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Let’s know Java from its History 09 October, 2020   

Let’s know Java from its History

Java is developed by James gosling in 1995 in the sun microsystem. It’s an object-oriented class-based programing language. Java is a general-purpose cross-platform language that is the official language for application development. Most android and iOS applications are developed by java and other application also.

Process java advancements?

JDK beta

This is the initial version of java released in 1995 in the sun microsystem. It was the testing version of java released on market.

JDK 1.0

After the successful launch of JDK beta, the first updated version of java is released on 23rd January 1996 with some updated features.


This version we released on 19 February 1997, with the feature of the concept of inner class, JavaBeans, rim. At event model of java was totally reshaped. Internationalization and Unicode support originating from Telligent.


J2se 1.2 was released on 8 December 1998 with the updated feature of java plug-in, java idle, an idle implementation for curb an interoperability. The collections framework is the most vital feature of it.


This version of java was released on 8 may 2000. During this update hotspot, JVM included. It was modified to support optional compatibility with cobra. (java naming and directory interface) included. Java platform debugger architecture (jpd) included. Synthetic proxy classes are added.


The j2se 1.4 is coming on the market on 6 February 2002 with some new features. Perl regular expressions included. Ipv6 support (internet protocol version 6). Security and cryptography extensions integrated.


It had been originally numbered 1.5, which remains used because of the internal version number. So, it had been changed to five .0 to "better reflect the extent of maturity, stability, scalability, and security of the j2se.

Java se 6

Some additions were included in the version. Dropped the support for older win9x versions. Scripting language support. Generic api for tight integration with scripting languages. Improved web service support. After the discharge of java 6, sun released many updates to repair bugs.

Java se 7

Its codename was dolphin. It had been launched on 7, July 2011 but was made available for developers on July 28, 2011.

Some additions were included in the present version. I.e.

JVM support for dynamic languages. Compressed 64-bits pointer. Strings added in the switch. Automatic resource management in try-statement.

Underscores allowed in numeric literals. Binary integer literals. Improved type interface for creating the generic instance. (also called diamond operator)

Improved caching and throwing.

Java se8

This updated version was released on 18 march 2014, in this version java started to support windows. Some bug is fixed and started to work smoothly.

Java se 9

It includes some specific features:

Modularization of the JDK under project jigsaw. Provided money and currency api. Tight integration with java. Java implementation of reactive streams. More concurrency updates. Provided java linker. Automatic scaling and sizing.

Java se 10

This version of java released on 20 march 2018. Local-variable type inference experimental java-based JIT compiler this is often the mixing of the grail dynamic compiler for the Linux x64 platform

Application class-data sharing this enables application classes to be placed within the shared archive to scale back startup and footprint

There is some another version of java are

Java se 11, java se 12, java se 13, java se 14, java se 15

Why popularity of java is increasing ? applications

Java is taken into account as the official language of mobile app development. Developers have preferred java to developed android, iOS, Microsoft, and other mobile apps.

2.desktop GUI applications

The interface of computer and desktop or graphic interface unit more design by the java for the pliability of the language

3.web-based applications

Web developer also are using java to develop their application

4. Enterprise applications

We can easily develop any high-end business application by the utilization of java.

5.scientific applications

By the utilization of java, we will easily develop any scientific application.

6.gaming applications

Java is one of the foremost popular languages of game development. The flexible availability of varied components makes this language very useful for game deployment.

7.big data technologies

By using java programming, we will process big data and may get output consistent with the requirement. But java isn't popular for the large data. applications

Java is often making cloud base application and therefore the high-end api process the info in no time and makes the java very perfect platform for cloud-based application.


The various application of java is making the language huge demand in the market. According to data, 87% of mobile development has happened with java.


Where to learn Java is a big question?

There are lots of method to learn Java, but you have to decide which method you will go for. And all methods have their own merits and demerits. You decide what you want. Do you want regular classes? if yes then what online or offline. And both modes have lots of options choose the best. There are lots of classes available in Bangalore. One institute which is giving internship during your courses so that you can get the practical knowledge, and after your course you can do job with them in their own company named as Hudson Agile Ventures. But you decide which mode you want.



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