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Landing Your Dream IT Job 26 November, 2020   

A big issue with landing the perfect job in IT is being specific enough about the role you want to fill. Fields in information technology such as computer science, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics, just to name a few, are constantly filling new positions to leverage new technologies and drive greater value for businesses. 

It can be understandably tough to know where to start if you want to land a dream IT job, even if you've already narrowed down some of your options. Instead of taking an endless amount of online courses and watching countless educational videos on the latest and greatest thing to know in IT, you can apply a strategic approach to your job hunt. 

You can set yourself up for IT job-hunting success if you keep a few tips in mind and apply your learning efforts where they’re needed most. Here are some of the best things to keep in mind to land your next dream job in IT and set yourself up for success in your field. 

Be Specific About Your Experience

It can't be overstated how important it is to include the right content in your IT resume. Many candidates both new and experienced in the field of IT often include too much fluff to make their resumes seem as impressive as possible. In reality, it's better to be smart with your resume's content and only include information that speaks to your niche experience. 

Resumes with too much fluff that make it through the first round of reviews typically make the lives of hiring managers harder than they need to be. Technical hiring managers who are looking for specific experience with tools and technologies need to determine which candidate has the fewest gaps they need to fill. 

It's pretty unlikely that any single candidate who is applying to a job that you're interested in meets every single one of the necessary requirements, so make it easy for hiring managers to see your gaps by being as specific as possible with your experience. 

Showcase Your Projects on Github

Information technology is one of those fields that rewards those who show their work. Remember your elementary school mathematics teachers who made you show each and every step you took to solve a problem? This famously stringent level of rigor applies to personal IT projects that you want to highlight to potential employers. 

If you have a dream job you're committed to landing and want to showcase your experience in the skills it asks for, there's no better way to show your work than by presenting a project on GitHub that you can talk for hours about. 

Aspiring professionals in IT, especially those in fields such as software development, website design, and even burgeoning fields like AI/ML can use GitHub's social connectivity to connect and share their projects

With GitHub, job seekers can break down their personal projects for hiring managers in any field, since GitHub's social connectivity promotes collaboration in a way that isn't limited to one aspect of development. Use GitHub to stand out from the crowd of other job hunters who often have no portfolios of their work to share by ghosting them with projects of your own. 

Stay Personable With Interpersonal Skills

IT professionals are notorious for their imbalance between technical acumen and interpersonal skills. But strong interpersonal skills are what set great candidates apart from mediocre ones. It's important that key decision-makers and stakeholders in a business know that they have IT leadership with strong interpersonal skills. 

This makes it easier for IT personnel to clearly communicate project progress, facilitate more productive interdepartmental working sessions, and generally streamline collaboration between IT and the rest of an organization. You'll be hard-pressed to climb very far up the IT career ladder if you let your interpersonal skills get rusty. 

Make sure you leverage skills in areas like associative thinking to join disparate concepts from your and your team's previous projects. Be communicative about your specific experience, and work to explain not just your project ideas but your relevant experiences as well. You'll much more easily gain the confidence of your colleagues and assert your authority as a knowledgeable IT professional.

Dig Deeper with Big Data

It's becoming increasingly important for large enterprises and organizations to have IT professionals who have backgrounds in big data. The proliferation of smart devices that can connect to the internet has made it possible to share massive amounts of data in milliseconds.

 Now, businesses have more information than ever at their fingertips with which they can drive operational decisions, including those that affect their IT initiatives. Job seekers can exponentially increase the value they bring to prospective organizations. Understanding how to prioritize data sets and analyze them in a way that drives key decisions that IT departments and business stakeholders make is a big plus. 

It's important to position yourself as an attractive candidate with well-rounded skills in both data management as well as operational management, a rare combination that is absolutely inextricable from and vital to director-level roles in practically any field of IT.

Never Stop Learning

Information technology is a field that's constantly changing in exciting ways. If you're looking for a job that doesn't ask for you to constantly update your skillset, then IT probably isn't right for you. There are many opportunities to acquire an IT certification at a reasonable cost. So, if you're driven to constantly adapt to new developments, tools, and technologies, you'll succeed in both your job hunt as well as your future as an IT professional. 

In IT, there's never a plateau you can reach in terms of learning and mastering new skills. Maybe you're developing skills in natural language processing to aid innovations in AI/ML or creating new ways for IoT devices to reliably communicate with embedded platforms.

Perhaps you’re deepening an organization's security by applying cutting-edge vulnerability and threat assessments in cybersecurity. Either way, IT likely has a path for you to take to achieve ever-greater achievements. However, as long as you're specific in your search and apply a bit of grit, you'll be climbing the promising ladder of a successful IT career in no time. 

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