be attentive to the needs of the home so that your presence is felt. You also need to be present at the workplace and this means that not only that you do your job; you have to be attentive to others and help them in one way or the other, be consistent.

Best Tools to Make Life Easier

There are productivity tools that help us achieve an easier and better life in everything we do. Since work-life balance is at the center of making life easier, it is always important to get the best productivity tools to help our cause. Productivity tools help harness the advantages of time management without wasting your valuable time. The following are some of the productivity tools that may be of interest to you.

Health and Fitness Tools

To make life easier, you can enroll at the Nike training club. This club boasts of 160 free workouts that cover strength and endurance mobility as well as yoga. In some cases, personalized training plans are all you need to get the kind of body you want. Besides, you don’t just need to be an athlete to start. With the Nike Training Club, you can always workout anywhere and anytime and get the kind of result you have always wanted. You can also get personalized workout recommendation that would be specific for your routine and the more you train, the more your recommendation become personal.

Here you can work out from the comfort of your own home. This type of fitness exercise will surely make life easier for you. 30 days fitness challenge works on your fitness and health and improves it. It is well designed by professionals and has shown and proven to be effective. The good thing about this app is that it can also synchronize with burned calorie data on Google Fit which must be followed intensely to get amazing results. 30 days Fitness challenge will help you lose weight effectively. It is important to note that each challenge has its own difficulty level but you need to find out what is best for you. There are different workout apps you can choose from. You can try weight loss Apps, fitness apps or short workouts. This app is considered to be one of the best self-improvement apps and it is worth trying out.

This is one of the best tools when it comes to working on the muscles. It provides you with the daily work out routines and in a few days, it is possible to get muscles to build up without even having to go to the gym. It is important to note that in this situation, no coach or equipment will be needed as all the exercises are performed with your body weight. This app has a lot of features and is designed to make life easier for you with video and animation guidance. Proper use of the features will produce a lot of results in just a few weeks. Some of the features include charts to track your weight trends, workout reminders that are customized for your use, warm up and stretching routines among others. Apps in this category include strength training app and bodybuilding app.

Productivity Tools for Time Tracking

  • Rescue Time

There are a lot of advantages of time management and the Rescue Time app will go a long way to help get those advantages. You can always install it on your computer and keep track of what websites and programs you are spending your time on. The good thing about this tool is that apart from showing where your time is spent, it also shows where you are least or most productive and also shows the worst and best days of the week/month. With Rescue time, you get to see how you can become more productive and make your life easier.

  • Toggl

This is just a time tracker tool in a very simplified version. On a click of a button, your timer begins. It is an easier way to track the time you have taken to complete different tasks. You can track these times for a long period to give you an idea of how you can make things easier for yourself.

Productivity Tool for Social Issues

  • Habit Tracker

It is important to track habits to help build the right habit to make life easier. This could set you up for success. You can choose to track your habit for motivation, regularity or achievability. A habit tracker helps you to track of task you would like to keep under control. With this, you can get an overview of the good and bad habits as well as become more conscious of your behavior. You can use the habit tracker to track a lot of things like drinking enough water, reading a book, spending money, getting out of bed and your exercise routine. Habit tracker could be done using a paper, spreadsheet but it is best done with an app preferably a mobile app like Habit Bull for Android devices or Momentum for iOS devices. In tracking habits, you need to find the best method that works for you.

Good Relationships Makes Your Life Better

Airtract-ImageWe have talked about Work-life integration and productivity tools that make life easier. However, there is also another thing that has an impact on your life and that is relationship. A quarrel with your boss, an argument or fight with your friend or spouse can cause a big problem in your life and make it difficult. Life can be priceless with the good relationship from going on an exciting trip with family and friends, making love with someone you love and so on.

Strategies on How to Manage Relationships

  • Relationships are like Glass that is Already Broken

This is to say that there is no perfect relationship in real life because there would always be challenges at each turn. To make your life easier, it is expected that you have a realistic expectation of your relationships.

  • Good Relationships is Built on Outstanding Communication

A good way to build a good relationship is to be an excellent communicator. It is important that you have the right communication skills to navigate through issues with bosses, spouse, and friends without hurting or getting hurt in the process.

  • Do Not Judge, Observe and Learn

To build a good relationship, it is better not to judge others but instead, observe, love, notice and then learn. However, to do this, you have to let go of your ego and learn how to show empathy as well as tolerance.


Airtract-ImageWhen things work well, life becomes easier and we become happier for it. To make life easier, we need to put in some effort and do our best at all times. The key things in this regard include getting the right work-life balance, embracing productivity tools and ensuring we maintain a good relationship with ourselves and others. With these, life becomes easier and better.

Make Life Easier Easy living Work-life balance Productivity tools

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