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16 December 2012: A 23- year- old woman is brutally gang raped ,tortured and thrown out of a moving bus. India  wakes up from its slumber.It realizes that its laws aren't enough to protect women.People start protesting across the country yearning for justice. 

20  July   2015: One of the convicts is released 

20 March 2020 :Four of the rapists are hanged.

It took 8 years for the Indian judicial system to provide justice for the Nirbhaya case. The entire country is celebrating the hanging of the convicts. It is hailed as justice for women .But is it really?

In the past eight years we have had many rape cases  reported across India. People are needed to get into streets and protest over and over again to remind the system of the injustice. There are still thousands of cases pending in the court. Some cases with the same brutality . But none of those convicts have been hanged.It takes ages to finally get justice. Convicts are mostly rewarded with life sentences. Are these life sentences enough to safeguard women from crimes? Doubtful.Cases with convicts holding power never gets justice. 

These cases taking such a long period of time to obtain justice lessens the hope of people.  

There is no fear in committing crimes against women as there are no strict consequences and cases go on for years with evidences getting lost over time.

Crime rates against women have gone up in the past few years . Fighting for justice doesn't always seem  fruitful as it consumes time and money . Also, justice is not a regular.

Even though recent events are a big win for women,real justice will be only be attained  when the crime rates against women go down and the ones which have been already committed get justice rationally and efficiently.


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