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Kartik Vashist - An inspiring journey of a football player. 30 July, 2020   

Kartik Vashist is an Indian footballer born at Karnal, Haryana on 18 January 1996. He represented India IFA7 World Cup held in Guatemala in 2017. He captained India in the World’s biggest 8-A side football tournament: Continental Football League in 2018 at Moscow. Now, he has a D-Licence coach certificate from All India Football Federation

Kartik has a B.A degree to his name. He started playing football at the age of 8. He was not supported by his family to follow his passion as he was weak in his studies. Later, his father became a staunch believer in his talent and supported him.

There was a time when Kartik couldn't afford to buy a pair of shoes. He was instructed by his coach, Mr. Shakti Avinash, “You better show up in shoes if you’re going to be on the grass.” Nevertheless, all the credit goes to him for whatever Kartik has learned today. Kartik, being one of the best soccer players in his school, was often applauded on stage and he loved it. Young Kartik has participated in a number of district, city, and state championships. Kartik captained his college football team for 3 consistent years.

In 2016, Kartik was one of the young talented players to get a chance to participate in the Helsinki Cup. After being selected, he went to a camp set up in Gujarat and what happens next is no less than the plot of a Bollywood film. Being from a financially weaker family, he did not have a passport. Nevertheless, IPS Yashpal Singhal (the head of Police Services in Kartik’s hometown) arranged Kartik’s international travel within 4 immediate hours for which Kartik owes his entire life to him. The same day, he also fulfilled his childhood dream to fly in an airplane. Little things matter. Interesting fact, Kartik got a chance to play in the HJK Stadium, Helsinki which also hosts international matches.

Kartik loves to trek, travel, and to explore different cultures. He is also a huge movie buff. As a tourist, he has traveled to various parts of the world including Dubai, Thailand, Malaysia, and the list continues. Nevertheless, running and cycling are his favorite cardio. He loves spending time and playing sports with his friends.

Kartik's first success was winning a gold medal in Mir Iqbal Hussain Trophy, Coca Cola Cup, 2011 where he scored a goal to win the tournament. It was the day of his life. The local media houses went crazy after him and this made him realize the purpose of his life - "To play for India".

In 2015, he got a chance to be a part of the Indo-Nepal youth exchange program. Kartik later signed a contract with Pride Sports FC and represented them in the Sam Soccer International Cup in August 2016.

He represented his state team at the Hero AIFF Santosh Trophy, Senior National Championship which to date is a mega achievement for him. Kartik has also managed the Indian team under the banner of the Mini-Football Association of India in the World Mini-Football World Cup in Perth, Australia in the year 2019 and coached the Indian Mini Football team. In this way, he has influenced more young people. In 2017, Mr. Vitthal Shiragaonkar (VP of the World Mini-Football Federation) appointed him as the general secretary of the Haryana Mini-Football Association.

“Kartik Vashist started from a very humble background. He was an average student at school. But, he had an inclination for football from the very beginning, the lush green football field gave him wings. His determination and support from his family, friends, and teachers helped him fly high. The rest is history.”

-Mrs. Savita Kapoor (Principal, Haryana Police Public School).

Mrs. Savita Kapoor was Kartik’s school teacher. She supported and influenced Kartik to take part in Inter-School tournaments.

The Principal of his college, Mr. Praveen Bhardwaj is a major source of inspiration and support for Kartik and his teammates. Born in a lower-middle-class family. Kartik’s family (Mr. Mohinder Vashist, Mrs. Niroj Bala, and his dearest brother Mr. Shekhar Vashist) could not afford a better lifestyle. But, they supported his dream.

Yes, He dreamt. They worked. He fell. They lifted him back. Exactly, 13 long years ago, Kartik Vashist wished to play football for his country. He was just a little boy from Haryana and today he is smashing it. From a school-going student to becoming a professional footballer, to becoming the man of his dreams, Kartik Vashist has come a long way.

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