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Love of books 22 June, 2020   

When you hold that hard copy in your hand and smell the fresh pages, life seems too damn perfect.

All the pieces fall into place and from the first to the last page you find yourself in a mysterious yet enchanting roller coaster. You wish for the ride to never end. And when it finally does you give it another try.

The pleasure of that one good book is unexplainable. When after a tough day you find that amazing book sitting on your bedside table all the tension just eases away. It's like magic.

Oh and the stress of losing that one bookmark. Searching all over the place with one finger stuck between the pages because come on us bookworms would never dog ear the pages of our home.

That wonderful feeling when you get lost in the world of the characters and deny to come out of it for days. Whenever someone says something that reminds you of that book makes you so happy, there are no words to describe it.

You begin smiling while sitting, thinking of that beautiful scene in the novel. You quote some words of it but unfortunately people stare at you with a blank face and you just shake your head knowing no one can reach your level of interest.

And then you find that one companion. They have read your favourite book and you can definitely sacrifice your sleep to discuss it with them all night maybe all day but would they do the same? If they would then man never let go of them.

A book partner is so much better than a life partner!

A good quote, a good line, a good word, a good book. These are some treasures so close to your heart that you would never give up on them.

The world seems so much brighter and better after you are done with an amazing book.

Then you begin searching for more books of th3 same author, sometimes they never come to the level if that book but somehow you fall in love with the author.

And all this traps you in such a beautiful world that the idea if leaving it gives you nightmares.


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